i'm wearing it tomorrow too

Len:*Walks out of his room putting his normal leather jacket back on*

Mick: what’re you smiling about snowflake?

Len: just letting a certain speedster know there’s nothing to worry bout

Mick: you sent him nude picture didn’t you?

Len: not exactly, no *smirk*


-Meanwhile in Central City 2016, 2:36 a.m.

*cellphone chime*

Barry:wha- *grabs phone and opens message*


Joe runs in to check out the noise

Joe: IS EVERYTHING AL-is that a picture of Snart…in only a cowboy hat? I’m gonna need a drink..

Barry: ……*saves photo*

Len’s phone beeps at him and when he checks to see the message, its a picture of Barry with a black eye

B.A~ I blame you

L.S~ but you saved it didn’t you?
L.S~ Barry?
Still there Scarlet?

B.A~ I hate you

L.S~ Love you too sweetheart;)


rucas + tropes (part 1)

Shoutan’s Blog Update - 2016-05-28 - Relic First Day

*Please do not repost my translation*

Everyone who came and visited.
Thank you very much (*^_^*)

I am Aoi Shouta who plays Shouji Jinai!

Reading Relic play, the first day of the curtain went up.

Saying that, tomorrow is the last day though…

It’s fast laughs

Within the great deal of tension, everyone’s smile wrapped round the venue, we really enjoyed the acting.

Thank you very much.

Tomorrow is also the final day, I’ll do my best (*^_^*)

Like this

I was like this!

Everyone who is coming tomorrow.
Please look forward to it ok (*^_^*)

If you ever feel bad just think about that chick who thought the paparazzi were waiting for her when she came out of a store…but Karlie Kloss was standing behind her….while she was posing awkwardly for the cameras.