i'm weak but i love moments like this so much


Jung Mal Ran. Don’t rush me. The time’s getting near to tell you that I’m… Jang Eun Cheon. Just wait.. a little longer.

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do you have any favorite moments of the other members doting on jimin? :D

that time everyone took off their seat belts at the speed of light when jimin said he was feeling motion sick, even the guys it made no sense for to do that cause they were sitting in the opposite direction lmao, jimin is sick? gotta act now and use logic later!!

taehyung buying jimin that gucci sweater and making sure it was totally pristine and just constantly doting on him, making sure he’d get all the spotlight the whole day, the fact that he even gave him a handwritten letter talking about his feelings for him… kim taehyung thinking that jimin’s hands are the cutest thing in the world and his sappiness and love for jimin in general, ‘you’re the friend i love the most’, ‘i just want him to be happy, don’t get hurt and be with me,’ ‘soulmate

this particular jihope massage (cause they do that a lot, but this one specifically…oh boy…), jihope and their entire existence

kim namjoon the actual king of being soft and weak for jimin: x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x

hobi and namjoon showing just how ready and accustomed they are to indulge him when he asks for praise, and like… every time they praise him is my new fav tbh! too many good moments there! and every time they fuss over him or show how much they support and care about him in general

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Hi!! I really really love your art and I'm not sure if you take requests but if you do I'd love to see kiibo in a dress while on a date with iruma ^^ kiibo in a dress is kind of my weakness ^^'

Hi!! First of all thank you so much! it makes me happy seeing people liking my art also you are my first ask! I didn’t expect to get asks <3 I guess im taking requests at the moment since not many people ask me for them and im not very busy so here you go

Hope its okay enough! I love this ship a lot its one of my favs from v3 :3 and Kiibo in a dress is so cute af. The trio is spying them to see if the robot son is okay

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     some would have called this a moment of weakness. that they slipped and caved and decided to make the most of the fall. but really, the only weakness steve mcgarrett has is that blonde he’s got his hands on. it’s more than just some need to be fulfilled, more like danny is a part of him.  that losing him would be literally losing half of himself ; cause sure, steve mcgarrett is a good man and one hell of a soldier. but the best parts of him have always been right beside danny ; and now, holding him the way he can.  it may have  taken some time, a long road of confusion and jealousy and trying to keep it all at bay.  but now that danny is his, finally - he doesn’t plan on letting go. 

   he finally catches his breath, forehead still pressed to the bare skin of danny’s shoulder. heart beats that dance against the confides of his ribs and let him know they’re only human.  and today’s mission was one that hit a little too close to home.  putting them both on the line, and that bullet barely missed the target.  

danny pushes up and steve moves with, and they’ve always had that way of moving without words.  a simple hand to the back to know that the other was right there, that they could count on one another. and as he’s pulled down just slight into a kiss, there’s the remnants of a groan that’s been sitting in his throat; tongue working against his partner, his lover, right now the only thing he’ll ever need. the other pulls away and leaves a promise that has the former SEAL taking another shaky breath, before welcomed with the warmth of gun calloused fingers between his own. 

there’s a gentle squeeze at danny’s laugh, and god, that sound is beautiful. something that steve never wants to stop hearing. and the moment seems to cool where it all comes rushing back, their gear and clothes in a mess around the office that doesn’t even have the blinds closed. one arm comes up to pull danny against his chest, fingers finding their way into hair with a small laugh. 

         “i love you too, danny.”  

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Real talk tho, I love (and hate, but mostly love) writing them fighting?? Cause like…they’re so close and they know each other so well, so their fights are so raw and visceral and PERSONAL. UGH, SO MUCH POTENTIAL FOR ANGST


@cheetahleopard requested #5 - I’m assuming it’s sentence 5, and since you didn’t further specify I just went with IwaOi because that’s what I usually do? xD (if I got any of that wrong, please feel free to send me another prompt D:)

THANK YOU FOR THE PROMPT!! :D [more of my writing here or on ao3! Prompts are here!]

#5: “I am under no obligation to make sense to you.”

