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payback for bokuto’s birthday plus a bonus picture for a bonus smile :)

Elf! Calum

Words: 4.2k

Warning: smut!  

Summary: Elf! Calum who decides who's naughty and nice and know’s Y/N is always at the top of the naughty list and decides to pay her a small visit one day, after watching her masturbate for hours on end.  


*Calum’s POV*

I took a hold of the next piece of paper getting my fingers ready to type it into the crystal snow ball. I was stuck doing the boring job, most elves were off making christmas gifts getting a head start before december started. I was usually doing that but three year’s ago I had an argument with another elf and that left me in a slight grump which Santa saw, then he demoted me to the ‘bad elf’ factory. It’s where all the reject elves go and who they may be over excited or overly grumpy. I was neither, I was almost human, I wish I was a human but instead I have pointy ears and live in the north pole.

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ch. 186 highlights!

  • this is probably the first time He Tian has friends over and he looks so happy and relaxed. his apartment is no longer empty. the parallel is beautiful.
  • basically the first thing Jian Yi does is to push Zhengxi down on He Tian’s bed and tell him they should “sleep here tonight” aka together aka just the two of them ok Jian Yi alright [coughs] dropping hints, I see.
  • and He Tian kicks them the way he always does because he’s just so tired of their gayness [lowkey no.1 shipper]
  • Guan Shan threatens them with a green onion like ‘I’m not afraid to use it’ HOW’S THAT NOT ADORABLE
  • Zhengxi is #done with this shit like ‘why am I here help’ [he looks grumpier this time? hmm maybe not]
  • He Tian asks Guan Shan to teach him how to chop an onion, in the cutest way possible “how should I know if you don’t teach me..” [internal screaming]. and I bet his wound still hurts, but even so, he sits there beside him, smug and shit and they’re newlyweds af. 
  • Jian Yi asks He Tian if he has ever kissed someone before, which is a great thing because it means he will no longer avoid what happened. maybe? are they finally going to discuss about it, on their way back home or? the timing is interesting, too. he didn’t want Zhengxi to hear him. so maybe he’s still afraid to have a conversation with him, right now he’s probably looking for some sort of advice. for how long has he been thinking about this? hmm. good. 
  • of course He Tian proudly says yes and Guan Shan glares at him and… HE’S SO FLUSTERED!! cute lil precious bean. for the first time he’s blushing so so bad because of him. the things He Tian does and says used to annoy him, mostly, but this, /this/ is different. this means a lot. his reaction might suggest that he… is slowly falling for He Tian. that he isn’t “disgusted” at all [well, we didn’t really believe that, did we]. I mean, why so conscious if you don’t care? …. tbh I don’t even know why I’m saying this, we’ve seen how much he cares for him, especially in the previous chapter, and this confirms further that there’s a change [excited? well, I fucking am]
  • “That feeling was very intense/deep.” — idk about you, but for me, this sounds like a well-wrapped love confession! teasingly, of course, he wants Guan Shan to hear it. and Guan Shan’s reaction is probably the kind of reaction He Tian secretly wished for. underneath his teasing attitude, maybe He Tian simply wants Guan Shan to.. understand that this is actually serious. that the kiss meant something for him. we’ll see.  
Let your mind and heart rest for a while. You will catch up, the world will not stop spinning for you, but you will catch up. Take a rest.
—  cynthia go // Note to self ( @cynthiatingo )
Pieces // Taehyung

Drabble game request: “It’s getting late.” + Taehyung + fluff/smut + friends with benefit au | for @the95liner

W: Mature contents, implied smut

Word count: 1,568 words

Character: Taehyung x reader

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Being Married to Newt Headcannon

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(A/N:) This is my first headcannon I’m sorry it’s not the best :( 

Being Married to Newt would include:

*-Soft kisses in the morning 
*-Him being slightly nervous whenever you meet any of his creatures
*-But secretly enjoying the way that his creatures are kind of like both of your children

*- Both of you traveling all over the world in search of new creatures to save
*- On your travels you would randomly start to sing and he would always tell you that you’re possibly the best singer in the world

*-But whenever you would encourage him to sing, he’d blush and shake his head furiously, claiming that “my singing could scare someone dear, you do it! your voice is radiating.” 

