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better than words or summer love? they don’t know about us or 18? clouds or spaces? right now or long way down? hey angel or little things? you & i or story of my life?


Have some high quality fan animation of @danisnotonfire and @amazingphil

New Monster theory

Watching the new teaser, I noticed something :

Don’t you feel like something is missing ? 

Yes, THE MEAT ! There is no steak!!!

Now remember EXO at KCON in 2013 ? Remember what Kyungsoo said ?

Yes, That was a hint. EX’ACT Monstermind is D.O ( pun intended )

Here’s a pic if you don’t believe me:

Now, time for the explanation, Satansoo and his slaves ( exo members ) went to eat, (at the time, they were okay with being trapped in a clinical facility funfunfun) 

BUT there was no steak. OMG NO STEAK !!!! Soo went mad !!!

And that’s why Kai killed everyone. I mean OTP  anyone ? KAISOO!!!! Yup he did this for the love of soo.

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The origins of the rebellion

We can suppose Jongdae is the one who started the thing from this passage

But why would he do that? 

This is the answer you all looked for !

Look closely

Doesn’t this look familiar ?

Hell yeah it does !!! This is what I meant ! It’s always been him!

Now you may wonder where am I going with this, something is different right? See how he’s not smiling after? Don’t you feel the dark aura?

Yes all this time, IT WAS THE RAMYEON HAIR !!!

Jongdae had always been proud of his fluffy hair didn’t he? 

But where he was trapped he couldn’d take care of his precious fluffy hair 

He went mad

Then he killed and led the rebellion for his hair.


I saw Taetae last previews and drew this, Therefore I’m so Bored and I think it’s good to play a game here! >w<;

Rules :

  • Reblog this post


  • write what do you want to happen for him! like “pat him” , “call jk to come and kiss him” , “He will fall into the pool of strawberry” or anything funny! follow the story and let’s see what gonna happen!
  • if you are fan artist you can draw next plane JUST in 1~2 plan! (NOTE You don’t need to draw exactly the same as me, but try to keep the character design’s feel)
  • If you are fanfic writer you can write your imagination JUST IN 2 sentences!
  • If you have no idea but like someone’s idea, REBLOG it
  • If you wish someone to join this game Tag him/her!  
  • I will Follow the most Reblogged Idea/Story and draw too

It’s just my first time making a game, so I’m not sure if ARMYs are into it! lol if you guys like it, I will make for other members too!