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A Simple Dare

(Nursey/Dex; they go on a road trip, that Dex never intended to go on, and never thought he’d get anything out of. 2.8k words) 

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“I dare you to go stand under that waterfall.” Will said, and, as Nursey looked at him, one eyebrow raised, he wondered what on earth he was actually doing here. 

He’s not sure he ever remembered saying yes at any point. He certainly remembered saying no. He remembered thinking that there was no way he could afford it, and that Nursey was obviously just chirping him even by asking. Why would Derek Malik Nurse, self-proclaimed ‘chill dude’ and similar to himself only in the fact that they both played hockey and argued frequently, ask William J Poindexter to go on a road trip with him. 

It didn’t make sense. It was clearly a more invested chirp, or a prank or something. Obviously, Will had ignored the whole idea as though it had never been mentioned, as seemed sensible. 

Two things happened. 

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People are like waves of the ocean; they come and they go. Sometimes they are tempestous and other times they are calm but you never know what to expect. You never know if they will softly hug you or drown you voraciously; you just have to trust them.

And I know, baby, that trust is hard to give. To drown in saltiness or be kissed by seafoam is a decision hard-pressed to make. You would rather sit on the sand and watch than let the water touch your toes, but trust me. There’s more to water than drowning, there’s more to people than hurt. To live is to trust, to take risks. Will you give the waters a chance?

—  A collaboration between @giulswrites and @vanillasweet :)

Jehanparnasse Flower Shop and Tattoo Parlour AU. With a twist

  • Jehan’s flower shop is bathed in light with its big window and they sell everything from tulips to venus fly traps. There’s a very cozy atmosphere, bead curtains everywhere…
  • The back doubles as a wiccan supply shop with crystals, coloured salt, sage, other important ingredients.. Jehan also uses it for seances every Thursday night
  • A tattoo parlour opened right across the street. Originally, it was just supposed to be a front for Patron-Minette, used to launder money, but Montparnasse liked it, so he’s doing part-time tattoo artist part-time Patron-Minette
  • Jehan, being the good neighbour that they are, went to welcome the new owners with homemade lemon bars. But they couldn’t help but feeling a strange vibe once in the shop. It may or may not have been the glaring yet handsome owner who seemed really eager to get rid of them asap. Or something else
  • So they came back, offering red and black roses this time to “liven up the shop”. Something was definitely weird there. They could feel it in their bones. Montparnasse, thinking that Jehan was nosing around and suspecting that some illegal (yet very real) things were taking place in the back, did his best to be as unbearable as humanly possible to make them leave. He’s good at that.
  • Jehan got the memo and stopped trying, since apparently they weren’t welcome there. Until Montparnasse showed up unexpectedly during seance night, looking both annoyed and defeated
  • “You’re here for the spirit hanging out in your shop, I assume.”
  • “I…. yes. Can you get rid of it?”
  • “Depends, looks like you don’t want me there. I’m like vampires, I like feeling welcome.”
  • Montparnasse, who’s scared shitless of anything supernatural, gave in and apologised. He just really needed Jehan to get rid of that… thing
  • Cue some ghost hunting shenanigans, some back and forth flower and tattoo design exchanges and a ouija board that spells “Y.E.S” when Jehan asks if Montparnasse loves them (Parnasse moved the arrow)

AKA, this is a game of “who the fuck are you.”

I wrote a guide for my characters because I’m trying to lead a campaign with 3D characters, and there was some interest in seeing it? So here it is. Of note: The main city in this campaign is led by a duchess, who in her youth slayed a dragon- the previous tyrant of the main city.

Choose a race and a class that provides an interesting story- one you want to be part of, one you’d be interested to read, one you’d be interested to play with. You’re going to be spending hopefully a lot of time with this character, make them someone you’d like to meet. This is not a combat-driven campaign, it’s a character driven campaign. If you don’t have an interesting characters, this campaign won’t work. Your character should be at least willing to work with others, but you don’t necessarily have to like or even trust one another to begin with. That can come later. On that note: I encourage you to have secrets. Your character should not be immediately discernible. If you’re playing a half-orc barbarian, that shouldn’t be the extent of your character. Why did you leave your barbarian group? Are you still on good terms with them? You are entirely welcome to hide your backstory behind traditional fantasy tropes though. No one’s liable to question the massive half orc who claims they’re a barbarian and carries a huge axe- even if the blade of the axe is simple tin hiding a magical core, and is secretly a wizard’s staff.

