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Just saw the Annecy animation festival is having a Disney Channel conference thingy, will any of you be there? I'm psyched for DuckTales and would love that! In an unrelated point thank you for your Wander work, it's one of my all-time favorite shows.

The crew themselves are all too busy making S1 to head to Annecy this year, but there will be a special something cool presented there.

And thanks for the Wander love. It was one of the great joys of my life and gone too soon.

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Shafic headcanons

I’m guessing you mean shagic? I understand you pain the g and f key are too damn close

  • Their first kiss was a cover. Shadowman brought Jester along on one of his missions pre-apocalypse to break into a concert what devils. To avoid a security guard they pulled a Back Widow and kissed. Jester was psyched that it actually worked but Shadowman was busy dealing with many revelations.
  • Didn’t exactly Share a room when they first lived in the palace but thy took opposite quarters and Shadowman spent more time in Jester’s that most people thought that he didn’t have his own. Jester liked drawing on the palace walls but Shadow wasn’t a fan since Jester drew him and forced him to sit still for ages even though Jester could easily draw him from memory
  • Shadowman didn’t invent the nickname “Jester” but is the court jester joke goldmine. Once he spent 3 hours looking for a court jester costume to mock Jester with and it was worth it. 
  • David obviously wanted to know about he mysterious cloaked boy who came and went when he pleased with out consulting him even though he was the leader dammit!!11 He asked Jester to tell him everything and boy did he regret it as Jester got super sidetracked. It took David 3 whiny diary entries to realise that he could actually use Jester’s attachment to the edgelord.
  • #1 palace rumour is how they got together/are they together. Everyone has a different story more ridiculous than the last. Franny thinks that Shadowman and Jester broke up but Shadow isn’t over Jester so he keeps returning. Rose thinks Shadowman killed a whole horde of strangers the first time they meet and Jester offers his love and shelter to pay him back (she reads a lot of romance novels okay). Pod thinks they’re straight, the least popular theory.
  • Jester is not above playing the middle name card. “DYLAN LLOYD PEAKE!!!” has bee screeched many times.
  • Anytime anyone asks Shadow what his and Jester’s deal is he looks off into the distance and grumbles “We have…history…” like they’re meant to join in on an angsty flashback.
  • Shadowman is canonically a football fan pre-the enemy so he used to drag Jester round sports shops and in return he got taken to Hobbycraft and the Range more times than he’d like to admit.
  • Shadow left some of his clothes at the palace and Jester couldn’t help stealing a t-shirt that Shadow had before. He cut out a heart and sewed it on the inside of his coat so nobody knew it was there apart from a heart shape. 

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Hi! I love aus and you may have already answered this.. If so I'm sorry for asking. >_< I love your blog! But I was wondering what's "brave uncle Thorin au?"


it’s based on one of currently-into’s text posts (AND they drew art for it!) and me and my co-conspirator thea have sort of gone with it and came up with this world war AU where kid!fili and kili are sent to live in the british countryside to protect them from the war (a common practice) and they end up with bilbo

and thorin is obviously a soldier and the boys tell bilbo about their ‘brave uncle thorin’, hence the name, and exchange letters with thorin and at first thorin is really worried all ‘ARE YOU BEING FED PROPERLY ARE U OK’ up to the point that bilbo starts writing him little addendums too to stop worrying for christ’s sakes and there are dried flowers (sent by bilbo and the boys and carried in thorin’s locket alongside the pictures of his family) and acorns and stuff involved and yeah it’s not a PURELY epistolar fic but it’ll have a lot of that, and obviously at one point thorin is going to show up to collect his nephews……