My hands feel a bit better so I tried to get back into drawing again. TrIED

it makes me so super happy when people text me first because it’s like wow?? someone actually thought about me???? and decided to talk to me???? someone cares that much to take the time out to text me??¿???¿???



other Thought i’m having today: the fact that sometimes people just need to accept that someone’s never gonna be the person they were before their trauma.

there’s this weird notion of ‘getting over it’ or 'getting past it’ and it’s wrapped in this idea that after a Certain Amount Of Time or a Certain Relationship or a Certain Amount Of Therapy traumatized people magically stop. being traumatized people. and their trauma stops effecting them.

and that’s. i see a problem with that idea t b h.


Stitchers (2015) - 1x01