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words i’ve dreamed of saying since i was a wee child:

I’m over the moon to announce that my debut novel, SEVEN WAYS WE LIE, will be published by Abrams/Amulet in Spring 2016!

Typing that still sort of feels like a joke – ha ha! what? – but it’s true. Swear to God. The amazing team at Abrams Books bought my novel in late January, and I’ve been in a state of perpetual disbelief ever since.

Here’s the Very Official Announcement over at Publishers Weekly:

So … phew! Yeah!

If y’all have any questions about how this went down, I’d be happy to answer ‘em. Also, I love you guys. You’ve kept me sane for the past year, and your endless kindness and support? Invaluable to this whole writing thing.

P.S. … A Very Serious Message to every writer on Tumblr: keep fucking going. I started writing as a tiny fic author, age eleven. My first fic is still on FFnet and it’s hilarious. Perseverance is the one real predictor of success.

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Percy was in no way certain how he had been talked into attending a sorority formal, let alone attend one in a ludicrous bow tie. (For the first sentence meme, with my ongoing head cannon that Annabeth is a total girly-girl in college and Percy is punk trash.)

Okay, so he probably wasn’t being entirely truthful. He knew exactly how he’d been talked into the bow tie; it was exactly how he’d been talked into his dark blue dress shirt and neatly pressed charcoal slacks, and it didn’t involve much talking. Just Annabeth and her four magic words: “Wear this for me?”

He’d yet to discover an effective way of saying no to her when she said that. He probably never would, so long as she kept asking him while she had on some lacy scrap of lingerie or had sex mussed hair and kiss swollen lips. She played dirty, that girlfriend of his, and Percy — being the giant sucker he was for Annabeth’s, well, everything — always fell for it.

So, yeah, the bow tie had been a bit of an easy sell for her. The formal? Not so much.

Given that Percy’s general reaction to anything Greek life related was to flee in the opposite direction, securing him as her date to Alpha Beta and Delta Nu’s spring formal had been a bit of a challenge. In Percy’s opinion, the formal was a waste of their time. If he was gonna spend a weekend out of the city with Annabeth at a swanky hotel, he wasn’t gonna do it without a busload of frat douchebags and their asshole girlfriends along for the ride. How was he supposed to romance her properly without worryin’ some dick in salmon colored pants might swoop in and ruin the moment, huh?

But, for whatever reason, the formal was important to Annabeth. Even if he bitched up a storm about it, in the end, Percy cared about what was important to her. It was well past time him to step outside his comfort zone. God knew how many dive bars and shady venues with sticky floors Annabeth had to suffer through to watch his band play since they started dating. The least he could do was wear that suit she’d bought him and go dancing with her for a weekend.

And once he saw the little gold number she was planning on wearing? Like hell was he staying home and letting some asshat pledge get near her. 

Sweet mercy. He’d wear bow ties every damn day to get under that skirt.

A tribute to Erwin’s thighs.

“Who the fuck are you.”

Levi’s walked into Erwin’s room to find a random man sitting on the commander’s bed, towel draped across his lap. The man hesitates to speak – looks about ready to piss himself – when Erwin comes out of his bathroom topless.

“Oh shit, sorry,” Levi immediately splutters, cheeks reddening. He’s mortified because he’s never seen Erwin intimate with anybody, and the thought that he has a lover in his quarters stirs all sorts of emotions within him - emotions that he’s not ready to address. He turns to leave when Erwin’s deep chuckle makes him stop in his tracks.

“Levi, this is my masseur. My muscles have been a little tense lately so I hired Ed for an hour.” He indicates towards the man, Ed, who is looking down at his shoes. He looks positively uncomfortable.

“Oh,” Levi gapes once again, feeling like an even bigger idiot now. Then a thought occurs to him. “Erwin, can I speak to you for a minute.”

Erwin raises a brow but agrees, offering Ed a polite apology. He follows Levi out into the corridor.