Also- You’re looking for work. I don’t know how or why you are looking for work, that’s something you can decide (you have  to pay off a debt, you’re a refugee trying to settle in the city after fleeing a plague/war, etc). All I know is- somehow you ended up in the main city of this continent looking for a job. (also, feel free to borrow some aspects of your character from a favourite book, TV show, movie, or game. If you want to use Mulan or Inigo Montoya or Captain Jack Sparrow as jumping off points for your character, go for it!):

What follows is a pair of sample characters and a breakdown of why I like them as characters to toss into a campaign. Example characters and starting points under the break. This got pretty long, sorry

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Thank you,
For reminding me that I deserve silly little blue roses
And little love notes and cards
Someone who brings me smelly onion soup when I have a cold.
Someone who will take me to urgent care,
And tells me I’m beautiful even when I’m sick with no makeup on.
Thank you,
For showing me amazing music,
And having a passion for it as I do.
And creating me my very own playlist,
I hope that no matter what you don’t delete it,
Even though we didn’t last,
Music always will
It is everything good and bad about us put into a mix tape of songs.
And that alone should be cherished.
Thank you,
For listening to me talk,
Actually listening.
And remembering what I said
And caring about my words.
Thank you,
For reading my writing,
I’m terribly sad that I never got to read yours.
I hope one day I’ll be in a book store seeing you as a published writer.
Thank you,
For giving me your time,
I promise it wasn’t wasted.
Loving you was the best thing I ever did.
I will never regret a single second with you,
Except the one that made me lose you.
Thank you,
For giving me the best love and passion I have ever felt,
I only wish it would have lasted longer than this.
I only wish I could have been stronger for you.
—  “I’m sorry. I love you.”

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hey emilyyyyy, are you reading any fics right now (drarry)? if so, mind sharing it with us i'm searching for a fic to read 😁

Hi! Ah, I wish I could help, but I actually haven’t read Drarry in forever. Lately, I’m completely obsessed with Andrew and Neil from The Foxhole Court, so that’s all I’ve been reading :) I’m reading the fucking phenomenal fic Way Down We Go by nekojita right now, which is one of the best fics I’ve ever read and captures my favorite boys so fucking perfectly, and once I finish that, I’m starting Lessons in Cartography by crazy_like_a

But I have a ton of recs here, so I’d recommend checking those out if you want more Drarry!

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Meeting Genji in the golden days of Overwatch, + having a huge crush on him but he's angry and unresponsive

A/N: Alternately, “The four times Genji Shimada was angry and unresponsive, and the one time he wasn’t”.

First meetings are always tricky; the handshake, the eye contact, the words you put in your mouth. For Genji, it’s little more than a necessary nuisance of working with a group, and with Doctor Ziegler so close by he knows he must play nice. And, you do nothing wrong – you smile pleasantly and bow first, then shake his hand while expressing your eagerness to work with him in the future. Genji nods politely, but the moment no one’s looking, he rips his hands from yours and stalks off. And you don’t let it bother you, you know a bit about what happened and you know he’s only trying to adjust. So when you find him up on the balcony in the middle of the night, you quietly join him while looking out over the bay.

“Pretty nice view, I never get tired of it.” You say, drinking in the smell of the sea.
Genji says nothing, not like you expected him too. The silence stretches on for a few minutes until Genji releases a long sigh, his shoulders sagging slightly.

“…why are you here?”

“Enjoying the view. Like you, presumably.”

“Presumably.” He echoes hollowly. “I do not require your pity.”

“Who said I pity you?”

“Why else would you be here when you are otherwise unwanted?” he grounds out and you lean away from the railing and raise your hands over your head.

“If you want me gone, I’m gone, Shimada-san. Goodnight.”

He doesn’t wish the same.

The first time you save his life, Doctor Ziegler commends you on Genji’s behalf. But the half or so dozen times afterwards, you guess she encouraged him because his way of thanking you involved a barely whispered “arigatou” before he breezes off towards the next target. And it quickly becomes an issue. Genji is fast, like, stupid fast. If he’s on missions that do not involve dealing with his clan, Genji wants the mission over in five seconds, no on can keep up with him besides you. And after weeks of saving his ass, you meet up on the balcony again and again, he mostly ignores your presence. He only turns as you change bandages, eyes focused on the horizon.

“It was your own fault,” he intones.

“You’re welcome by the way. I could’ve lost this arm while yours could’ve been replaced.” It’s harsh to say but at least Genji’s body language goes from passive to aggressive super fast.

