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Does anybody ever start dancing to the cafe playlist while working? I'm SURE Lance has done it once or twice.

Hunk: He can hold of during work for the most part. When there are no customers or when we are cleaning up though he works the slowest cause He keeps dancing.

Lance: When you gotta groove you gotta move!

Pidge: Keith is the second slowest cleaning up… for reasons.

A.N. I’ll leave it up to you guys as to what he was dancing to.

ARTISTS BEWARE [the short version]

it was suggested to me that i ought to make a short version of this post for convenient reblogging. please read the original post original post or check my geekycomtv tag if that link is broken.

Avoid collaborations with dubious monetized YouTube channel GeekyComTV

I’ve held my tongue about this channel for almost a month and I can’t frickin’ do it anymore. This is a call out post.

To make a long story short, this user has been posting videos for over a year now, using miraculous art. Although in some cases he has asked permission to repost, he began monetizing [making money off of] his videos at some point without notifying any of the artists.

None of the artists agreed to monetization.

@maristoryart is only one of many artists that reported him upon finding the monetization, but for some reason, Geeky has focused on her as the reason his channel is being reported [for a second time at least, since this isn’t the first account he has lost]…

GeekyComTV’s creator has resorted to blackmail, to defamation, to actual threats, and finally to identity theft, in an attempt to bully mari and others into complying with his wishes.

It’s gross and it is NOT okay.

[^^^ just 20 of the 200+ videos being monetized]

[WHY? part 2: the long version]
And now the entire thing. Strap in and get ready to get real damn mad…

          [read more]

YuuMika Holidays: DAY 5 - Fun in the Snow ✨ 

And this is the part where i cry bc i couldn’t participate all days (ノ ▽ ;。)

Dark god AU Part 1

Lincoln couldn’t believe his facking eyes.

Like a scene straight out of a movie, the moment he was summoned, the world seemed to get darker. They were just standing on a rocky cliff, the sun high above them as gentle ocean waves crashed against the rocky shore below. Now, grey and heavy storm clouds rolled out of nowhere and blanketed the sky, hiding the sun and threatening to send a cascade of rain atop their heads. The once gentle ocean now churned and crashed against the cliff side so hard, Lincoln was sure that it was trying to bring the entire rock face and them with it down to the bottom of the sea. Somewhere along the sea horizon, thunder rolled.

And there he was. Standing tall and menacing before them, surrounded by a thick, neon green mist that circled around his calves. His eyes piercing the dark like two cursed emeralds, dangerous and threatening, and even though all his instincts told him to look away and bolt like a wee barra into his mother’s skirts, Lincoln couldn’t help but stare back into them.

He was staring into the eyes of a god. The god. The god he had been warned to never be in contact with. The god that had more rumors spread about him than legends. The god that even the other gods, his own father included, never talked about.

The god that had been lost for generations, was standing right before his very eyes. Glowing, practically overflowing with unused ancient energy that seemed to course and surge around him like green venomous lightning.

All because some fourteen year old girl called him a Seaweed Brain.

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Kara doesn’t have to do anything to keep herself in shape because the solar radiation keeps her strong, but she still likes to work out to tone her body (Kara secretly loves it when people admire her physique). One day she and Lena are scheduled to have lunch, but she’ll feel so much more confident if she works out first! So she works out and finishes her routine with hanging sit-ups in the main area of her apartment when the door suddenly opens

And then there’s Lena, speechless at the sight of a sweaty, ponytailed, upside down Kara clad only in a sports bra and athletic shorts; Kara is equally speechless as she’s mid-sit up and wide-eyed, not expecting Lena for another hour. And as they are both frozen in place, Kara realizes she told Lena 1:00pm instead of 2:00pm like she meant to and of course she would walk in without knocking, Kara’s apartment is a second comforting home to Lena, except oh my god it is so not comfortable now, in fact Lena has a very particular feeling of discomfort in a very particular part of her body because Kara’s toned body half naked and sweaty in front of her is her own personal fantasy


Photoset 1/3 - some solo pics of my Deku cosplay at Anime Friends (Brazil)! This is my second cosplay and first time I ever cut/dye/style a wig. I’m not completely happy yet and plan to work on a new one, but this was okay enough. I’ll post more pics soon!

update: part 2 & 3!

When Everything’s Made to be Broken (I Just Want You to Know Who I Am) Part 46

Hey, look what I finally got to do!!  No lie, it felt like a great big hug when I finally got to sit and write.  I have a paper due in 10 hours and 5 minutes that I haven’t started?  What?  I don’t know what you’re talking about, ha ha ha…

Plot:  When you inadvertently become a witness to a murder and are suddenly a target for death, it takes a specially skilled soldier and his team to keep you and your family safe.

