i'm wearing a mans shirt

because nothing screams “FASHION!” like rhinestones on your boots

I had to sketch these two because of ep 12…!
Yata showing Fushimi how fun it’s to skate with a “fire powered” skateboard orsomethinglikethatidk

I’m gonna go and find the moms who didn’t like the shirtless version of the Beast’s transformation and SMACK EM

That boy worked hard at the gym to bless us with his rose-petal-covered physique and you didn’t want your wee bairns to know Mommy liked that shit so you ruined it for the rest of us and made him wear a shirt

*shakes fist*


hello it is i, ash, embracing my shitty black and white aesthetic and my natural hair

Jumbo-post! Vixx/BTS/Got7 reacting to their gf (you) wearing another group's merch.

Anon said: Holaa, how would vixx/bts/got7 (you have the choice of these 3 c: ) if their gf was wearing another groups merch (e.g. like the exo overdose jumper) I love your blog by the way, you’re just brilliant!!♡♡





‘That BTS shirt is awful. BTS is awful. No I’m not jealous, I’m just more attractive and talented, thank you very much.’


'Nah, I’m cuter than Jin. I’m better than Jin. Get out of that merch, girl.’


'But you have my merch. It says Ravi on your cap. We spent a whole saturday decorating it with studs. Why you don’t wear it?’

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'Yeah, bae, look. BTS is cute. But I’m hot. Cute.. Or hot? Think about that.’


*stares at your shirt judgingly*


'Mehhh, I’m cuter. My aegyo-game is stronger than V’s.’



'You sure you wanna wear a shirt saying 'BamBam’? I can give you mine. I could also put up a little show for you to go along with it..’


'I’m freaking handsome, okay. I’m your man. Wear my shirts. I don’t care if your boobs stretch out the print when you wear mine. JUST WEAR IT PLEASE.’


'Ah… Yeaaahhh, nice shirt, jagiya… really. Nice.’

*note the loath he is saying this with.*

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*bitter as Hell*

'Nice cap. Yes, JB is indeed handsome. Yes, amazing. Yup, not bitter at all. Everybody loves Got7.’


'Okay.. Imma need you to take that off, or I will see it fit to rip it off of you and then this Suga will turn into spice.’


'I don’t care how cute you look in that jumper, it has Yugeom’s face on it and I can’t kiss you while he is staring at my bellybutton.’


'Bish you think this is a freaking game?’



'I’m the cutest member in the group. I’m the cutest member in ANY group. What you doing wearing a Vixx shirt when 50% of my, and your wardrobe be BTS shirts?’


'I like Vixx and all, and I would wear their merch too, but you look cuter in OUR merch, with MY name on it.’


'You know.. I love you to look chic. We are chicer than Vixx. N is a ratchet hoe. Yes, I just called him that.’


'Really cool that you are a Vixx fangirl. They deserve that type of support. But I like Got7 jumpers on you too.’


*you are talking to BamBam and Jackson walks past you like*



'Girl I don’t think we are on the same page regarding my awesome compaired to any of those guys.’


*looks at his members like this when you turne around*



👭❤️✨ girls girls girls ✨❤️👭


the landlord caught my dad hanging a picture,naked, in the living room when my parents were first married. When doing home improvement projects in your caveman state, be wary of noise complaints.

Richard Armitage is your neighbor who lives a completely double life. He has the most delightful, award-winning garden in the neighborhood and is always working on it. He’s the type of guy who hums to himself as he pulls weeds and always offers you a fresh tomato, right from the vine.

But he’s also the guy who will dress up entirely in leather and walk you around on a leash for his amusement. He has a room full of real freaky shit that had to be custom-ordered from Germany. He’s always got at least one bandage covering a wound somewhere on his body and while everyone thinks they’re from the thorns on his rose bushes, they’re actually from sharp fingernails or a pinch between the links of a chain.

Your neighbor Richard Armitage seems boring to you. He’s a simple, middle-aged man who, despite being otherworldly handsome, lives alone with his plants and a fat, old beagle that lounges in the sun while your neighbor works diligently to cultivate his spaghetti squash. He tips his hat at women as they walk by and always has his recycling separated into the correct bins without even so much as a junky supermarket circular out of place. He’s dull by all accounts.

But if he hadn’t soundproofed the walls of his basement immediately after moving in a few years ago, you’d know different.