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D.Gray-man: Childhoold
For D.Gray-man countdown, not any specific promt. Just wanted to draw all these fantastic kids who suffered and survived against all odds.

mv to movie: 2pm’s i’m your man

lee junho, hwang chansung, ok taecyeon, kim junsu, nichkhun and jang wooyoung are six gang leaders who fight for control of trafficking and drug selling on the streets of seoul. after a lot of meetings, they came to terms with each other and despite having taken part in several armed conflicts in the past, they are now able to live in peace. at least enough not to kill each other. but when all of them fall in love with the same person, the conflicts start again at full strength. everything began with a fight for the love of the beautiful woman, but quickly spread through the streets of seoul, the issues becoming bigger, causing the long forgotten quarrelings to come back stronger than ever.