i'm writing smut at the moment so i'm in smut mode *shrug*

anonymous asked:

Prompt: begging.

Dwight moaned, his back arching as Ethan swiped his tongue against his nipple, “Please…”

Ethan just smirked, his hand gently stroking Dwight as he blew softly on his nipple, causing the hunter to whine, “Hmm…?”

Fingers scratched along Ethan’s back as Dwight writhed beneath him, thrusting into his hand with every stroke. He needed more. He craved it. “P-Please…”

Ethan kissed his way down Dwight’s body, running his fingers along his thighs. He smirked, flicking his tongue over the tip of Dwight’s length, “I’m sorry, what was that?”

Dwight mewled, his fingers clutching at the sheets, “E-Ethan, please…”

“As you wish.” Ethan took as much of Dwight into his mouth as he could, the hunter’s fingers finding their way into his hair as he threw his head back, crying out in pleasure.