Warnings: hahaahh you wish, this is senseless fluff. ENJOY!

“What do you mean, you’re leaving,” Oikawa asks, and his voice is filled with hurt.

“Literally that.”

“But- Iwa-chan, you can’t just-”

Hajime sighs, running a hand over his tired eyes and praying for patience.

“Jesus Christ, Oikawa, you’d think I was breaking up with you or something, by all the fuss you’re making about this.”

Oikawa gasps and physically takes a step back.


“I’m just going to the library. There’s no way I can work with you here, and you know it.”

Oikawa is back at his side before Hajime has time to so much as blink.

“Nooo, Iwa-chan, don’t go! Don’t leave me here all alone - I’ll be good, I promise!”

“Yeah, right.”

“I promise!”

How could he say no to those eyes? Hajime knows the second that he sighs and surrenders (leaving Oikawa cheering and clapping his hands together like a three-year-old) that this is going to be a long night.

Maybe it’s okay, though. He knows Oikawa hates being alone.


He’s just trying to get to the kitchen for a glass of water. Nothing more. This isn’t a break from his godforsaken essay. Just… a brief boost of energy. A glass of water, for crying out loud.

But he has to pass through the living room for that, where Oikawa is stretched out across the sofa watching some sort of documentary. And he has ears like a bat sometimes.

“Iwa-chan!” he says happily, perking up at the sound of his footsteps.

“Just getting some water, don’t get excited.”

But of course that doesn’t stop him. On the contrary. Oikawa is up out of his seat in an instant, and runs up to Hajime before he can even walk past the sofa.

“Iwa-chaaaaan,” Oikawa whines, draping himself over Hajime’s shoulders from behind. The unexpected weight is enough to make him sag a little, and he clicks his tongue at him. Not that he has the heart to shake him off. He never does.

“…what is it now?” he asks, with the air of an exhausted mother of four, responding to yet another drama from one of her toddlers.

The insinuation isn’t lost on Oikawa, and he pulls his lips into a well-practiced pout.

“I’m lonely, Iwa-chan,” he says, tone somewhere between accusing and self-pitying.

Hajime feigns surprise.

“Oh no! You poor dear, that’s terrible!”

Oikawa lets out a huff of air, offended, but Hajime grabs him by both hands before he can pull away, leans forward and tugs, taking Oikawa’s entire weight onto his back and lifting him clean off the floor.

Oikawa yelps in surprise, scrambling for purchase before he wraps his legs around Hajime’s, almost making him trip.


“Oh no, looks like I’m losing my balance-”

“Don’t you dare-”

With a devilish grin, Hajime lets himself drop sideways onto the couch, turning slightly to force Oikawa to take most of his weight.

Oikawa groans theatrically at the impact, arms tightening around Hajime’s neck.

“Oh, Iwa-chan, I’m suffocating-”

Hajime wastes no time, he reaches back with his newly-free hands and jabs his fingers into Oikawa’s sides, hard, cutting him off.

Oikawa squeals indignantly, trying to wiggle away - but it’s not like there’s anywhere he can go, what with Hajime on top of him and all.

“Iwa- ha- s-stop-”

Hajime laughs softly, but pulls his arms back in mercy.

“Sure thing, idiot,” he says. He’s not even trying to hide the fondness in his voice.

Screw his essay.

“…you’re evil,” Oikawa mutters, but the impact of his words is completely destroyed when he pulls Hajime back and presses a kiss to his neck.

“Absolutely ruthless. Why would you do this to me?!”

Hajime smirks. “I am under no obligation to make sense to you.”

Oikawa clicks his tongue. “You could at least try, Iwa-chan.”

“Ah, but you love me,” Hajime says with a smile. It’s not really his line - it feels a lot more like something Oikawa would say - but Hajime just feels like re-confirming it now, with Oikawa’s arms (and his legs) wrapped tightly around him.

Not that he’d need Oikawa to say the words. He knows him by heart, his expressions, his gestures, the subtle signals he sends. And oh, he loves every last shard of him.

“Are you sure?” Oikawa teases, and Hajime can hear the smug grin that must be stretching across his face.