“You’re going to let some random guy near you whilst you’re unarmed and vulnerable? Have you forgotten how many enemies you have?” Levi is genuinely concerned, and he’s surprised that Erwin hasn’t considered it already. He’s also trying very hard not to ogle his chest. “How do you know he isn’t an assassin or some shit?”

Erwin seems amused at the idea. The corner of his mouth has dragged up a bit and he’s analysing Levi’s face carefully. What are you thinking about you bastard.

“You’re right, captain. I should be more careful,” he agrees.

Levi feels a wave of relief that he will in no way allow Erwin to see. “Damn eyebrows. Send him away and i’ll get one of the brats to come massage your perverted ass instead.” He hums for a bit before smirking wickedly. “I’ll get Eren to do it.”

Erwin pales a bit at the suggestion, and it takes all Levi’s got not to laugh at the image of Eren violently clobbering the commander’s back whilst he writhes in pain.

“I have a better idea, Levi. You can stand guard whilst Ed works, and that way you’ll be there should he attempt anything.” He’s mesmerised by the bob of Erwin’s throat, at the rippling muscles of his chest that seem to beckon him every time they move.

“Fine,” he sighs. He really doesn’t want Erwin alone with someone he doesn’t know.

They walk back in and Ed stands up, begins preparing his lotions and his towels. Levi stands by the window with his arms crossed and glares at him, communicating all sorts of threats with his eyes.

Then suddenly Erwin is taking off his pants and Levi is about to shit his own because holy Maria Erwin has the nicest fucking thighs he’s ever seen. They’re firm and thick and nicely shaped, perfectly proportioned to his hips and his legs.

His brain is short-circuiting, sending error messages, and his throat has dried up. He suddenly feels a gravitational pull towards them, wants to suck on the tight muscled flesh. He had no idea that Erwin would be taking off his pants and fucking Sina he’s removing his underwear too.

He quickly faces the window whilst Erwin undresses, trying to get his mind and body back under control because whilst he’s long accepted that Erwin is attractive he has never seen him naked beyond his torso.

He risks a look and notices that he’s lying on his front now, Ed having placed a towel on his backside, so he allows himself to turn back around again even though his cheeks are still burning hot. Erwin’s face is buried in a pillow so at least he can’t see.

He watches as Ed pours some warm oil onto Erwin’s broad back and massages the skin, using his thumbs to smooth it out in circles. Erwin is littered with scars but it somehow accentuates the taut muscle he’s packing. The masseur’s hands captivate him with the way he works Erwin’s back, and after a while Levi thinks that maybe this isn’t as awkward as he originally thought it would be.

But then Ed skips Erwin’s ass and moves to his thighs, pulling and kneading at the flesh with oily hands. He can see the muscles glistening and yep his pants are definitely tighter now. He should look away, shouldn’t let his thoughts wander, yet he can’t. He is completely rapt, consumed, enamored by those large delectable thighs. He imagines kissing and nibbling on them, licking his way up to the prize in between and wow where did that come from.

At this point he is sporting a very large boner and he shuffles a bit to reorganize his junk, hopes that Ed doesn’t see. He doubts he would say anything even if he did because the guy is so nervous he could rival Berthold. Erwin turns his face to look at him and suddenly Levi is taking in his whole image: his handsome face resting on his muscled arms, the stretch of his large toned body on the bed, the gleam of his sensuous limbs, the curve of his back and ass. He feels his cock give an interested twitch.

“He’s very good, Levi. Perhaps you should take a turn. I’m sure Ed can stay back a bit.” He is the picture of relaxation.

“Nah, I’m good,” Levi tries to say smoothly, but his voice is rough and he immediately curses himself.

He thinks he sees Erwin’s eyes widen in amusement for a bit but it’s so fast he can’t be sure.

There’s a knock on the door and Levi almost jumps. Mike walks in holding a couple of documents and Levi is about to screech because Mike is going to see Erwin like this.

