hey new followers i feel like i should introduce myself it’s been a while so this is me literally today

your good friend jacki right here, ahh i’m in school for physics, i should be hearing back from grad schools soon for an ee degree ? that’s about all there is to know abt me, i like fart jokes i guess, that’s something i’m known for

if u want something specific tagged just ask me, most stuff that i tag is available to view on my tags list

so that’s me, follow me on twitter @gaaranteed for more selfies and body building manga

anonymous asked:

no man. I don't think you understand what I'm asking. If I tell someone I'm into them but they disclose to me that they have a vagina and they are a male, and I don't wanna fuck a guy with a vagina... but I'm cool with fucking a girl with a dick, is that transphobic because I won't fuck the guy with a vagina??

i think ur kinda weird for thinking so far into someones genitals