“Positive,” Hajime tells him, reaching over his shoulder to ruffle a hand through Tooru’s hair.

“You’re pretty confident, for someone who’s completely at my mercy.”

Hajime scoffs. “Aren’t I always?”

Oikawa laughs softly. “…ha. I wish.”

Hajime twists in Oikawa’s arms, just far enough to look at him. “No need to wish for that.”

“Oh, yeah?”

“Yeah. You know I’m weak to you, love,” Hajime whispers. He knows it’s cheesy as hell, but Oikawa’s widening eyes and the blush shooting across his face make it well worth it. He thinks of his unfinished essay for a moment, almost regretting that he’d let himself get talked into staying - but Oikawa’s warmth is very real at his back, and it calms him more than the silence in the library ever could. He could never regret this.

“Ah-” Oikawa starts, but Hajime doesn’t give him the chance.

“Not that I’m surprised. You’ve always been good at seducing people,” he says, cutting him off.

Oikawa seems to catch his breath for a moment before he lets it out in a short burst of laughter.

“Of course, Iwa-chan. I had to get good at it! You know - hone my skills before tackling the big game.”

Hajime raises his eyebrows.

“Who’s the big game, then?”

Oikawa looks at him like he’d just asked if the moon was made of cheese.

“You, of course! The ever elusive former ace of Aoba Johsai, Iwaizumi Hajime! Everyone’s first gay crush! Iwa-chan the stoic, the unapproachable-”

“Whoa, whoa, slow down there!” Hajime cuts in, laughing lightly. “…everyone’s first gay crush?”

Oikawa blinks at him.

“You really are this dense, aren’t you, Iwa-chan.”

It’s not a question.

“What are you-”

“Good think I called it first,” Oikawa says, looking wary. “I loved you before anyone else did. So you’re mine now.”

Hajime shoots him a frown.

“Do I get a say in this? At all? Or am I first come, first served?”

Oikawa pushes his lips forward in a pout, but there’s a hint of real worry in his eyes.

“As long as I hold on, you are,” he says, completely without irony. “One day you’re gonna realize how hot you are. I dread that day.”

Hajime tilts his head to one side. “Why would you dread it? Don’t wanna be seduced, Tooru?”

Oikawa bites his lip, and Hajime is sure his blush is deepening.

“That’s not it,” he says. He seems to fight for words for a moment, before his gaze drops away from Hajime’s face.

“…just. You could probably have anyone you wanted.”

Hajime gives him a long look, irritated that Oikawa isn’t looking up at him.

“Oi. Shittykawa.”

He doesn’t move.

Hajime tries again, voice softer this time.


Oikawa lifts his head, only to be met with a smile from Hajime.

“Good thing I already have who I want,” he says. “Saves me the trouble of trial and error. And unnecessary seduction.”

He leans in, pressing a kiss to Oikawa’s cheek. “I can save all my skills for the big game.”

Oikawa lets out a weak sort of chuckle.

“…you mean that?”

Hajime shoots him a reproachful look and flicks his finger against Oikawa’s forehead.

“You wound me. I thought we had ‘perfect trust’, and yet here you are, doubting me.”

Oikawa opens his mouth to protest, but Hajime simply ducks in and presses their lips together, silencing him.

Oikawa melts into the kiss, like he always does. Like he can’t help it. Hajime would be lying if he said he didn’t enjoy it, having him open and vulnerable like this to his every move.

He pulls away to meet Oikawa’s gaze, wide and full of love.

“Only you,” he promises. “That much I can swear to you.”

He sees the relief and happiness and affection in Oikawa’s eyes and wishes he had a camera right now.

Oikawa gives him a smile that could make his knees turn to butter.

“So you are mine, after all.”

Hajime throws him an incredulous look before pulling him in close, chest against chest, heart to heart.

“Of course I’m yours. Always have been.”

“Always?” Oikawa repeats, slightly breathless.

“Always, Tooru. Since the moment I met you.”

Oikawa relaxes into Hajime’s embrace with a small, content sigh.

“…you’re prefect, Iwa-chan,” he tells him quietly, running his hands down Hajime’s back.