“I did not ask you to take a hit for me.”

“You don’t need to. We’re a team, Shimada, and we all get out alive or not at all: Stand together, die together.”

Genji says nothing.

“You know, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you actually wanted to die.”

“I do.”



When he saves your life, it is not a good experience. The mission is completed and no one is gravelly hurt but he takes precious time out of his usual routine of avoiding everyone to corner you. Just by the way he moves, you know this isn’t going to be a good conversation and you wisely and wordless convey to Tracer that she should leave. Then you and Genji meet up on the balcony where he stands with his arms crossed over his chest.

“You were needlessly reckless today.”

“Astute observation, I will work to improve myself.” You intone, mirroring his unimpressed tone.

“I will not always be around to rescue you.”

“Nor do I need rescuing, was there a point to this conversation?”

Genji’s fists tightened around his arms and for a moment, you almost feel bad but he inhales deeply, summons his arrogance and then bullshit flies out of his mouth.

“Then next time I will let you die, if your value your life so little.”

“That’s pretty rich coming from you, Genji.” It’s the first time you’ve used his name, the first time he’s heard it come out of your mouth and you savour the taste of it.

You don’t let him have the last word, storming away and escaping into the training grounds, ready to pummel just about anything because the fluttering in your chest should be ignored and forgotten. Forget how he held you close, defended you, guarded you. It was only instinct; it was only for the mission. Nothing you’ve done causes the reaction.

You both end up in Hanamura on the anniversary of his death, cursing Morrison for this assignment as you and Genji occupy separate but joined rooms. The door that links you together is opened but neither of you desire each other’s company. Genji has fitful dreams and you listen, still in your bed as he talks himself back to sleep, a shattered mess as the moon files into his room. The mask flies off in a rage, you hear him storm into the bathroom and the water starts running. Stay that way for a while, and then you’re worried because there is no sound. You get up, tiptoe into his room and nearly scream as he claws at his face, soaking his hands in hot water as if to make the process more painful. He’s stronger than you, this you know, but you wrap around him as best you can in a way that won’t result in broken bones.

You perform every necessary action. Soothing him as best you can, ensuring him everything is fine and he is fine, and nothing will hurt him, that you are here, no one will ever know of this particular moment in time. His secret is your secret. Fragments of songs and old lullabies, you stay in bed with him all night, watching him sleep in peaceful silence. And you put the mask back on. When you are sure he’s deep enough in sleep, you return to your bed and do the same. Morning brings no recollection of the night previous but Genji feels off. You ask him if he slept well and he doesn’t say anything. He sees how clean the bathroom is and the dent in the wall from where he threw the mask and then he knows. Knows you’ve seen his face. He disappears, the mission you complete on your own and Morrison wants to know what happened but you never tell. You take this secret to the grave.

Of course, the one time he isn’t insufferably anger or unresponsive, is when he combs through the rubble of the Swiss Headquarters and finds you buried under the rock. You can’t feel your legs, an arm is lodged under a steel pole and you can’t feel that either, you lost a couple of fingers and something wet trickles at a snail’s pace down your face. And Genji. Poor dear, he doesn’t know what to do. He’s calling for help but even he knows it won’t be fast enough, so he focused on pulling the debris off your body.

“There’s no rush, sweetheart. I’m not going anywhere.”

“Be quiet.” He orders. Heaving the pole off your arm, and it is indeed severed. He glares when you have the audacity to laugh.

“What? I always figured I lose it saving you, guess I was wrong. Damn.”

“What happened?” He wants to focus on the facts, something his mind can understand at this point in time.

“Don’t know. Heard Jack and Gabe yelling at each other then, boom. What a way to go.”

“Look at me, you aren’t going anywhere. Stand together, die together.”

“Aw, sweetheart. You do care, but I don’t need you dying for me.”

“Idiot, you aren’t dying, not today.”

“I think this pile of rocks says otherwise. I’ve lost a lot of blood already.”

“Doctor Ziegler will be here soon. Stay with me, there’s that view at Gibraltar you love so dearly. We need to watch the sunset.”

“I already have; it’s beautiful.”

He shoves the rocks away, and yes, the legs are crushes and mangled and Genji is almost glad he doesn’t eat very much, dry heaving and turning away for a moment. He hears the search crews, hears his name being called and ordered about, but he does not move.

“Tell me about it, I’ve never seen it.” He says softly.

