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When in Doubt: Do the Exact Opposite of What Mikael would Do. A parenting guide by Klaus Mikaelson. 

  • Ily: I love you
  • Ilysm: I love you so much
  • Hlit: However long it takes.
  • DcihoitpylmtbyfimntiefpatctyvcidlfttyipshlitYK: Dearest Caroline, I have often imagined the paths your life might take, but your chosen future is more noble than I ever fathomed. Please accept this contribution to your virtuous cause. I do look forward to thanking you in person, someday… However long it takes. Yours, Klaus.

the character is not the va!!! you can like the character and not like the va.
the va is not the character!!! you can like the va and not like the character.
remember: voice actors don’t embody the character, and (like the fandom itself) don’t have a say in where the show goes.


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    oh wonder, without you’ 
do you know that i’ve been closing my eyes? love me slow, hallucinating. i’ve been chasing my mind, lonely in the cold nights. and i’m digging down holes without you, can’t be on my own without you. i’m a little bit lost without you.

So…you expect me to believe that Klaus wakes up a few years down the line and finds out one of his oldest and best friends is dead and that they’ve started a school at the old SALVATORE boarding house and that had nothing to do with the letter? I mean of course not. Why would he hit on his old friends wife when she’s still grieving her husband. Or donate money to a school in Stefan’s old house?

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Klaroline imagine - rainy day at home

-laying on the sofa, Caroline is browsing Netflix, klaus is trailing one hand down her long legs. The other has been around her shoulders holding one of her breast under her shirt for a while

-he does love it when she wears no bra

- the goosebumps that rise on her legs have him remembering where else he can be touching to give her shivers

- he starts trailing his other hand up to grope her braless breast, lowers her tank top to play with them without any restriction. The barely there touches have her shivering and her nipples turning into hard peaks

- Caroline has paused looking through Netflix, after all this would be much more entertaining

- he lowers his mouth to her ear “ I want to bend you over and fuck you to the Rhythm of the rain, love”

- before she can form an answer, he’s flashed her to the side of the sofa ripped those tiny sinful little shorts and is kneeling down behind her taking one long lick and tasting her

-he’s taken off his shorts and is now stroking himself to her moans, her taste, her little whimpers she lets out when he hits that spot that makes her bend her knees more

-she gets a slap on her round perky ass to remember she needs to straighten her legs

-he can feel her getting closer but he wants to feel her come on him, he needs to feel it

-he stands, aligns himself to her entrance, and enters her slowly

-he feels her stretching to let him in, she’s so wet so warm, it’s heaven. It’s home.

-he listens to the rain outside and follows the rhythm, there’s no rush so he goes slow. Drip, thrust, drip, thrust, drip, thrust thrust.

-she’s so wet and warm and he can feel her tighting she’s close once again

- he starts pounding harder, after all the rain is getting harder

-he adjusts her, brings her knees onto the arm of the sofa, and fuck she’s even tighter in this position

- one hand he has on her hip and the other he’s brought to her hair to pull and give her that little jolt of pain she likes just before she comes

-his thrust start getting faster and faster

-her moans are louder, the only thing caroline can really let out is groans, oh fuck, and klauuus

-she grips him like a vice and he can feel her tighting, a rush of wetness on his dick so he let’s go, groaning and biting her shoulder

-He can hear Caroline giggling against the pillow under her. “What is it, love?” She looks up at him with wide eyes and a smirk

-“you were so off rhythm, maybe you should sit back down and let me show you what rhythm is”


“I will love you unconditionally throughout my eternity to my final death. Death will never part us for we are bonded in this life and the after. You are mine Bonnie Bennett…in every way imaginable.”

“I will love you unconditionally from the first breath I take every morning to my last when I take my final sleep. Death will never part us for we are bonded through blood and from the depths of our marrows. You are mine, Niklaus Mikaelson…and I refuse to let you go.”

- Excerpts from Mr. and Mrs. Mikaelson’s Wedding Vows