*me, this afternoon*



“New icon communicating what’s been flagged?”

“Actually being told what’s been flagged as NSFW?”

“…and an option to say ‘no, that’s just a gif of Scooby’s strange snout sniffing some secret spooky shoes?’”

*not long after*

“…and email updates that are quick and gorgeously-formatted on mobile? It’s a Christmas miracle!

After previous hilarious, inexplicable flaggings, this is wonderful to see. Fantastic work, Tumblr – it’s a much-needed layer of transparency that improves the system tenfold. Occasional system goofs are inevitable, that’s no big deal… as long as we can get them fixed, we’re golden.


Ps. Y’know, you could even save an intern some time, and whitelist SDM… we’re 2,865 family-friendly posts in, and I don’t feel like pulling a Hollywood and making a gritty reboot in a couple years ;)

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i feel like it’s been several months since i last started this thread, but heyyyyyy “older” omgcp, how ya doin’? do we all know each other by now?

mum: why are people sending you valentines cards??? you only send them to your significant other??? why do people keep sending you presents??? what do you do for them?? it’s very strange I don’t like it


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