Fan: When I was 19, I had my third book published, okay. And… I kind of used you as an inspiration for one of my main characters in the book. So this is kind of me just saying thank you for like just being you so I could use you as that character.

Tom: Thank you very much. What does he do in the book ?

Fan: He’s an anthropology professor in college.

 And he did it. He fixed the glasses and even looks like an anthropology professor

Tacky professor willow

I don’t need anymore hot fanart of professor willow I need art of him walking out of his house in the tackiest fucking outft everywhere and the other professors are like ‘what the shit-“ but willow is just A+ happy and walks around in crocs and flashy neon and like, necklaces like damn give me dorky professor man


I’m a terrible person

Please accept these humble contributions and don’t kill me

Part 1/?

(I wanted to include darwin cause he’s my fav but like I couldn’t find a text post worthy of him sorry)

Also Bonus Alex

(I love this boy and following @macgyvers-wife​‘s blog didn’t help cause I love it so much so pls accept my offer of Alex Summers)

Is anyone else excited for Lady Layton?? I know I am! (๑•̀ㅂ •́)و ✧ I love the Professor Layton series, so here’s a small Catoleil Layton ready to solve puzzles!! 

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Professor Willow with an S.O Headcanons

(Cus I’m trash and bored at work)

-Long distance relationship, he travels all over for his research (whatever that may be) but he keeps in touch as humanly possible. Various texts and calls from wherever he’s at throughout his and his s.o’s day.

- If the world of pokemon has snapchat he uses it to send his s.o pics of his current location.

-Gifts! Lots of gifts! He mails them if he cant bring them back home to his s.o.

-Always calls at night to tell his s.o. that he’s doing alright (if he hasn’t already in a text), ask about their day and tell them that he misses them and cant wait to see them soon.