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The makeshift radio station operating from Remus Lupin’s old haunt in a creepy little village north of wizarding Manchester had become Lee Jordan’s home in the last months since the war had begun in earnest. He loved it, being a hub of information and light in a dark world, and was damn good at it. 

Each night, he read his cast into the microphone, with Fred coordinating the guests and George standing at the switchboard shooting defense spells at the green lights occasionally when someone tired to intercept the program. 

Tonight, though, when he signed off, telling his ever-growing body of Potterwatch listeners the password for next week (Orion) - George was grinning ear to …well, grinning anyway. 

“Guess how many people listened tonight,” he said, looking at Fred with a glint in his eye before focusing back on Lee. 

“Dunno. Are we back down to twelve hundred?” Lee asked, running his hand over the back of his neck, like he always did when preparing for news he didn’t want to hear. 

Two thousand,” George answered instead. “Two thousand listeners. Well done, Lee.” 

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Wants and Needs

Fandom Writing Challenge | flowercrownyuri (prev. xaltaen)
Fandom: Yuri on Ice
Pairing: Victuuri 
Prompt: Ice Cream
Word Count: 765
Summary: Yuuri’s post-retirement gig as a figure skating coach isn’t always easy. Luckily, Victor knows exactly how to cheer Yuuri up. 


Retirement from skating will be easy, they said. It’s the best, they said.

Sure it is, Yuuri sarcastically thinks to himself as he collapses against his apartment door, body slumping to the floor. A piercing headache pounds behind his temples and he wants nothing more than to just lay down and sleep for a thousand years, forget that this entire day, no, week has ever happened.

He sighs as he leans against the doorway. He really shouldn’t be surprised his week is rough. This is what he signed up for when he retired last year and took up coaching at Ice Castle, but it’s hard to enjoy his work when he can’t go a day without an overbearing parent in his face, demanding to know why their child came back from practice bruised or why their kid isn’t excelling in figure skating. Yuuri tries to placate their complaints, explain that bruises happen when you’re learning a new jump, and that not everyone is cut out to be the next Evgeni Plushenko, but all he ever gets is long, rambling rants about how he’s somehow responsible for everything wrong in the world. It’s incredibly frustrating.

Regardless, he knows he shouldn’t be complaining too much. Besides a few overwhelming parents, his post retirement life has been everything he’s ever wanted. The juniors he coaches are talented beyond their years, and he has no doubt that some, if not all, of them will move on to great things one day. He has a small apartment in Hatsetsu overlooking the ocean, a stable income, a golden wedding ring on his finger. He has sleepy mornings in bed, a newly adopted toy poodle curled up by his feet, and–

“Yuuri? Is that you?”

Victor. He has Victor, too.

“By the door!” Yuuri calls out warily, letting his eyes glance towards the sound of footsteps.

Victor appears around the corner, looking devastatingly handsome in that black, pinstriped suit he always wears to his commentating events. His hair is falling slightly in his eyes and his lips are curled up into a slight smile, arms crossed over his middle.

Yuuri’s mouth goes dry.

“Rough day?” Victor asks.

Yuuri manages to nod. “Like you wouldn’t believe.”

Victor looks him up and down for a moment before his face lights up. “Then I know exactly what you need. Wait here!” he calls, then disappears in the direction of the kitchen.

“Victor? What are you doing?” he questions.

“Hold on!” Victor calls back.

Yuuri leans back and waits for Victor to return. He can only imagine what his husband is coming up with, and when a long bang rings out from kitchen, Yuuri cringes.

“Are you okay?” Yuuri asks.

“Arg, stupid,” he can hear Victor mutter to himself, followed by a few more clicks and clangs. He’s almost about to go see what all the noise is about, but before he gets a chance Victor appears in the doorway, a gallon of ice cream and two spoons perched between his fingers.

Yuuri feels affection bloom inside of him. “Mint chocolate chip?”

Victor smiles as he walks over and sits down next to Yuuri. “Of course. It’s your favorite.” He pops off the ice cream top and offers a spoon to Yuuri, who graciously accepts. “A perfect solution to a bad day.”

Yuuri scoops a spoonful of ice cream from the tub and eats it. The cool mint feels heavenly against his tongue, and the bursts of chocolate are a perfect compliment. He smiles as the coldness seeps down his throat, making his entire body shiver.

“Good, isn’t it?” Victor asks while he drapes an arm around Yuuri’s waist, pulling him close.

Yuuri leans into Victor’s space and kisses his lips in response. “It’s perfect. Thank you.”

