i'm worried for judy


Bonus from Judy Murray, Andy’s mom :

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Glasses part three | New recruits
  • Nick and Judy are walking down the stairs at the precinct
  • Nick: Any plans this weekend Carrots?
  • Judy: ooh I'm not sure, what are you doing? Maybe I could tag along
  • Nick: Well I was just gonna stay at my place and have a couple of drinks
  • Judy: Oh umm ok
  • Nick: But for you maybe we could go out and grab a bite to eat?
  • Judy: sure I'd like that
  • Other officers were walking up the stairs so the fox and the rabbit now had to walk single filed
  • Nick: After you m'lady
  • Judy: Why thank you
  • Judy walked down and Nick followed. The rabbit eventually got to the lobby then heard a massive crash
  • Judy: NICK?!
  • She turned around to see nick lying across the stairs
  • She ran over to him picking up his glasses
  • Judy: oh no
  • Nick: don't worry Carrots I'm fine
  • Judy: you're glasses are broken
  • Nick: nice to see you care more about those stupid glasses then me the worlds most lovable fox
  • Judy: I'm sorry Nick it's just you looked so good in them, like really good and -
  • Nick: ok Judy I get the picture
  • Judy paused
  • Judy: I'm sorry
  • Nick: well don't you think I'm good without them?
  • Judy: of course
  • Judy kisses Nick
  • Nick: you sly bunny
  • Judy: dumb fox
  • The two continued to kiss with nick lying across the stairs and Judy on top of him. Bogo walked across the lobby noticing the two love birds
  • Bogo: Get a room. I pay you to work not to make out
  • Bogo: It's 9 AM. Why is no one working?
  • Nick: Judy Hopps is a few minutes late and we're all trying to guess why.
  • Bogo: ...Well I could play. I'd say she's in line at the bank. This is fun.
  • *Judy runs in*
  • Nick: *overdramatic* There she is. Judy, where have you been!? We've been worried sick. You care to explain yourself!?
  • Judy: I'm just 70 seconds late. It's not a big deal. Don't worry about it.
  • Bogo: Hopps you will tell us and you will tell us now.
  • Judy: ...There was a problem at the bank.
  • Bogo: Hot damn!
  • Other Zootopia fans: What do the Predators eat? This is really confusing me!
  • Me: Since there are no humans, does that mean that animals who had been evolved through selective breeding, like dogs, not exists? Or are there like fractions of animals who practice eugenics?
  • Me: Where do the fabrics and milk products come from? Do farm animals, like cows and sheep, sell their bodies in some sort of weird industry?
  • Me: Are whales, and other sea mammals also sentient and evolved? Do we get to see seals in the future?