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Blizzard Emergency Giant Assistance

Are you a tiny or a human?  Has a recent blizzard left you snowed in?  Has high winds and heavy snowfall knocked the power out, leaving you cold and with limited supplies?

Don’t fret!  Look no further for aid than your local, winter-wise giants!  We at Winter Giants Corp. understand the devastating effect that winter storms can have, and are readily prepared to lend a hand, paw, or tail to you little’uns during this wintry mess. Give us a call at ###-#### and a local giant will come around in a matter of minutes to help you through this winter disaster.

Our services are free of charge for every emergency and non-emergency situation!  Enlist the aid of our many giant volunteers:

  • Certified EMT Giants are prepared to transport you the hospital in lieu of an ambulance.  
  • Arctic Wolftaurs will have your driveway, walkways, car, or house dug out of any packed ice in a matter of minutes.
  • Snow Leopard Pantaurs are standing by to deliver emergency food, water, and medical packs should you lose power.
  • Ice Nagas will be patrolling streets and freeways, looking to provide roadside assistance for anyone silly enough to think it wise to drive during a blizzard.
  • Snow Owl Harpies are our eyes in the sky, looking to rescue those stranded in the cold wilderness.
  • Demi-Dragons are ready to hand out everlasting fire stones for those left out in the cold.
  • All of our giants are trained in hug therapy. Comforting hugs will be given to distressed tinies and humans upon request.

Remember this number, ###-####!  No job is too big, no client is too small!
Let us give you a big ol’ hand during this winter storm!  

In Which Obi-Wan Realizes That This Is Not A Dream

Ben Kenobi woke up.

It was still a novel sensation, even after three weeks. He had, perhaps naively, assumed that once he died, waking up would no longer be an option. It was a pleasure that he had not previously paid much attention to. He yawned contentedly, watching the first glimmers of the Coruscant sunrise light up his old room, and ran a hand through the old familiar spikes of the Padawan haircut. He pulled himself out of bed and silently went about getting ready for the day, smiling to himself at the sounds of Qui-Gon Jinn doing the same from the other side of their quarters.

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homestuckaddict-stuff  asked:

Hey.... Um may I get a hug with any character plz? My cat ran away last night old where she went and she hasnt come home it is now 11 pm at night and still no trace so... I'm really upset and need a hug


  • Killian: Da fuq am I supposed to do with this tiny human placed in front of me?!
  • Killian: Hmm, tiny human seems to like whatever the fuck noise I'm making with my mouth
  • Killian: Note: tiny human likes things contrary to normal behaviour
  • Killian: Whipped cream doesn't go on one's nose! Point two for Hook!
  • Killian: Good graces with tiny human achieved!
  • Killian: Tiny human is actually quite pleasant company
  • Killian: ...
  • Killian: EMMA! I WANT ONE!

anonymous asked:

I've been rewatching Transformers Prime and my love for these giant robots has reawakened. I love to draw; how would TFP Megatron, Soundwave, Starscream, and Knockout feel about their human's tiny drawings? (I'm sorry, I have a lot of love to give. Thanks in advance if you answer!)

Megatron probably wouldn’t be too bothered, to be honest. He might enjoy it if you draw him, though he’d end up teasing you about it.

Soundwave would find it fascinating, and would love to watch you draw. He gets inwardly flustered if you draw him.

Starscream would most likely pretend not to care, but would definitely volunteer if you had nothing else to draw.

Knockout would only care if you drew him. He’s always willing to model for you, as long as you make him look good.