This will eventually be a is a reader x Bucky fic. The reader, by the way, is a civilian. No super powers, no fighting skills, and by no means perfect.  

Word count: 3081


For the entire work:  Language (I have a potty mouth), violence, and angst.  This will probably get pretty dark later on, and there will be smut.  If that’s not your thing, you may want to avoid this story.

Additional warnings specific to this part: Mentions of guns, violence, death,panic/anxiety, and injury    If I need to add anything else, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.  If you don’t want me to publish the ask, I won’t, or you can feel free to do it as a Nonnie.  I will not take offense to any trigger warning requests.   Your well-being is important to me and I do NOT want to trigger anyone.

***I do not own any of the lyrics/music in this story, so please don’t sue me for using them***

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WEMtbB Masterlist

Previously on WEMtbB:

“I’m sorry,” he mumbles when he reluctantly breaks the kiss, pressing his forehead to yours.  “I know this isn’t the time or place, I just needed to feel you, to convince myself that I’m really here with you.”

You huff a quiet laugh in response as your fingers caress his scruff. “Don’t be, I was just thinking the exact same thing.“

You each hold the other, taking the opportunity to breathe each other in. Like all good things, it can’t last nearly long enough.  

Bucky pulls away, but remains close enough to maintain bodily contact.  “I need to check in with Stark, Sweetheart.  We’re getting you out of here tonight.”

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Make Me a Wish, Dear Dragon - (1/2)
By Organization for Transformative Works

Genji was born a dragon. A monster of an ancient time, a familiar without a place amongst humans and magus.
Few can survive his magic and even fewer can use it, always sought after by those who believe they can achieve greatness with him by their side. But a monster can only rise alongside a god.  

And in a world of humans, there is no room for deities.

Gency Week, day 6 - Dragon!

Previous and next of the week!

I’ve had this idea for so long, but never really got around to writing it and when I finally did, I rewrote it a couple of times before I got the feeling right. I also lost my confidence halfway through and entered a really strange state of writer’s block, where I could write but it didn’t feel like my writing. So that was fun. Still! I managed to finish this and I’m finally happy with the result! :)

I decided to divide it into two parts, because of its length.

Unlike the other long gency stories I’ve written, this one focuses mainly on Genji and doesn’t perhaps have a lot of the fairytale vibe. It’s a bit longer than my other stories, but it’s fun to experiment with lengths and such.

Please enjoy!

fucking feelings

“Please marry me.”

Snowy narrows his eyes but doesn’t answer.


Oh, for fuck’s sake. “What do you want now?”

“I’m say what I want,” Tater says. He’s a big shirtless basset hound in this bed, and Snowy wishes he had a bone or a chew toy to give him. “I want you marry me.”

“Right. Of course you do.” Snowy rolls over onto his other side.

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  • Acnologia: Ok so Zeref got a lot of information on his backstory and motivation. When am I gonna get my part? I'm the second most important antagonist.
  • Mashima: Ehhh... I'm not gonna put your backstory in the manga.
  • Acnologia: ...pardon?
  • Mashima: Yeah, I can't really make it work...
  • Acnologia: Can't you just... have me mention it in my final fight or something?
  • Mashima: Noo... you see, I'm gonna put your motivation in this new movie we're making
  • Acnologia: Oh cool. So like it's gonna play a big role in the plot of the movie?
  • Mashima: Well, kinda but not really we're only showing it a post-credits scene
  • Acnologia: What? That's bullshit! Ugh, I hope it's at least a good one..
  • Mashima: Ok so let me give you a run-down: You arrive at what's later going to be called Crocus and you see a litte girl being attacked by dragons. It looks like she died but she isn't really dead. And then you decide to start killing all the dragons.
  • Acnologia: What? I was fighting in a war, I probably saw hundreds of little children get injured or actually die! This doesn't make any sense. Why couldn't I have started killing dragons because of, i don't know, a flawed ideology or the belief that all dragons have the potential to be evil. Or just plain revenge for my probably dead parents?
  • Mashima: Nah, little girl it is. Btw the movie is just a cheap rehash of that other movie except there's more ship pandering in it.
  • Acnologia: ......Suddenly that time-lapse doesn't seem like such a bad place after all...
Martin Wallström on working w/ Rami Malek

The gay continues! Since y’all wanted more, here’s the second part where Martin pretty much swoons over Rami lol. He speaks with such adoration in his voice. I’m deceased.

