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      To the east of Skyhold there’s a cave that runs nearly the whole length of the mountain; this is important. It’s avoided by most everyone, written off as an old spider nest, the instincts of the wildlife keeping them away even though the threat is long gone. The passage narrows a few yards in, also important. Also a deterrent. There’s a wider chamber past that, though; almost circular, with a few natural pillars framed by stalactites. A few tunnels branch off of this room, and through one of them is the echo of a stream. Around the edges of the cavern, and leading out to the cave’s entrance, is a smattering of mushrooms lining the walls. They illuminate the chamber in a dim glow, enough to see figures but not faces. The walls and ceiling of the chamber are scorched. 

      She’s been angry for a few days, more so than normal, and the feeling pierces through Cole as easily as one of her daggers. Not just rage, that’s easy. This is pain, frustration, guilt, hatred. Teeth gritted, blood boiling, until finally it’s all too much. He’s been told not to follow, Varric says she’ll get over it, just needs some time to yell in the woods, kid, don’t worry—but he does, has to. Things don’t feel quite the same anymore, nothing as clear (though, not much about the Fade is clear anyway), but he knows he has to do this.

      The distant sound of the stream drowns out their footsteps, though Cole makes sure to remain as hidden as he can be. She’s trained her whole life to detect traps, people, but she pays him no mind, emotion clouding her judgement (which, Cole knows, she’ll deny happened later, if she talks about it at all). He stays near the entrance of the circular chamber as she approaches the middle, falling into the familiarity. Hands clench at her sides, two deep breathsand then comes the fire. It forms in her fist, working its way up her arm until it envelops her. The magic is in her blood, whether or not she wants it to be, but it doesn’t burn as brightly as it should—until it does. It’s slow at first, small, wisps of wisps coming off of her, not even enough to set the mushrooms ablaze. And then, she screams. It’s furious, frightening, until the roar of the fire drowns it out. Something comes through that Cole can’t place, barely having enough time to duck behind a pillar to avoid the blast. He’s missed by the flame but feels the heat around like, like dragon fire, the Archdemon breathing down.

      It lasts for a few moments, fire filling the chamber, until it ends, abrupt, and she falls to her knees exhausted. Crying. She could never hide from him, but he knows this is something he wasn’t supposed to see. Sometimes, Varric says, you have to let things go. Sometimes, you just can’t help people. 

      He can still try, though. 

      He has to.

      She doesn’t turn back when he steps out from behind the pillar, though Cole isn’t entirely sure she’d notice anything right now. The heat comes off of her in waves as he approaches, the floor of the cave uncharacteristically warm as he kneels down behind her. 

      It’s alright.”  A whisper for the both of them as he removes his hat, setting it down beside them. 

      Slowly, he wraps his arms around her midsection, rests his forehead between her shoulder blades, a weight he hopes grounds her. 

      You’re alright. Repeat after me. Everything will be okay.