*- You loving the way your husband enjoyed his work, but sometimes getting frustrated because he could loose sleep over it

*- Sometimes Newt would feel discouraged with his work and it’s up to you to make sure that he realizes how fantastic he and his work really is

*-Sometimes, both you and the creatures would team up to give him a helpful boost. Whether it was kisses from you or kisses from his creatures. 

Do I love beautiful cinnamon roll Izuku? Yes I do. But do I want him to change just that little bit? Absolutely. What do I want him as?

Ultimate Salt Mine Izuku

He still is a beautiful cinnamon roll, don’t get me wrong, but when he reaches that point his sweetness just nopes the fuck out of there and is replaced with endless amounts of salt.

“Do you know where I can get some snacks?”
Izuku, munching on chips and drinking soda, points to a sign: “No idea.”

“Agh! This puddle goes to my knees! Midoriya, pull me out!”
Izuku, already moving towards school: “I think I hear my mom calling.”

“Hey Midoriya, throw me that pencil.”
Izuku, with that pencil two inches away from him: “You have two working legs and a heartbeat, you get it.”

please, salt mine Izuku

Servamp Utopia AU

a.k.a. an AU where everyone is happy since “Utopia” literally means a situation where everything is perfect.

Well, rather than AU, I think it’s more like a semi-AU? The concept of Servamps and Eves is still there and so far, there are only 3 major difference between this AU and the original plot: Licht and Ophelia switch roles, Sakuya’s sister became Tsubaki’s Subclass instead of Sakuya himself, and Mikado never had an affair.

So, Licht is a prince of a kingdom centuries ago, Ophelia is a famous pianist, Sakuya is actually childhood friends with Mahiru, Mikuni’s mother died of a disease, Mikado remarried with Misono’s mother, Mikuni never left the house, and Jeje is welcomed as a part of the family like Lily.

I’ve thought of more details of this AU and hopefully, I’ll be able to write more things about them after final tests are over xD

stylishbutdefinitelyillegal  asked:

Okay for the Jacob chapter, I absolutely adore how protective he is of Newt and I squealed when Jacob made the connection between how Grindelwald saw Credence (our poor baby boy) as nothing more than a weapon and how very, very likely it was for Grindelwald to turn around do the the exact. same. thing. to. Newt and go "Oh Hell no.". I hereby nominate Jacob Kowalski as Head of the Newt Protection Squad.

Newt Protection Squad Roundup:

Jacob Kowalski who is head because he shepherds everyone else into line like a pastry-bearing mother hen, and because the back rooms of his bakery smell like hopes and dreams and have giant cushions strewn haphazardly about around a small wooden table. The table has a cheery yellow-gingham table cloth and an enamel jug full of flowers in the middle, and the flowers have tiny little snidgets sleeping among them. The table also has chairs, old pine-wood chairs with smooth edges and worn seats, but for some reason everyone congregates on the cushions on the floor. There’s a stove in the corner with a copper whistling kettle because Newt must have tea, and there’s a bookcase overflowing with scrawled recipe ideas and half-finished plans (and, tucked away in the top-right corner, a page filled with doodles of a house with a nursery and a garden strewn with toys. Jacob thinks Queenie doesn’t know it’s there, but Queenie knows and it makes her feel all warm and fuzzy inside.)

