ART consult!

This morning we went in and had our consult for the IVF procedure!  I’m excited because it’s finally happening but also nervous because of the costs and drugs and sheer insanity of the process.  The Dude and I had to sign all sorts of consent forms and read about the risks etc, plus sign a consent form for frozen embryo storage.  They also drew blood from both of us, i gave 5 vials to the vampires. 

We’ve decided that because of the $4000 price tag we will not do PGS for our first cycle.  It’s a risk not doing it in case something goes wrong, but it’s just too costly.  We have also decided against using any spares for research purposes or donation purposes at this time, in part because of FDA regulations but also the religious complications such a thing would bring. 

The plan is to induce AF at the beginning of November, and go from there with all the labs and things.   The Nurse Tech said she would put in the order for an intimidatingly large box of meds.