But the man doesn’t even bat an eyelid, seems completely unfazed. Just murmurs a quick “hey Ed” before turning to Erwin. Levi grabs his arm and twists him around.

“Wait – you know this guy?” he says, pointing towards the flustered masseur.

Mike flicks his bangs out of his face and gives Levi an unimpressed look. “That’s Ed, he’s been Erwin’s masseur for ages.”

Levi frowns, confused. But if that were true why didn’t he just tell Levi that he knew him well? He turns his head to confront him when he notices that Erwin’s eyes are on his crotch, a wide smirk stretched across his face.

I am so fucked.

[[Dedicated to highchous for reigniting my Erwin thigh thirst with their post]]

Sexism at its finest;
  • Man at gas station:*Sells me, a female and obvious lesbian, a faulty part.*
  • Me:*Tweaks the equipment temporarily to work for what I need it to do.*
  • Me:*Goes back after to gas station and tells man it's faulty.*
  • Man at gas station:Are you sure?Maybe you just didn't do it right..
  • Men witnessing this conversation:That's why you need a man around, hopefully you find a good man to marry.
  • Me:*you serious?* My lady thinks I'm perfectly handy.
  • Man at gas station:Is that why you asked for help from an attendant?
  • Me:I mean I got it to work and he failed. He need a man too?

So since I reached 4k followers around a week ago I decided to make a new follow forever and it’s finally done! lol It’s been a while since I made one and I followed a lot of new blogs since then too~ I don’t wanna be too cheesy and stuff but honestly wow… Who would have thought I’d ever make it this far?? (because I didn’t, that’s for sure) I’m a really boring person so this is mind-blowing to me :o

But! I’m so glad I made a tumblr and found the inuyasha fandom! Everyone here is so friendly, it’s great (◡‿◡✿)  So I made this follow forever to thank all my followers but also my favorite blogs because you all are awesome! And I’m pretty sure I didn’t forget anyone this time because this is the longest list I’ve made so far!!! So here it is… 

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Headcanon that giving babies middle names is an Alderaanian custom (ie, Bail Prestor Antilles, Breha Jacenta Organa, etc) (also ie, JACENTA JACENTA JACENTA FIGHT ME i mean anyway) and that all three of the Solo kids have middle names because Leia wanted to honour that custom.

Leia herself, however, does not have a middle name, as Bail saw it improper and disrespectful to give her a name that her mother didn’t chose, also knowing that on Naboo middle names aren’t a thing. As a child, Leia spends hours imagining up possible middle names for herself until she’s older and understands why her parents never gave her a middle name when everyone else has one.

Tips to Writing Scenarios

This applies to any type of series you may want to write about! These are only suggestions, so feel free to pick and choose what you might want to listen to. My writing is always complimented, but I honestly don’t think it’s great at all. However, for those who want to improve their writing, here’s what I advise! I’m also procrastinating on answering prompts once again, haha.