Queenie Goldstein who runs this shit like a motherfuckin’ amazon warrior, just one that wears pink and smiles when she talks and calls people ‘honey’ as if she couldn’t eat them alive for breakfast. She’s the one who brings the newest threat to the table, most of the time, and she’s the one that gets things done. Even if they’re not particularly legal things, like snooping through records that were confidential, Queenie, what the hell or just so happens to know a person who knows a person who can sneak them round the back to disable Grindelwald’s latest plot despite the fact that those are dark wizards Queenie you can’t go around calling them sweetie and patting them on the cheek and basically, yeah. Jacob calls the shots and Queenie makes them happen, and if it comes down to wands then Queenie listens to Jacob and she fires spells at people she can’t see and ducks curses that Jacob spots and it’s all pretty damn badass. She gets a reputation for having eyes on the back of her head and being friggin impossible to sneak up on, and Queenie just laughs when people scurry away from her in fear.

Tina Goldstein who is the oft-ignored voice of reason and, sometimes, morality. It’s not that she disagrees with Queenie’s results, but really, those records were confidential, and that’s a necromancer that Queenie just waved at, and Tina feels that at least one of them should pretend to follow the laws. On the other hand, Tina is also the practicality and the dedication, the one that knuckles down and works through and gets things like trip-wards put up so they don’t always have to hare in at the last minute. And, when it comes to it, she holds the field and she fires the spells and she tells Jacob where to tell Queenie to go and she’s basically the captain with the battleplans and she gets everyone out and alive. Including whichever improbably creature Newt’s got attached to now, because he’ll be sad otherwise.

Credence Barebone who is the loyal bodyguard, lurking in the shadows like a vengeful demon just waiting to devour people whole. Or for Newt to beckon him forwards to show him a thing, at which point Credence will materialise out of the ether like the over-dramatic little shit that he actually is underneath all that angst, and will obligingly coo over whatever acid-spitting little hellspawn Newt’s found next. It’s not exactly Credence’s fault that most of Newt’s animals are shit-terrified of him and that half of them react to that with teeth, poison barbs, eardrum-splitting shrieks or bubbling gouts of sulphuric hellfire. Newt is determined to find at least one that likes Credence, and if it makes Newt happy then Credence will doggedly keep trying.

Pickett who yodels battle cries at super-sonic pitches and knows forty eight different kinds of karate, just because. You might think he’s small and therefore not scary, but have you ever had a demented twig flying at your face? It’s a surprisingly effective deterrent. Grindelwald, for one, is traumatised.

Seraphina Picquery who sits in her office and thinks fondly of the times before Newt came to New York and random armies of giantass tortoises and crazy fish started attacking her city, but also manages to smooth things over each time so that somehow the no-majs never catch on and somehow the international magical community aren’t banging on their shores with a cease and desist.

… and Percival Graves, what, I love him and I can’t just leave him out. I can’t. I can’t even promise that there won’t be a Gramander subplot going on because one day I might not be paying attention and it might just happen oh no the horror. But seriously tho, all other parts of this fic are gen/eventual Newt/Tina and I shouldn’t really mess with that.

However in an alternate universe where everything is exactly the same except the pairings are free to mess with, Graves will break out and learn about this person who is causing Grindelwald to attack New York every month with increasingly ridiculous and convoluted plans that never work. It’ll start out as him being a bit curious and a lot annoyed - do you know exactly how much paperwork Grindelwald’s schemes generate, and why is Goldstein always mysteriously busy whenever it needs to be done this is a conspiracy - and he’ll be completely underwhelmed at first because what? this? the great and powerful wizard that Grindelwald is hellbent on defeating is currently stuck up a tree with a clabbert because “She had a nightmare, she didn’t want to go back to bed by herself and I accidentally left my wand on my nightstand, but it’s all ok because she’s happy now” and Graves will just. What. This?

But somewhere around the fourth or fifth time he rescues Newt from various trees, window ledges on twenty story buildings (there was a fwooper! I couldn’t leave him!), random giant holes in central park that weren’t there yesterday?? (rock-wyrms, Newt chirps happily, stroking the grotesque creatures under their bulbous, drool-slathered chins, Aren’t they darling?) and on one memorable occasion an over-amorous lady in a speakeasy, Graves starts expecting it. If he hasn’t rescued Newt in the last week he gets twitchy. His Newt-senses start tingling. He ends up on stake-outs outside Newt’s apartment because at some point something dire is going to happen, and Graves may as well be on hand when it does.

