• Zen: dude you were super drunk last night
  • Seven: what? No, I wasn't.
  • Jaehee: You were flirting with Yoosung
  • Seven: So what? He's my boyfriend
  • Jumin: You asked him if he was single.
  • Seven: ...
  • Jumin: And you cried when he said he wasn't.
Emoji ask meme

Send me emojis. I’ll answer these. I’m bored please entertain me.

😆: tell a funny story
🙃: tell about a moment you were super passive aggressive
😈: have you ever done anything mean?
👍🏼: favorite thing to do in your free time
👎🏼: something you hate being forced to do
👻: do you have any urban legends that originated close to you?
💋: talk about your crush
👯: talk about your best friend
🐶: what do you wish you could have as a pet?
🌍: where would you want to travel if you had the chance?
🌈: favorite LGBT character or human and why?
🍔:favorite food?
🍭:favorite candy?
⚽️:if you had to play one sport what would you play?
🎭: have you ever seen or been in a live show or if you have seen to many what is your favorite theatre experience?
🎬: favorite movie character and why?
🎼: what song have you been listening to most recently?
🎲: favorite board game?
🎮: favorite video game?
🎸: do you play any instruments? If not what is an instrument you wish you played?
✈️: what is the farthest you’ve traveled?
🎢: have you ever done something that terrified you?
🏥: have you ever broken a bone or ended up in the hospital for a weird reason?
📱: what do you usually use your phone for?
⏰: how much sleep do you usually get?
🔫: do you know how to use any weapons?
🎁: what is the best gift you’ve received? What’s the best gift you’ve given?
📚: Favorite subject in school? What are you going to go to college for?
💕: Favorite blogs?
❤️: Best internet friends
🚫: biggest pet peeve

the signs as things my sister has said while playing Dragon Age
  • Aries: That's a giant ass Eluvian. Solas is so extra. (Trespasser)
  • Taurus: Fuck fuck fuck fuck, we're all fucked, I'm fucked, you're fucked. Can we just fuck? (Origins)
  • Gemini: I have big knives and little morals! (Origins)
  • Cancer: I have better things to do than help out. (Inquisition)
  • Leo: I don't climb ladders for bitches like you. (Trespasser)
  • Virgo: How many times do you think he's shoved that crossbow up his ass? (Inquisition)
  • Libra: Oh he has an arrow... Even worse, he has a bow! (Origins)
  • Scorpio: Pride demons are kinky. They're the kinkiest type of demon. (Inquisition)
  • Sagittarius: Challenge him to a duel. First one to die loses. (Inquisition)
  • Capricorn: I love that noise they make when I kick them in the balls. (Inquisition)
  • Aquarius: Not that I don't love you, but you're a dick. (2)
  • Pisces: Please don't stab me; that's rude. (Origins)