  • There is no such thing as knowing too much about your characters. If you’re stumped on how to portray them, or you want to make sure you’re accurate with their actual past, open google and do some research! Don’t pick at what to read, absorb all of the information someone was kind enough to translate for you. It will help you in the long run.
  • The thesaurus is your friend. I hate it when I accidentally use the same words repeatedly in a response. Using different wording is refreshing to the reader, and it sounds more professional to me. When I do catch myself, I open this up, type in the word I was about to put in, and use one of their suggestions. Be careful! Sometimes the meaning of the words are similar, but they can be used in entirely different contexts. If it is a word you are unfamiliar with, make sure to check it’s definition first.
  • It’s okay to have grammatical errors. I know a lot of you guys reading this do not speak English as your first language. I’m proud of you! It’s my first language and I still can’t speak it correctly! A lot of the times you won’t have someone to proof-read your work, so there will be small errors you did not notice while typing. I’ve caught myself several times already prior to typing this sentence. As long as you continue to develop and grow, you do not need to be self-conscious about your grammar!
  • Repeat the sentence to yourself. After writing, mutter it under your breath. Does this sound right to you? When you form the words, does it sound proper? While grammar isn’t everything, remember that you are trying to further your skills and want to improve overall!
  • Look at people’s tags, take their critiques. I’m going to credit ranmarock​​ as the person who helped me develop my writing the most. I had a very tough time capturing Ranmaru’s personality and habits in the beginning, and while it did sting a bit to see their comments, I was able to get a better grasp of who he was as a person. Instead of being brought down by what people say, take it to advance on. 
  • Do not be complacent. Meaning, don’t be satisfied with the way things are. This ties in to the previous statement, where you have to keep what readers say in mind. Some will say things you and others don’t agree with, and that’s fine! Know what to separate from what you want to use to help you grow, just don’t be super picky that it stunts your growth.
  • Write for yourself. Write what you would want to read from your favorite scenario blog. The numerous amounts of followers and readers do sound glamorous, and of course you want your interpretations to be seen throughout the fandom, but having all of that shouldn’t be your goal. Yes, you can listen to the advice people give you, but you need to be comfortable about it when you do write. If you’re uncomfortable, don’t do it. Catering to other people’s whims is not why you started this blog.
  • Do not feel obligated to answer everything quickly. Sure, having a large output looks good, but are you cutting down on your quality for the sake of being done sooner? I’m extremely slow these days, and my quality recently has probably dropped, but prior to that I took my time because I wanted to capture every character’s persona well. Scenarios featuring STARISH and Quartet Night? That takes me about four or so hours max on a good day. At the very least two hours, depending on what the person asked for. I like being detailed. It can be a simple question where you only need to write one word as an answer and be done with it, but I don’t see the fun in that. Take your time, work at your own speed, do what you actually need to have done first because reality precedes the internet.
  • Quality comes in various shapes and sizes. In case some of you guys were scared of my last tip. You don’t need to write paragraphs and complex sentences to get your point across. I get mad when an answer for one character is longer than the rest, but that’s what it took to get my feelings out, and the other responses are perfectly fine, so I’ll leave it alone.
  • Unless the request specifies gender, use neutral pronouns. Whenever I get prompts that contains abbreviations like “s/o” my understanding is that this person could be of any gender. Readers interpret your words as they wish. They utilize them to build an image in their head. By using pronouns like they/them, it takes out the mental road block they might have versus a person using the she/her. Just keep in mind people have ships and might want to use another fellow character to fill in the spot of significant other.
  • You can still keep your writing in-character without being offensive. Watch what your responses say. It might sound like something they would do, but don’t blame them when someone calls you out on a problematic issue. Writing not only reflects their character, but yours as well. Take my “their child coming out to them” prompt for example. Homophobic answers are NOT okay, even if that’s how you pictured their reaction. Surprise and confusion are fine, but do try to promote tolerance, because it can mean the world to a reader who can relate. If at any point you think you wrote something that could potentially offend others, make a note of it at the top before they read it.
  • Keep your personal feelings for a character out. Unless it genuinely makes you uncomfortable to write about them, do not demonize a character you dislike. At the bottom of my list are Cecil and Camus, but when I need to write about them I still give them every bit of attention and character development as I would for my favorites. I’m very conscious of any character, because they can be someone’s favorite. I want to treat what they like with respect.
  • Need inspiration? Listen to music. If you look at some of my early tags, I would talk about the song I had on repeat when writing. Music I like, but also music that reflects the mood. Think of it as the kind of song you can hear playing in the background during a super dramatic scene. That was Bauklötze for me during the one violent prompt. Maybe that’s why I write great angst.
  • Ask a friend if you’re stuck. My greatest resource for ideas are my friends. I’m fortunate to have some into Utapri, so I can approach them with questions when I’m stuck. Even if you don’t have that same kind of luxury, you can still ask what they would do if they were in that situation, and work it around your own character’s personality.

