Sometimes she laughs until her stomach hurts, sometimes she drinks too much in the name of fun, but sometimes she’s the polar opposite – sometimes she spends the whole day in bed, sometimes she wonders if she’ll ever smile again, but no matter what anyone says, Romee Chandler promises that she is truly and positively okay.

A story of unfinished business, unfortunate accidents, and a girl who is undoubtedly not as okay as she seems.

This is a Romee story.

leather and lace: prologue

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Just to follow up on that last reblog bc I literally just went to lay down and then had a wave of anxiety about it (lol wtf my life), I 1000% mean what I tagged – I love playing with and seeing others play with pretty much any headcanon under the sun. The fae!mamma Jones stuff tickles me absolutely pink and I freaking lap it up like cream.

I have my own weird quirks for my canon wishes, mundane!Killian being a big one for me, but like that’s legit all they are!