Then Newt starts inviting him in, and it’s still a stake out even if Graves is in Newt’s workshop, and it’s still just being time-saving if he helps Newt feed the animals, and it’s still just avoiding more paperwork if he brings Newt back to his place because Graves has better wards than Newt’s crappy apartment does, and really, there’s nothing more to it than being practical when he cooks Newt dinner or walks with him to work in the morning or slips an arm around his shoulders to keep him close when it’s dark out.

And, in this alternate universe that remember won’t happen because I was determined to write a gen fic, Graves will be completely dismissive of anyone that says they’re dating and will be totally confused when he hears people talking about Newt’s boyfriend because what the hell, who dares, why is Goldstein rolling her eyes at me, Newt, Newt what are they talking about -

And Newt’s face will be flaming red by this point and Tina will be cackling in the background and summoning a hotdog because a show this good needs food, and eventually Newt just marches across the room and grabs Graves by both ears and smashes their faces together in the most awkward, painful kiss that Graves has ever experienced.

He’s insulted on behalf of kisses.

So of course, it’s only natural that he shows Newt how it’s done.


softrobertsugden  asked:

claudia!! talk to me about robert being soft with aaron

fiona!! oh my god, yesss!!!

  • Sometimes Robert has a really bad day. Because of an annoying client, because Liv is being frustrating, or Charity, because he just woke up in a bad mood, or because of a combination of all of these options. And by the end of the day, Aaron can tell Robert’s in a mood. Let’s be real, everyone can tell when Rob’s in a mood. But Robert is so guarded, so good at hiding it, and sometimes Aaron is just a little oblivious, and he can never be sure what mood Robert’s in. But Robert is trying. He’s trying to be less guarded, with Aaron at least, to not bottle things up (as much, anyway). So on those days, when they’re finally on their own, in the quiet, dark comfort of their room, Robert will snuggle up to Aaron, rest his head on his shoulder, and bury his nose in the crook of his neck. And Aaron will know. On a normal day, that gets Robert a poke on the ribs and a ‘soft lad’, but when Aaron has seen that something was up, he lets Robert sink down against him, puts his arm around him, kisses his forehead. “You okay?”, “I am now.”

  • One time, Aaron is away for a weekend, because a collection that was too far away for a day trip turned into four or five around the same area. He was scheduled to drive back in the morning, but Adam had made a mistake with the booking, so rather than pay for the extra night, Aaron decides to just drive into the night and get home as soon as possible. He gets home at 3 am, to find Robert asleep in the hoodie he’d been wearing the day before leaving. The one Robert had “put in the laundry basket”. He runs a hand through Robert’s hair, who softly murmurs “Aaron” and smiles, without waking up. Aaron smiles too, leans down to kiss Robert’s forehead. Robert’s smile widens, and he curls into his pillow, sleeping happily.

  • They’re lying in bed, on a lazy Sunday morning, curled around each other. Robert’s head is on Aaron’s chest, and they’re both awake, but in silence. Every so often, Robert plants a kiss on Aaron’s chest, and time just moves around them. “You’re such a soft touch,” Aaron says after a while. He wraps his arms around Robert, and pokes at his side. “You feel soft, too.” 
    “Hey, I look damn fit. Especially considering I can eat what I want.”
    “You definitely look like you eat what you want,” Aaron says through a smile. There’s no heat in it, winding Rob up is fun.
    Robert huffs against him, and goes quiet. After he stays quiet, Aaron knows he’s put his foot in it. “Rob, you know I was just messing, yeah? Besides, you could have to roll down up and down the stairs to get around and I’d still love you. You know that?”
    “Really?” It’s barely a whisper, Aaron feels it against his chest more than hears it.
    He pushes his hand through Robert’s hair, “I’ve had plenty of actual reasons to do a runner and I’m still here, aren’t I?” Robert huffs against his chest again, but he’s not sulking anymore.
    “I just thought… That bit I couldn’t fuck up, you know? I’ve put my foot in it so many times, I just..”
    “I’m still here yeah?”
    Robert doesn’t reply, just curls himself around Aaron even more, holding on to him like he’s sure he’ll slip away if he loosens his grip. Aaron feels the tears wet his chest. Draws circles on Rob’s back. “Soft lad…”
A Selfish Love: how booklr has influenced me.