Sometimes I wonder what about me is hard to love. What makes it so easy for someone to come into my life, alter it, and then leave as if I have had no long term effect on theirs? Was it the way I got nervous in the beginning? Or maybe the way I would smile when they wrote me? Or lack there of when they chose to ignore me. Maybe it was the little things I did, like leave them cute little messages letting them know I was thinking about them. Maybe that made me look too available, even though they knew I was only available to them. People do say, “they only want you when they can’t have you.” Maybe it was a combination of everything, the good and the bad, that led them to leave. I guess I’ve just always wondered why no one has ever stayed and why it leaves me feeling this way. 

Hot Drinks

T.H.O Tuesday ☮ : INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS! Have you guys ever seen those dry/hard to watch instructional videos? Have you ever imagined if kurt or blaine had to do one of those?? WELL IMAGINE NO MORE! Why are these boys doing these videos? are they so desperate for their big break that this is what it comes to? WHO KNOWS! i wanna see what you guys come up with! (it it can be ANY instructional/employee vid as long as it’s from the 90s!) here are examples of other vids: x x x

The video that inspired me (holy Molly)

Blaine is practically vibrating in his dark shirt, and if Kurt wasn’t so afraid of the ridicule that is going to pursue them for the years to come, he would find it adorable.

And hot.

Honest to God, that is not a pun.

But even if the coffee they are pouring is hot–way too hot, if someone bothered to ask for his opinion, and disgusting–Kurt is not about to leave Blaine to fend for himself.

He would never dip his boo.

And it’s not just a matter of making bones.

“From the top,” the director yells, and it startles Kurt so badly that he almost pours the coffee on his hand.

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You know that whole trope where the two actors that dislike each other/don’t work well together, but they have to perform the leading roles in some romantic performance and there’s an unbearable amount of ust and it’s just really hilariously awkward? That’s a great au plot and all, but what about the opposite? What about two actors already in a relationship that play opposing roles and have to pretend to despise each other?

Imagine that with dennor. Like, they’re both really talented and successful stage actors who are in a healthy longstanding relationship, but they like to keep it on the dl because they’re really private people and don’t like to mix work and home life, but this one time, by complete coincidence, they audition for the same play and they get cast as the protagonist and the antagonist because their personalities seem so incompatible that of course they would play perfect enemies. So they meet their other cast members (the remaining nordics, of course, and maybe a few other european countries as minor roles) and they do an initial run-through of the script, naturally blowing everyone away by how well they play their roles. But maybe they’re a little too good at acting like they hate each other onstage, because it gets to a point where everyone is absolutely convinced that they genuinely hate each other in real life and even a little concerned that this will have a negative effect on their performance. Nobody can tell that they’re together until they get really uncharacteristically affectionate backstage after the final performance is over, congratulating each other on how well they played their parts and kissing a lot or something like that.

The other nordics are just so completely blindsided by this that they think it’s a practical joke literally up until the point where they’re all invited to the wedding a couple of month later.

anonymous asked:

Although Theon might have gotten the death penalty at that time for some of the things he did, he did not deserve the torture he received. That line makes me so cross. Does he ever think he deserves to be tormented like that? In the books? Why do other criminals get trials and clemency and so much understanding from fans but Theon is always chosen to be the ultimate villain?


anyway I think that one thing is that he says it, one thing is that some people actually buy it. because I mean this fandom is full of people saying he deserves it when for the time he should have gotten a trial or a clean death at most or if anything to go to the wall, not that. but like - I can perfectly buy that he thinks he deserved it. especially since he’s been brainwashed into thinking that he should be reek. and I don’t know if I recall S3 wrong because let’s say I watched those scenes once and I never will watch them again, but when he got tied to the cross the first time ramsay did tell him that it also was his fault for having betrayed robb and stuff. I mean he’s been getting that spiel from the guy who brainwashed him into thinking his name is reek, what should I expect.

my issue is that people in the show and in fandom actually think it’s justified never mind coming from sansa who’s showed empathy to pretty much everyone in the books at any given point. like, no.

