Your truth, not mine. Your lack of faith doesn’t cancel what I believe. That’s not how it works.
—  Supernatural, episode 9x03

goodmythicalmail  asked:

hiya! do you have any recs for blogs that still 100% believe that TJLC is happening? bc again, like with EMP theory, i'm feeling completely alone on here aside from your blog and like two others </3

ok so this is gonna be kind of like a mini tjlc follow forever lol! i know i’ll miss people and i’m sorry but here are just some of the blogs off of the top of my head that (to the best of my knowledge) still #go hard or at least are supportive of tjlc:

@teapotsubtext, @moriarty, @sidryan, @dry, @joolabee, @martinfreeman, @bechdels, @warmth-and-constancy, @marcelock, @thefemlockconspiracy, @incurablylazydevil, @gregoryhouse, @kinklock, @artangels2015, @sherolck, @jon-lox, @bbcsherlock, @nondeducible, @femlocks, @eggcroft, @tenderlock, @jenna221b, @bbcromance, @vivahate1988

specifically people who are supporters of EMP (the ones who convinced me of it a few weeks back): @loudest-subtext-in-tv and @the-7-percent-solution

disclaimer: people are changeable and their beliefs may wane from time to time but as far as i know the people i have listed still believe in tjlc and there are many, many others. also some of these people have separate sideblogs dedicated to tinhatting lol :)


i reached 300 followers today, which is something never expected when i started using tumblr 

thank you all so much, you support means so much to me

As a keith x mothman shipper I was very disappointed in season two >:-(((((((((( sheith, kallura, hance, heith, and even klance got their moments but I saw no keith x mothman moments and I have to say I am very upset in season two. I can’t believe the writers didn’t even care enough to put keith x mothman into season two. I have to say, I’m very sad about this because keith x mothman is my #1 otp and they deserved better ;’_(((