I started out wanting to develop a comic-y coloring style. Then I threw caution to the wind and added a gradient and it was all over from there.

i know y'all don’t like her but i cried a little when hillary accepted the nomination like watching a woman at the convention accept the nom for the first time got me.. And on top of that im 20 years old, this is my first election, and i get to not only witness but be a part of nominating and electing america’s first woman president like politics aside for a second we are living history how amazing is that shit

Never Underestimate the pain of a person, because in all honesty, everyone is struggling. Some people are better at hiding it than others.
—  Will Smith

“The monster fell on his knees. This was only now you noticed the spear that empaled in his back. When did he get that shot ? Your mind was blurring in fear while you were screaming his name and reaching out for him. The skeleton was using his hands to prevent himself from falling completely when he looked at you, then showed a weak smile printed with crimson fluid. He bent towards you, raised his hand to catch yours. Your fingers were close enough to touch.Yours only caught dust.” 

*screams into the darkness*

I cried like, 10 minutes straight when I read the new chapter. I know they are gonna reset anyway but still ! I’m so into this AU *heavy breath*
[Sorry I’m too lazy to draw Undyne correctly <_<’]

Heavenfell belongs to @heavenfell-au

-literally lays on the united states-  I’M HOME  !  I MADE IT  !  SOMEONE PLAY THAT CHEESY MILEY CYRUS SONG.

So this happened on the way to the reunion tonight
  • Me:*walking, looking at my phone, dressed nicely in a maxi dress, hair done up*
  • Lil brat on a trampoline:Are you searching for Pokemons?
  • Me:*slightly sarcastic* Do I look like I'm searching for Pokemons?
  • Lil brat on trampoline:...no.
  • 10 meters later
  • Me:*quietly to myself* Where the fuck is this fucking Eevee???

So I just clued into the fact that my really attractive landlord has been flirting with me yesterday. I’ve lived in this house almost a year now.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY @colourfulmoniker-hook!!!!! I was thinking of what I could possibly do for your birthday, and I just decided to go for it and post the first fanfiction I’ve ever written! It’s based off of a WHILE back in our messages (seriously, I had to go digging for this conversation) where we were talking about CS headcanons and you said you had a bunch of Stardust-related headcanons. I did some research by watching clips and… this fanfic was born! Enjoy your birthday, I hope it’s amazing!! 


Word Count: 2.3k 

Rating: F for Flangst

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Emma was used to waking up alone.

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I'm losing my shit so much right now, this is so unreal-

So I’m trying to take a nap when I hear a car drive past my house. Normally I just ignore them, but for whatever reason I look out my window to watch it drive past.

It’s an old, beat up looking camero, painted that faded red that obviously used to be really bright. There’s a guy wearing a baseball cap turned around backwards and dark sunglasses, holding his phone out of his rolled down window.

His radio is playing (muffled to my ears) ‘Gasolina’ and, I kid you not, he starts screaming the words,

I’m starting to laugh really hard at this point, because I’m remembering some sound post of the three different teams and this guy matches the Valor one almost too perfectly.

Then he drives past again,only this time his radio is playing 'Say Something’ and he’s got his hat off, head resting on his steering wheel, and I can hear him saying,
“Fucking sandy ass bitch, I swear to god that was a glitch, I CAUGHT HIM DAMMIT!!!”

This man is a true Pokémon Go meme I swear to god, I have never laughed more in my life.