“Oh it’s the prettiest thing ever. The sky gets orange like a pumpkin, and the low hanging clouds all turn violet like…I don’t know, violets. The water is nearly white with all the light pouring on it, and then then sky gets real dark, the stars twinkle overhead. And the sky burns red for a while, a really pretty red…I don’t know.”

“It sounds lovely.” Genji whispers, the light glinting off of Mercy’s halo. “And the doctor is here, look, just over there…(Y/N)? (Y/N)! No, stay with me. Breathe, please.”

“Don’t go.”

So I watched Disney’s Descendants with my baby sister, and because I’m Fairy Tale trash, it’s got me thinking about a Swan Queen AU.

      Princess Emma White Charming, the teenage daughter of King James Charming and Queen Snow White, is poised to take the throne. She offers a chance for redemption to the trouble-making teenage kids of the defeated villains, that were sentenced to live in exile in a remote place called Wonderland. The villains’ kids have been granted permission to attend Storybrooke Prep school, in the kingdom with the Enchanted Forest heroes’ kids.

      Among the villains’ kids is Regina Mills. The daughter of the worst villain of all, Cora the Queen of Hearts. Her mother sends Regina off to Storybrooke with a mission: to get the Blue Fairy’s magic wand and use it to free her from her imprisonment. Regina and the rest of the villains’s kids work on a plan to get the wand while also trying to not get caught.

      But the more time they spend at Storybrooke Prep, the more distracted they get from the mission. Regina finds herself enjoying her freedom, however short lived it may be. And soon, she starts to question whether or not she should go through with her mother’s plan. Things get even more complicated when she realizes that she may have fallen for the insufferable Charming brat.

I didn’t know…
I didn’t know. I didn’t know.
When you’re eighteen, what do you really know?
When you’re young and foolish,
and vulnerable and lost.
The worst I ever did was take straight shots and smoke pot.
I didn’t know.
I didn’t know that my body was a temple and one boy could set the whole damn house on fire and merely say “you were asking for it.”
I didn’t know I was so weak
or that my eyes could say yes when my mouth said “NO”.
I didn’t know.
—  2013
We were young and we were stupid, and we cared little for reality or what it might do to us. Some days I can’t believe we really thought we would make it.
—  from an unfinished story #280
Canticle of the Haunted

Chapter 7: Amber and Glass

Art by the fabulously wonderful Tosquinha! <<< go love her ❤️  ❤️  ❤️

Pairing: Galadriel/Celeborn
Fandom: Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales
Genre: Action-adventure, Romance, Political thriller
Total Words: 76,374 so far…
Rating: M - sex, violence, language

Summary: The world has changed in the wake of Doriath’s fall and various contenders strive to fill the power vacuum left behind. Celeborn and Galadriel must contend with the looming threat of war even as factionalism amongst the Sindar and resentment for the elves of Doriath amongst the Avari and Green Elves threatens to shatter the delicate ties binding Beleriand’s survivors together. Meanwhile, they privately struggle to cope with the painful effects of Doriath’s fall and with the fear that their still-new marriage will splinter beneath the pressure of the growing animosity between their peoples.

Sequel to: In Cavern’s Shade

Chapter 1: X
Chapter 7:  X

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hey so im new to the fandom and im confused about that post, what does luke cage has to do w steve and bucky?

unfortunately, it’s quite a common trend in mcu fics for marvel characters that aren’t The Typical White Male Faves™, to be sorta stripped of their characterisation and be reduced to plot devices.

the example that the post gave, about steve coming to luke cage for super soldier sex advice, is a key example of fic writers taking poc marvel characters and essentially using them to further the stories of The Typical White Male Faves™, and it kinda sucks when that’s all that fandom reduces them too.

obviously this isn’t all fic writers! but i feel like a lot of people have picked up on this trend?

