C’s back home!! 
Back with an adorable fufu warm in his mtt sweater. 
He had to take his shoulder pads off so it would fit


boyfriend hoseok 💋 

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anonymous asked:

Could you please write a Drabble either for the one where Lexa gets cold or the one where she needs to try and a lot of clothes for an Arcadian celebration?

Clarke shifts from foot to foot, lip caught between her teeth.

They’re both not saying what they’re clearly both thinking.

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anonymous asked:

sorry but what are these things () (these things) you use and why? I'm not insulting I'm just curious you use them a lot!

They’re called brackets in British English, so when I got a couple of comments about “parentheses” (suspicious foreign word. possibly american) I got confused until google helped– but yeah, I call them brackets, or ‘asides’ for other reasons.

I started using them because I saw them used to excellent effect in Stephen King’s The Shining, (probably should call them parentheses then. eh. nah.) though he only used them for a couple words, for echoes or emphasis– but the effect was amazing. So I nicked it. (most writing is about stealing. If you took all the books I’ve ever read, all the tv shows and music, you could probably piece together my stories like some terrifying Frankenstein monster. but why would you do that. that’s weird, don’t do that)

Putting this under the cut because it’s kind of…self-indulgent and talking about writing instead of writing so I don’t want to take up much dashspace.

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uhm, just so u kno 8^) ultron’s patronus is a dragon