britney has the hottest fans. it’s a fact.

The Signs As Iconic Moments In Britney Spears' Career

Aries: Britney’s 2007 Gimme More performance

Taurus: Britney dyes her hair brown/black

Gemini: Britney’s “Toxic” music video

Cancer: Britney trips on broken pavement and almost drops her baby, Sean Preston

Leo: “I’m A Slave 4 U” performance with a snake at the 2001 VMA’s

Virgo: Madonna and Britney kiss at 2003 VMA’s

Libra: Britney spontaneous 55-hour marriage that took place in Las Vegas, NV

Scorpio: Britney wears no panties while partying with Paris Hilton

Sagittarius: “…Baby One More Time” music video is released

Capricorn: Britney’s highly anticipated and successful comeback

Aquarius: Britney drives all night, shaves her head and gets tattooed

Pisces: Britney gets taken in an ambulance to Mount Cedar-Sinai Hospital after locking herself with her son in bathroom and refusing to come out and admitted into psychiatric ward shortly after

Life without numbers is hard to imagine but it was only four short years ago when Britney Spears invented them. Spears saw that our society was horribly inefficient and knew that we could improve our lives if we could keep track of things like census information, values of goods, inventories, etc.; so she began working on creating a numerical system (2008). Once the system was completed, she recorded her single, 3, to promote interest in counting. The world was so thankful for Spears’ accomplishment that they replaced Spears’ original symbol for “four” and decided to use the symbol in the title of I’m A Slave 4 U to represent it as an homage.

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