Karsten: How’s Rami like, then? Who plays Elliot, the main character we get to follow in this hacker thriller. He’s sort of appeared out of nowhere, too, and now everybody seems to know who he is. How does your relationship look like? You work pretty closely, right?

Exactly! Actually, in the first season we kind of kept our distance from each other, and it did some good. Having that sort of distance worked out pretty well.** Now, for season two I think we’ve let that go for a bit and… he’s… such a role model for us all. He’s so… generous, and he’s… of course, a very good actor, and… he’s just so damn good to work with. He remembers the names of everyone on set, always gives his all without complaining, it’s like… it’s just too good to be true.

♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥

**before y’all start despairing, they kept their distance from each other on purpose to maintain a real tension for the actual scenes they did together. Much like Bill Skarsgård did with the IT kids.

Steven Universe but only when Lars is on screen
Every frame has Lars on it, unless he's talking when the frame leaves him, then it's only off of him until he finishes talking. *LARS SEASON STATS* Season 1 ...

Idk why I spent a good couple days making this, but I loved seeing Lars develop into who he is now, and this video showcases it sorta?? I love Lars and it was sad to see that he only got 30 seconds of screen time in S2, and like 7 minutes in S3, compared to like 30 minutes in S1.  I kinda wanna do another character now but I’m not sure who yet.

A promise once broken

There is a bit of dark Doctor here. Sorry. Really bad in every sense but forgive me. This is simply something i made up as i went along.

You had been travelling with the Doctor for a long time now, and cared very deeply for him. He seemed to be an amazing man. Even through all of the pain and horror of the war and even things before that and after. Losing all of his friends, one by one. You had promised him and yourself you would never leave him. He had gone through so much and sometimes all someone like him needed was a friend. You were of course devastated by Donna’s leaving, but you were more than willing to put your own problems aside for the Doctor, something you were sure few had ever done.

Recently though you couldn’t help but notice him seem to change. You had seen what Martha’s leaving did to him, but this was different. It didn’t feel like simply grieving to you. He just didn’t seem himself. And that was meant in the worst way possible. You had known he had a dark side, of course he did, he fought a war, but you had never expected it to ever see the light of day. Then, of course, there didn’t seem to be any light since Donna had left. Not for the two of you at least.

You watched him with wide eyes as he turned to make his way back to the base.

“Doctor?” You called uncertainly. He didn’t respond. You moved quickly to catch up to him and keep up all the way back. You should have known the two of you should’ve left earlier. This didn’t look good. Your fears were being confirmed as he seemed to ignore you back to the base and started barking out orders to everyone inside. You watched from the side, noticing with a frown that he gave everyone a job to do but left you out. You resigned yourself to watching him as he worked, trying desperately to collect your thoughts on what was going on with him and, not the least of which, how to help him. How to save your mad man from himself.

When Adelaide brought up the future and what had to happen, you had thought it might get through to him. One glance at his expression told you otherwise.

“Yes, because there are laws, the laws of time. Once upon a time there were people in charge of those laws, but they died. They all died. Do you know who that leaves? Me!”

You flinched as his voice became louder, finding yourself backing further into the corner where you stood, suddenly for the first time afraid of the man who had vowed to protect you.

“It’s taken me all these years to realize the laws of time are mine and they will obey me!”


The base shuddered and it took you a moment to realize it was you who had spoken.

“No, Doctor it doesn’t work that way. Why do you think those laws existed in the first place if they weren’t important. Laws do not obey, Doctor, no matter how hard you try, people do! That is how it’s supposed to work!”

“How would you know?!” He screamed suddenly. You knew you would’ve flinched and most certainly have fallen silent at that had you not been already too far gone. Like him. “You have no idea, (Y/N)! You’re just a human! Simple as that! You’re understanding doesn’t even reach far enough to know what you’re talking about right now! You’re simply someone i made the mistake to think could tag along!”

You felt anger boil under your skin at his words but decided with what little good judgement you were using to forget the personal stabs he was taking.

“I may not know the laws Doctor, but i know the universe has been just fine with someone around to follow them! I know you’ve been there to save the universe from countless others who said the same thing you’re saying right now! The laws are in your hands Doctor, but not for you to throw them away! How can you not see what you’re doing right now? How can you not understand you have to stop!”

