i'm weird

That which does not kill me, only makes me weirder and harder to relate to.

!!!!Introverts Unite!!!!  Separately… in your own homes…

I'm Sorry I'm Awkward


so this is a pretty weird thing to apologize for, and probably even weird to think about haha, but I wanted to say sorry for how awkward I was at pax south to those who met me.

I realized after I saw the videos and pictures being taken of me, and I just look really uncomfortable and weird. I feel I did okay with talking to you guys, but my posture is very stand offish, and my deepest apologies for that.

Pax south was my first time ever having SO MANY people coming up to me out of no where and bombarding me with questions and compliments and I was trying really hard to get used to it. Probably trying too hard LOL. Future conventions/meetups will go way better now that I’ve had some experience dealing with all of that :) love you all and thank you for understanding! 💜

K but imagine this with me pls.

Muggle born kids at hogwarts that are like really into musical theater.

There are like barricades set up every once in awhile.

In the great hall one kid starts singing
“ do you hear the people sing? ”
And it slowly grows until almost all the muggle born musical nerds are singing.

Using Magic to recreate scenes from Phantom.

Don’t get me started on the things they would do with Wicked.

Just… Magical musical nerds.


People are always saying omg, Yuuri can pole dance? And yeah, it’s surprising at all, but why hasn’t anyone asked where the hell Yuuri learned to break dance? Like really, he can ice skate, he can do ballet, and now you’re telling me he can break dance. Where did he find time for all of this!? Didn’t he have school or something? Also Bonus #1: Is it just me or was Yuuri the lead in the dance with him and Victor ;). Bonus #2: part A:Yuri’s concentrated looks are just too cute, and part B: Looks like he didn’t even need ballet lessons, he could do a perfect arabesque already. Thank you for listening to my rambling.