i'm wearing the pin

i don’t know why you’d need or want context to this but if you do here’s this video

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I really really really love your mermaid AU ♡♡♡♡ Your art in general always makes me so happy ~ it's like warm tea and honey for my heart.

Thank you! ღˇ◡ˇ(ᵕ꒶̮ᵕෆ


Fancy Kiddie Camper Handysash designs! (ignoring the fact that they don’t actually physically exist) I only meant to do one for Jade… Oops.

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Heypopstar acts like they're a close friend of Harry. You are a Harry styles fan, not friend. He is not leaving you clues about his sexuality! He's not saying I'm gonna wear a rainbow pin today for them to add to their gay collection. You are not on this mans mind honey

this is lin-manuel miranda wearing a rainbow pin to support the lgbt community on the red carpet. lin-manuel miranda is straight, is married to a woman, and has a two year old child. wearing rainbow pins does not automatically out you. the only thing that would out harry styles as anything other than someone who is exclusively interested in women, as the only relationships he has shown the public are with women, would be harry styles himself saying so. 

  • me online: man i love being trans, i'm so proud of my identity and i'm so proud to be surrounded by all my fantastic trans siblings. i'm happy with being open with my identity, my pronouns and my gender. this is my identity and this is who i am and it's really cool and i'm also really cool!!
  • me irl: can i wear this trans pin or will i be murdered

hey hey hey, they’ve re-branded. it’s skin-neckcape.

(listen to the full podcast over here)

Meeting Captain America at Universal Studios
  • Him: Nice pin!
  • Me: Thanks! (I'm wearing a Captain America's shield pin)
  • Him: Where are you from?
  • Me: Las Vegas.
  • Him: Oh, I was in Vegas recently. There was trouble there, a Loki sighting, so I flew down there with Thor-
  • Me: How's Bucky doing?
  • Him: Uh- I don't like to bring up Bucky- it's still a sore subject.