other than that my theory re why people really just like to harp on theon specifically when his crimes are hardly worse than what 99% of the other people have done and when he’s actually one of the three people who’s sorry for them is that.. well. one time I read this meta saying that as an audience, we tend to hold up the good guys to high standards because they’re supposed to be good guys so they have to live up to it and be better so if they fail we’re disappointed, while with villains we tend to excuse them because you already know that they’re villains and you have a low standards, so it takes them doing something nice to rise above it and being excused a lot more. and I think that has some merit. now, taking that into account.

first thing, he was presented as being on the good guys’ side, so you expect him to be a good guy or at least to make the good guys’ life easier. what I mean in, you expect lannisters to do questionable things because they’ve been framed as the ones opposing the starks aka the supposed good guys (IN THEORY, because obviously it’s asoiaf and it’s not so clear cut but a lot of people in fandom still didn’t get that there aren’t good guys or bad guys in 90% of these books, but anyway). so you’re holding theon up to the good guy standard, not the bad guy standard. so when his actions fuck things up for the starks/the people you’re rooting for, you aren’t expecting it and that probably is half of the whole ‘BUT HE BETRAYED THE STARKS’ deal - when he technically didn’t, but people don’t see it - they just see his actions.

second thing, now the point is that in fiction you tend to hold the characters up to higher standards anyway. and you want the heroes/positive characters to always do the right thing because that’s what you expect - that fiction is better than reality in that sense. and when theon sided with his family not only he didn’t do the morally/narratively/trope-relative right thing, because of course phrasing it romantically/heroically you’d pick your bff over your shitty family. truth is, it was a lot more realistic and logical that he didn’t pick robb over his shitty family. it’s what anyone ordinary would have done in 99% of the cases and I think it rubs people wrong because it might hit too close to home. ops, this guy didn’t take the right choice for me but I realize he actually had a point deep down but I don’t want to recognize it because it wasn’t right. I think he just disappoints people on the ‘you have to be better than your circumstances’ side. he wasn’t better than his circumstances but man who would have been, that is the question. in a series that wants to look at characters realistically you couldn’t have expected him to take the moral higher ground as a given.

third thing: he doesn’t have the technically redeeming qualities. what I mean is: LF is a piece of shit, but he’s *cool* because he has the witty one liners and give you the idea of someone who knows what he’s doing so he’s fascinating. tywin is a bigger piece of shit but he’s cool/competent/is excellent at being a villain, so people don’t hate him as much. jaime/cersei/tyrion all have other traits that people might find appealing (especially tyrion since he’s such a huge fan favorite but that’s pretty much a given since he’s written as a sympathetic character from the beginning). and so on for most of the supposed antagonists. the thing with theon is that he doesn’t have any of that and when you get inside his head the first time he’s already a mess. I mean I say it with all the love in the world but that boy is a psychoanalyst’s dream and always was, and you probably see the person he really 100% is without any of the belonging/family/identity-related issues just in his last adwd chapter. now if you like that kind of character or if you empathize with him during acok anyway there’s no problem, but for someone who reads superficially and doesn’t particularly care it’s easy to just dismiss him as some dick who betrayed his *real family* when they can’t even see that in the text it’s spelled out that he only ever was friends with one of them. the problem is that a lot of people read books superficially and watch the show superficially (bc for all the issues I have with it I think until S2 they had showed perfectly that his allegiance was to robb and that he never felt like he belonged anywhere) and so they decided he’s the ultimate villain because like the basic issue is that he betrayed the heroes and apparently betraying someone on the ‘bad things you can do’ scale is worse than doing horrid shit without having betrayed anyone throughout it. then there’s the part where theon himself is a really well fucking done deconstruction of the traitor trope but I really went overboard here so hey okay I ranted about it here third point of that answer thank you for the attention.

in short, if I may say: he’s too complex a character in that sense for half of the people who watch/read casually to get that he’s nowhere near as bad as he might look like. which I find kinda sad because as stated the point of these books is trope deconstruction and instead people read the characters as the tropes they’re supposed to be deconstructing but what can we do. :/

Day 3: Catch Me/Caught in the Act

Title: The Dog, the Cat and the Rabbit
Pairing: Levi Ackerman/Eren Jaeger
Rating: General Audience
Summary: Levi comes home to not one but three surprises.
Additional Tags: Domestic Fluff, Genderfluid!Eren
Previous Days: Day 1, Day 2


“Eren?” Levi called out, closing the front door behind him. “Are you home?”

