i'm wearing a watch

he’s gonna start reciting a poem any minute.

I can’t see very well.
—  Ravenclaw, forgetting to wear their glasses, and flying through a rainstorm.

“I came to see you.

It wasn’t easy because you were so far away.”

I don’t think I’m ready to start doing detailed lining yet so I decided to play with some brushes and perspective instead

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Dean: "hey Cas, I'm going commando" *wink* Cas: "there is no need for military-style operations, Dean. You said it yourself, a simple salt and burn, yes?" Dean: "no I mean- I'm not wearing any underwear" Cas: "that must be uncomfortable, watch out for chafing" Dean: "Jesus Christ I'm trying to be sexy!" Cas: "what's so sexy about chafing?" Sam: *regretting joining them on the case*

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The outsiders as quotes from kids i work with
  • Dallas: I'm a very strong boy, when people hurt me I don't even cry
  • Soda: I don't like wearing shoes.... I'm faster in bare feet, watch me run *runs around the playground* See i couldn't do that in shoes
  • Steve: sometimes the little kids are annoying, *pointing at a two year old* she knocked over my sandcastle like a thousand times
  • Ponyboy: I'm turning five soon so I'm almost an adult.
  • Two-Bit: I've seen some ugly people, but don't worry your not one of them.
  • Darry: *Big sigh* Sometimes things are hard, but i just got to do it. (he was talking about making a paper plane)
  • Johnny: everyone is my friend they all like me.
  • based off a post i saw of maybe-i-ant-to-stay-silver's

“But she looked way better before she put all that makeup on!!”
And you looked way better before you opened your mouth and let your irrelevant opinion fall out

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i think i know why aizawa just dresses in that baggy black trashbag all the time because when he actually has to dress himself he dresses himself in the atrocious combination of a black blazer, pink sweatpants and tennis shoes

That’s why Mic picked out his wardrobe when he appeared in front of the media. Picked him out a nice suit, probably made him put on some moisturizer and bb cream…. maybe broke two or three combs when he tried to fix his hair.