ooh also anon was referring to this post 

Undertum S0riel Thoughts: I want more cute tum action that takes place in the neutral timeline where the player only wipes out Papyrus(and Asgore) and Sans and Toriel become Ruin Roommies. 
-Tori offers to finish renovation on the room that used to be her shared room with Asgore for Sans to use as a room. Sans declines and instead takes the kids’ room. Tori thinks it’s because he’s short enough to sleep comfortably on the smaller bed, but it’s because the kid’s bed and her own bed are right next to each other, the only thing dividing them being the wall. It’s comforting to Sans, knowing she’s close by. They practice knock knock jokes on the wall before bed, until one of them (usually Sans) falls asleep
-Toriel uses Sans as a taste tester for her entries into the Ruins’ and Snowdin’s backsale. ;) No matter how she scores with the judges, Sans always gives her a solid 11/10, and his waistline only grows with his approval. 
-Toriel takes trips to Snowdin to get groceries. She asks Sans to accompany her, but nine times out of ten he pretends to be asleep with she asks. His bar friends ask her when Sans will visit them again, but no matter how many times Toriel tries to bring it up to Sans, he dodges answering. He only goes back when Toriel offers to take him out to Grillby’s for dinner. 
-(BIG) Picnics on the flower bed/where the human fell. Cakes and pies and snail roasts and stir fry with lots of rice and sandwiches and tea.
-Also, sometimes… sad confessions on the flower bed.
-Toriel tries making spaghetti for dinner one night. He teleports away it takes Toriel HOURS to find him. She finds him lying on the bed of buttercups, sockets pitch black and breathing uneasily. 
-Sans wakes up one night after having a rough dream and tries knocking on Toriel’s wall to wake her up. When he doesn’t get an answer, he goes to the kitchen to get a midnight snack and finds Toriel asleep in her armchair. She’s holding an open photo album on her lap. All the photos are brown and creased with age, and they all show the same smiling family. The fur under her eyes is damp and matted. She wakes up the next morning to find a blanket covering her and Sans making them both breakfast. 
-Sans and Toriel taking over spider bake sales. Give them all the donuts. 
-Sans getting chubbier and squishier as time goes on. Makes for better hugs. 
-Sans eventually asking to move in to Tori’s room. 
-Sans and Tori sharing a bed.
-Sans and Toriel snuggling in said bed. 
-Sad squishy roommates learning how to be less lonely (and also less hungry) together. 

Diana had never been to New York. Even during her travels with Grant, New York had not made the list, surprisingly enough. They’d driven across the states from Chance Harbour, and she’d followed him to Australia too. So it was an awful surprise when she found herself in the city that never sleeps, feeling the complete separation from her old life. She thought she’d gone crazy, but the reality of it was finally starting to sink in. Still, Diana wasn’t to be found in a very good mood. This was a new level of secrecy in her life, and she didn’t have her usual comforts to make it any easier. Except, thankfully, coffee. And NYC did like its cafes.

“I was here first,” she said tiredly, looking up at the accuser. “And last time I checked this was a coffee shop, not your homeroom with assigned seating.”

You gave up on me in less than an hour when I saved us a seat for the journey. How would you know how many hearts I broke waiting for you to come. Don’t get me wrong, you did come but as soon as you sat with me, you left in a blur. That’s not even the worst part.
You blamed it on me
—  Unsaid Reality

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Can I request for kurotsukki? With tsukki being a stripper and giving kuroo a lap dance.... hehehe

I saw this last night and I’m finally ready to write it! I also don’t know how to write a lap dance so this should be fun.

Kuroo was living the high life. Long legs and pale skin was currently in front of him, dancing, moving elegantly. His face was neutral but there was amusement in his eyes. “You’re not allowed to touch.” The stripper, Tsukishima if Kuroo could recall, smirked and then the show really started.

He first placed his hands on his torso, teasing with slithers of skin as he pushed the shirt up a bit. Kuroo followed his hands, long lithe fingers dragging up his arms and through his hair. Then pale legs spread on either side of Kuroo’s waist hands coming up to run through Kuroo’s hair.

Tsukishima then turned around, still straddling Kuroo’s waist, and rolled his body, leaning back against Kuroo’s broad chest. There was a permanent smirk on his face as he sexily pulled his shirt off himself, standing up and draping it around Kuroo’s neck.

This continued for a bit, Tsukishima swaying his hips in between Kuroo’s now spread legs, fingers teasing at his body and the expanses of pale skin. But he was slowly dropping himself into Kuroo’s lap, crotches brushing together.

There was no rule that he couldn’t touch Kuroo.

Kuroo was losing his mind, every time Tsukishima touching him feeling electric. His body was coated in a thin layer of sweat and he was swinging his hips so nice in between Kuroo’s legs that he was done. He grabbed Tsukishima hips and pulled him back onto him, grinding him against him.

This was against company policy but Tsukishima didn’t mind, threading his fingers through Kuroo’s hair, “You broke the rule.”

“What’re you gonna do about it?” Kuroo smirked. There was a certain glint in Tsukishima’s eye that frightened Kuroo a bit.

“I guess I’m gonna have to teach you a lesson.”