Victor laughs and closes his eyes. “Anything for you, love. Anything for you.”

They spend the rest of the evening eating ice cream and talking about their days. Yuuri listens intently as Victor goes on about one of his fellow commentators who can’t seem to talk about anything but himself, and Yuuri responds by venting about one mother who yelled at him for five minutes because her son fell while attempting a jump. They laugh and complain and eat ice cream until the sun sets and yawns intermix with their words, then crawl into bed together, curled up against each other’s sides as sleep overtakes them.

Yuuri smiles as his eyes close, thinking about how lucky he is to have Victor by his side, now and forevermore.

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Also, I think right now my biggest hurdle as a writer is that I keep coming up with conceptually cool ideas and being too intimidated to actually write them out. I think I need to stop going to into projects with a goal of how I want them to turn out, because that’s always worked better for me, but also I have all these really cool ideas that I want to try. Finding the balance there is hard.

What to Do if Witchcraft Drains You

Witchcraft requires summoning and manipulating energy. It takes a lot of work. As a result, sometimes spellwork can end up tiring people mentally, emotionally, or physically. If you find yourself drained after a spell, you can do many things:

  1. Eat something sugary, carbs, or fruit. This runs along the same vein as a nurse advising you to eat sugar after drawing blood: The sugar will reenergize you.
  2. Drink tea or water. Stay hydrated! even when not casting spells. In general, oolongs, blacks, and fruity teas can help energize you, whereas green teas and herbals (especially lavender, chamomile, mints and rose) can relax you.
  3. Light your favorite incense or candle. Frankincense, sage, cedar, dragon’s blood, patchouli, cinnamon, pine, and sandalwood are good cleansing and promoting positive energy. Or, light your favorite scent–it’ll automatically calm and re-energize you.
  4. Carry a stone with you. Amethyst, citrine, obsidian, rose quartz, lapis lazuli, jade, and hematite are good considerations for re-energizing and healing spiritual energy. 
  5. …or, carry another special item with you! If you have a special pendant, prayer beads, necklace or other item that means a lot to you and comforts you, it can help restore your energy just by being in your presence.
  6. Take a bath or shower
  7. Take a walk out in nature. Even though you may not feel like working out, exercising can actually energize you rather than deplete you. You can absorb nature’s energies to replenish yours, too.
  8. Take a nap, or get a good night’s sleep. If you want an extra boost, place a healing stone under your pillow to recharge you while you sleep.
  9. Watch a funny movie or video, or read a good book. It’ll relax you, take your mind off your drained feeling, and correct any “off” feelings you may have.
  10. Work on something else that requires minimal energy. This could be crafting, knitting, watering your plants, or even doing your homework. Getting back into the groove of things will help reset your energy and stabilize you for daily life.
  11. Friends! If calling a friend or socializing will relax you, go for it! It’ll make you happier, too.

I hope you may rest well, take care of yourself and have a blessed path! (◕‿◕✿) Sincerely, a witch who’s exhausted after performing spells for four hours.

my friend: Why do you think Lance asked Keith, “Is the princess ‘with you’ with you?”

me internally: In animation, every action, every line of dialogue, every scene is planned out and has a purpose. You can’t just add a scene without it meaning something later on, or else it would be a waste. It has already been established that Allura is not interested in Lance, and in season 2 Lance really doesn’t pay her that much romantic attention. In fact, most of the romantic tropes used in animation and entertainment, in general, are used with Lance and Keith. And throughout the seasons they have hinted at Lance and Keith’s bond with their ‘rivalry’ and then making a good team and then being the two colors that make purple, which is a prominent color in the show. Lance’s “’with you’ with you?” line wouldn’t really make sense if he was asking if Allura was dating Keith because at this point he wouldn’t care about Allura being with someone, but it would make sense if Lance was subtly asking if Keith was single because he has a crush on Keith.  Lance’s interest in Keith has been stated to have begun at the Garrison, and he is constantly inserting himself between Keith and others and always trying to get Keith’s attention somehow. This and the fact that a storyline about Lance’s insecurity may hint as him feeling as if he is insecure not only in his abilities as part of the team, but confusion about his sexuality and insecurity about crushing on someone who he sees as one of the most talented people he’s ever known. Therefore, asking if Keith is dating Allura is a sign of his interest in Keith and a subtle hint at their future storyline(s)/interactions and Lance’s own storyline.

me externally: lol who knows

A long while back, I started this piece while having Geronimo on loop. Only just now decided to finish it up! I honestly thought there would be more of a re-haul on this but I guess my coloring process wasn’t as complicated as I thought

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