Wincest AU: Dean’s not great with the whole “chick-flick moments” thing, but sometimes there are no words to say.

husband!luke always getting all warm inside when you sent him snapchats of you and his little cousin while you were babysitting her with captions like “we miss you Lukey!” or “can’t wait for you to come home!” and he’d send some back too with goofy faces and silly captions while thinking of how he could get this fuzzy and warm feeling like that all the time when you’d send cute pics of you and your guys’ little girl in the future. just the thought of having a little family with you made him smile like the goon that he is

Honestly, theories that Rose is secretly evil or is the true Big Bad of the show, that her relationships with both Pearl and Greg were based on lies and pretense and that she was using and manipulating them both (Pearl is just a tool that she was deliberately giving delusions of grandeur, making use of both her ingrained need to follow/obey and her defectiveness! she never saw Greg/humans as anything more than pets and disposable means to an end!), that she never loved anyone and doesn’t love Steven, that Steven is nothing but a weapon and a part of her elaborate plan and power grab I’m just


I logged in to see what is going on with my family members and got distracted by the ivy league boys I went to high school with future SDs in the making lol😂 I’m so corrupted I’m going through pictures saying things like “that would be a nice SA default pic” “yas Babe finish that internship so you can fly me out later” I ain’t shit. Lol I’m actually really happy most of my friends are working super hard to make it out to the top I want to cry tears of joy but I don’t cry lol.

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Shinji, Renji and Ukitake domestic headcanons. Thank you love!!

Sure thing and you’re welcome ^-^

Shinji domestic hc:

  • He’d be a fun and naughty husband. Seriously this guy will leave pleasantries to a new level
  • He’d do his best to always make the marriage fun and interesting. More enjoyable for the both of them to stay happy
  • Probably wants 2 kids, maybe adopt 1
  • Divorce is out of the question. Work it out through angry make-up sex

Renji domestic hc:

  • Respectful and very playful. Always wants to do things to make the time spent together as enjoyable as possible, mostly for his spouse
  • Being in a marriage with him is interesting and relaxing. Like a best friend and lover wrapped in one
  • He’ll try asking for 3 kids, adopt 2
  • Only reason for divorce would be if both parties weren’t in it anymore. He’d rather they be happy with someone else than be miserable with him

Ukitake domestic hc:

  • Respectful husband all the way. Never does anything that would make his spouse uncomfortable or unhappy
  • Being bed ridden he’d feel like a burden to his spouse who should be “doing things for themselves” in his opinion but enjoys the attention they give him
  • Absolutely loves children, if his partner can have kids he’ll ask to have at least 4 kids. And or adopt kids that deserve a good family like them
  • Divorce isn’t an option in his mind, any problems that may occur will be settled and worked out. Doubt there’d be problems, (I mean look at this guy, so cute)