“I don’t have to” His voice suddenly seemed calm, his anger reigned in below the surface. This, you knew, was when he was his most dangerous. You had never dreaming it would be directed at you. “I don’t have to do anything you say (Y/N). I never did. Because in this universe, I am everything”

The Doctor seemed to have had enough and stepped forward suddenly, standing inches from you so you had to look up to see him properly. His old and usually soft and loving eyes burned with something much different. Anger, no, rage, stared back at you in it’s purest form through his eyes. You suddenly found he was terrifying but you weren’t going to go that far just to back down now. You simply stared up at him defiantly, preparing yourself for whatever you could imagine him saying next. 

But you could never have expected what was to come.

“And you are nothing”

His words were barely a whisper but the impact of them spoken so close made them louder than anything you’d ever heard in your life. Everything seemed to stop, even as he turned his back on you and left to return to what he was doing. The exact thing you were warning him about. You felt tears sting your eyes as you stumbled back into the wall behind you. You ignored the brief worried glances of the few others in the base as they hurried about, following the Doctor’s orders.

You are nothing

The second you stepped foot in the TARDIS you had stumbled your way to your room, even as you were being flown out of an explosion. You knew what you had to do. If that’s what the Doctor really thought of you, he shouldn’t really care if you left. If anything, it should provide the kind of wake up call you had always depended on Donna to give him before. You quickly threw some of the things you had brought with you into a bag and looked around your room sadly.

You were going to miss this place, and you were going to miss him. But that was the problem. You weren’t leaving him, not really. He was already gone.

You left the rest behind, taking your small bag with you as you headed right for the console room. You sat on the jump seat, waiting for the Doctor to return to tell him to take you home. He walked in eventually and by that time you were sitting with your hands in your lap, your bag beside you and your eyes focused on your shoes. You saw him from the corner of your eye move to the console silently. He stopped and you waited another moment before speaking, taking notice of the fact that he obviously hadn’t looked at you.

“Take me home”

You saw his head move quickly as he fixed his eyes on you, but you kept yours firmly down.

“What…” It was barely a whisper.

“I said, take me home” You looked up then. “I mean, you don’t mind do you? After all, I’m nothing” He looked so different from before, the sadness and almost horror in his gaze threatened to make you stay. It looked like him again.

“(Y/N)…” His tone was soft, pleading even.

“No” You stopped him. “Take me home Doctor, i can’t do this” You returned to staring at your shoes and he said nothing for a moment.

“You said you’d never leave me”

His voice was barely a whisper but it echoes around the all but empty TARDIS, soon to be emptier.

“So did you” You retorted, somehow finding the strength to look him in the eyes. “But you have, Doctor. This isn’t you. You’ve changed. The Doctor i knew is gone. The Doctor I made my promise to, wanted to travel with for the rest of my life, is not here. And I’ve made a different decision for this one” You weren’t sure how you managed to get that much out without breaking down, but you weren’t about to crack now. “So, please, take me home”

The Doctor gave a solemn nod, moving slowly around the console as he piloted the TARDIS back to your time. He said nothing when you landed, tucking his hands in his pockets and staring at the base of the console. You sat there a moment before standing, still finding the whole situation too surreal. You looked up at him one last time.

“I thought i finally had you figured out” You said quietly. He didn’t react. “I never wanted to do this. But the Doctor who saved my life that quiet night in Cardiff isn’t the same man i saw today” You took a deep breath before continuing, the words you’d wanted to say for so long coming out so wrong in this situation. “The Doctor i love is gone” He looked up at you then, mouth open slightly and his eyes full of hundreds of years of sadness and tears.

You knew if you waited any longer you could cave and decide to stay, which was just about the worst thing to ever happen in this circumstance. Or so you reasoned.

Without another word you turned to the TARDIS doors and left them for the last time. You closed your eyes as you heard the door creak shut behind you. Composing yourself best you could, you walked away and into your dark and empty apartment, a single bag in hand. You heard the TARDIS dematerialize minutes later as you sat under the window in your still dark living room. Silent tears were running down your face as you sat there. But you didn’t care about what he had said to you, or even much so about leaving.

You cared that you had promised to save him. And you had failed.

P.S There will be a part two, if significantly smaller, at least, i think. I can never stop writing once i start, short stories never worked out well for me. Anyway, i am so sorry for this. Still no idea what it really is.

P.P.S The second part is very much fluffier and has a happy sort of ending

P.P.P.S still sorry

Imagine finals week with Jungkook
  • Him bringing you coffee to help you study
  • Him reminding you not to pull all-nighters and get plenty of sleep

  • You reminding him of the same thing
  • Eating ramun together at midnight

  • Him sending you encouraging texts before each final with things like 
  • “You can do it!!” and “I believe in you, babe!” 

  • And this:

A/N so it’s finals week at my college, and I thought I’d do this! Good luck to everyone on their finals, you can do it!