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hi, I'm a 20 yr old girl and I just realized I'm lesbian (kinda late lmfaooo) but now that I know I'm a lesbian I really want to get more lesbian friends but idk how to find them.... love your blog 💕

hey babe I’m so proud of you!!!! you’re amazing and ily!! honestly just reach out to other tumblr users as a start! Most of my wlw friends are long distance besides my irl bestfriend whos bi

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May I get some meanspo, please? I really need it since my favorite day is coming up (Halloween). I'm 20 yrs old, 5'2, and 180lbs give or take. Thanks.


Halloween is coming.
And I bet your still not at you’re goal weight. Disgusting. This just goes to show you have no self control.
You let food control you. Do you really want to end up having a plus size costume and having people laugh at you behind your back, while they are showing their hot and skinny bodies on those costumes.

Is that something you want? Does food sound appealing to you?

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Hey Rj, I got a question! So I'm 20 yrs old and I really want to join the army but the only thing holding me back is the fear of getting kicked out because someone finding out I'm gay somehow. Do you think it's a good idea for someone's who's gay to join the military?

Dude, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is over! You can be openly gay and serve!

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Today my bro got me upset so a called him a 'filthy mudblood'. He didn't understand, but I laughed until my inside hurt........did I mention I'm 20 yrs old?

Proud of you for using a Harry Potter reference in everyday life; you’re doing it right!

One tip though, next time use “squib” or “death eater” or something instead because a. Only the arseholes in the wizarding world use “mudblood” and I’m sure you’re not an arsehole and b. technically if your brother is muggleborn then you must be too ;)