i'm wearing a mask though

InktoberVC Day 01 - Alternate Book Cover | Blood & Gold

oh, my lovely jewel. how i have loved you both in innocence and guilt. you don’t know how much i have lusted after you, both as monster and man. you don’t know how i’ve turned my hunger from you when it was something i could scarce control.

tinygryphon mentioned shadowgate with the masked one as the phantom and i couldn’t let go of it

we’re gifts to this fandom wallahi

cue me not apologising for the quality of the mask because i am but a simple student who dropped art two years ago

You know after all the work and struggle that was making that Dorian cosplay (which technically still isn’t 100% finished but it’s good enough xD) I told myself “no more new cosplays anytime soon!” But now that I saw that concept art Inquisitor cosplay I’m so hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……