I really think it says a lot to watch Josh interacting with the other members when they try to speak English to him like whenever Hosh goes “Yo Josh yo Josh” and he straight up goes “Heyyyy Hosh what’s up man” like asdfghjkl; it’s so cute because he doesn’t go “don’t speak English” or even usually corrects their words harshly he just is such a cutie and will speak English with them as much as they want 

chaotic-conundrums  asked:

if you want a guilted 6-star halloween sora, how many would you need to collect in total?

25 HT Soras to guilt one. Image time! (Generally, the stuff on the right is used to evolve the stuff on the left at the next tier.)

If you need to reroll, it’s 8 more HT Soras (8 FGM, 4 Yen Sid, 3 FMickey). Just evolve, don’t dot, of course. o3o