4 years ago I was running a messy personal blog, forgetting about tumblr for weeks at a time, hoarding pretty quotes and photos but getting little value from the hours spent scrolling. Then, there was thebooker. Becki has left booklr now for a new chapter in her life but I’m one of dozens of people she inspired to jump into this community. I owe her a huge debt of gratitude.

A few months passed sporadically returning to my personal blog but I realized what kept me coming back were all the book blogs I had followed. So I created a new account, grabbed this url and didn’t look back. I love being here. I could probably write a novel on how booklr has influenced me. And, if we skim over how it turned my TBR pile into a bookcase and my bank balance to zero, it’s all been good.

In the most selfish way, booklr has given me confidence, made me feel valued. I have a tag full of praise that cheers me up on the bad days. I’ve taken photos and written posts that hundreds of people wanted to share - that’s incredible to me. I am humbled. And among the followers and likes and reblogs, being a reader went from quirky hobby to core part of my identity. I realized that I find happiness in making creative posts and doing things like this that connect readers and bring a little happiness to a handful of people.

I’m a sap, but I genuinely love this community in a selfish, validating, nourishing way. That’s all.

anonymous asked:

Also I wonder how many different worlds there are since we saw samurai world and if we will see more worlds next season because there is still so much to resolve in Westworld.

Definitely more than one! Besides the samurais we saw, when Felix gave the note to Maeve, it’s written that her daughter it’s in “Park 1″. There is in the movie 3 different parks: a western, a medieval and an ancient Rome one. I don’t think they will explore different worlds in the next season - because they have so many things to resolve in Westworld already -, but maybe in another season in the future.

Things Neil loves about Andrew:

  • His hands. The way they’re strong enough to protect him and steady enough to keep him from falling apart. They’re calloused and rough and bruised but so undeniably Andrew 
  • His face. The high cheekbones and harsh jawline that Neil can stare at in fascination for hours, the way light hits it and makes Andrew glow. When they’re only inches apart his entire face flushes uncontrollably and Neil loves kissing the pink until it fades.
  • His chest. How it’s defined and muscled, sometimes bruised but never scarred. Little constellations of barely-there freckles cover Andrew’s broad shoulders and a layer of fat lines his abs. On some nights, Andrew will pull off his shirt and guide Neil’s hands over his torso, the unspoken I trust you between them.
  • His hair. It’s fine and turns golden in the right light and the feel of it between Neil’s fingers is like coming home.

Things Andrew loves appreciates about Neil:

  • His smile. How it lights up the whole room, how it makes Andrew’s heart beat a little faster, how it’s soft and beautiful and how it’s been appearing much more frequently. How it’s the one thing Neil can’t stop doing whenever Andrew tells him to.
  • His legs. They’re muscled and lean and there’s always a mix of bruising on them. Sometimes Andrew can’t tear his eyes away from them, and sometimes he wants to break them because goddammit, Neil, is it that hard to remember to bring your phone when you’re running? When they’re around Andrew’s waist, tangled with his own, or even just pressed up against his thighs, Andrew feels like he’s flying instead of falling.
  • His fingers. The way they’re knobbly and calloused but free of the scarring and burns that run over Neil’s knuckles. They touch him like he’s something precious and never fail to wait for permission first.
  • His lips. They’re rough but pliable against Andrew’s own, perfect for kissing. Neil acts like every kiss is something new and lately they’ve been feeling less and less like something Andrew could lose.

happy birthday to my baby boy, Yoda, whos always there for emotional support when im stressing about deadlines and trying to write cool shit