He could hear movement coming from inside the apartment but there was no sign of Eren out front so he took off his shoes and headed to their bedroom where he could hear Eren shushing and cooing at someone. As he got closer to the door he called for Eren again and his partner emerged from their bedroom looking disheveled and out of breath, closing the door right behind them.

“Oh! You’re home early. I wasn’t expecting you for another—” Eren panted and paused to look at the clock. “Never mind then, how was your day?”



Levi just rubbed his face, not in the mood to drag this out any longer. “What’s in the bedroom?”

“Okay, fuck I’m not ready for this.” Eren started whispering to themselves before dragging their eyes to look at Levi. “You need to promise me you won’t get angry, okay?”

“Eren, you’re not making it any better.” Levi remarked. “Just show me already.”

“Okay so I went to the animal shelter to—”


“But Levi, I haven’t even said anything yet.” Eren whined.

“No.” Levi pinched his nose, his day starting to weigh heavily on him. “We’re not getting a pet.”

“But Levi you haven’t even seen them yet.” Eren mumbled under their breath, playing with the hem of the dress they were wearing.

“No, Ere—” He started when it registered. “Them?”

“Heh, funny story.” Eren trailed off, hand messing up their hair even more.

“Just show me and get it over with.”

Eren stepped to the side and opened the bedroom door to let Levi inside and nothing could have prepared him for what was inside. On their dresser was a small cage holding the cutest little grey and white streaked bunny that looked like it might be sleeping, on the bed was a puppy, he looked like he might be a golden retriever but Levi wasn’t exactly sure and finally on the floor in the corner was a little black kitten that was curled up on a blanket.

Levi looked back to where Eren was standing against the door frame and felt himself completely lose whatever reservations he had about pets just from the look on Eren’s face. The plain adoration and content that Eren was exuding from just looking at these babies were enough to tear down any objections Levi had.

“You couldn’t just get one Eren?” Levi sighed.

“I wasn’t going to get any in the first place.” Eren said and bit their lip nervously. “You know I go to the animal shelter sometimes to play with animals but when I went this time, one of the workers told me about these animals who never get adopted because there’s something wrong with them an—”

“Oh, Eren.” Levi cut them off, reaching out for Eren to come over so he could hug them properly. “It’s okay sweetheart, we can keep them but just please next time, and please don’t let there be a next time, ask me first before springing this on me like this, okay?”

Eren’s arms tightened around Levi and then buried their head in the crook of Levi’s neck. “I just couldn’t handle it. They were being rejected for being deaf or blind and I just needed them to feel loved because everyone deserves to be loved.”

“I know baby, I know.” Levi said softly, brushing Eren’s hair with his fingers. “So what are we naming them?”

Eren’s face instantly brightened and lifted their head up to look at Levi in disbelief. “We’re keeping them?”

“Of course we are, like I’d let you take them back after what you just tol—” He was then cut off by a myriad of kisses being place all over his face and chant of thank you’s filling the air as Eren jumped all of the place in his excitement.

“You’re cleaning though.” Was what Levi shouted as Eren went to croon at his new pets and Eren just smiled their blindingly bright smile before going back to talking to their pets.

Levi had never been more in love. Or screwed.

i love this collective fandom fic-reading we do sometimes. i love seeing everyone talking about new fics and crying over certain parts and seeing people scream in each other’s inboxes. i love seeing the author’s reactions to all this bc they’re always so humbled and loving in return. we’re all happy and crying and freaking out together, and i think it’s very beautiful