Who says...?
  • Me:*paying my stuff at the cashier at Wal-mart*
  • Lady behind me:Oh, you're buying some figurines (TMNT kids) for your son?
  • Me:Who says I have a son?
  • Lady:Oh, I'm sorry, for your daughter?
  • Me:Who says I have kids?
  • Lady:...
  • Me:*Big fucking smile on my face* I'm a big kid now!
  • Lady:*Changes cashier.*
  • Cashier:*Trying not to laugh.*

I feel even more like an adult buying my own car insurance under my own name using a credit card which I will pay off using school loan money I do not have yet yayyyyyyy

To think that 10 years ago, I was excited to be 24. Teenagers are naive and idealistic.

Okay but guys just imagine:

Dorian and Lavellan waking up next to each other in the bed they share at Skyhold. Dorian and Lavellan using some ridiculous form of magic together to style their hair for the day. Dorian and Lavellan holding hands around Skyhold as confused visitors of the noble variety shoot them dirty looks (Sera all the while makes a mental note to steal their breeches from their personal chambers when they aren’t looking). Dorian and Lavellan having afternoon tea with Vivienne and Josephine. Dorian and Lavellan.