Hajime allows himself a dry chuckle. “Nothing but the best for the Grand King.”

Oikawa laughs.

“I should hope so!” he declares, and Hajime can hear his wide, ear-to-ear smile. It makes his heart clench in his chest for all the right reasons.

“Mmh. Don’t you dare replace me, though. You won’t find anyone who knows you like I do.”

“Iwa-chan!” Oikawa sounds positively affronted at the mere suggestion. “I would never!”

Hajime turns his head so he can press a kiss to the side of Oikawa’s face.

“I know, I know. Just making sure.”

“…only you,” Oikawa says, parroting Hajime’s words from earlier. “That much I can swear to you.”

Hajime brings his hand up to tangle in Oikawa’s hair, unable to fight the soaring feeling in his chest.

Not that he wants to. He’s holding his entire world in his arms.

“I love you,” he tells him, squeezing him lightly.

Oikawa squeezes right back.

“…love you, too.” And then, quieter, “I won’t let you go.”

“As if I’d want to.”

“You never know.”

“Trust me.”

Oikawa presses closer, burying his face in the crook of Hajime’s neck. The position is kind of awkward, with Hajime still on top of him, but he doesn’t seem to care. And Hajime is sure as hell not going to be the first one to pull away.

“Hold me, Iwa-chan, that was beautiful.”

Hajime laughs.

“Oh, shut up.”


“…I should have known.” He drags his fingernails lightly over Oikawa’s scalp, and he leans into the touch. Hajime almost expects him to purr like a cat.

“You’re always gonna be an insufferable pain in my ass, aren’t you?”

Oikawa considers this for a moment.

“…only if you want me there,” he says finally, sweetly, and then he leans in and presses a wet, open-mouthed kiss to Hajime’s neck. Hajime thinks nothing of it, until he can suddenly feel Oikawa sucking in air.

“Goddamn it Oikawa, no hickeys, we have class-”

Oikawa dislodges himself with a gross popping sound and pulls back far enough for Hajime to see his wide, shit-eating grin.

“Oops,” he says, and it’s the most sickeningly adorable lie Hajime has ever heard coming out of his mouth.

“You’re incorrigible.”

“But you love me,” Oikawa shoots back.

Well, he’s not wrong.

Hajime just shakes his head and smiles, pulling Oikawa in for another kiss. He deepens it and is silently overjoyed when Oikawa lets him, lets him in with no hesitation at all.

When they break apart, they’re both breathless and flushed, and Oikawa is beaming.

Hajime’s own personal sun.

“…I’ll take it,” Oikawa says finally.

Hajime rolls his eyes, but the warmth in his chest must show on his face as well, because Oikawa won’t stop smiling.

Hajime doesn’t mind. It’s this Oikawa that he loves the most, after all. Adorable, carefree and happy.

If an essay has to suffer for that, so be it.

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can we just let it sink in that eren killed for mikasa, but he DIED for armin...

I just saw this buried in my ask so I’m very sorry for the lateness anon.

Eren’s sacrificing himself for Armin is still one of my favorite moment, anon. But it’s not so much the fact that he died for Armin that I focus on with these two. Honestly, Armin and Mikasa are both important to Eren and I’m sure he would sacrifice himself to save them both.

It’s the way Isayama made the whole thing play out and established not only Armin and  Eren’s importance to each other but also the importance of the dream they shared, for Eren especially. I mean the way everything happened and Eren and Armin’s reactions to something happening with the other the whole time through?

How we saw Eren worrying over Armin and paying attention to his state of mind. How he tried to be reassuring in his own way. How Armin was panicking but was able to calm down some thanks to Eren words and actions.

How Armin became so paralyzed after he saw Eren lose a leg and fall that he could no longer stand up and fell to his knees. How he couldn’t move from that position and saw the massacre and the titan closing in on him.

How Eren was legit bleeding and seemed unconscious yet focused after he heard Armin’s scream. There’s just something about the way he tried to get up the moment he heard that scream, whereas we never saw anything for his other teammates. It’s almost like he regained consciousness for Armin.

How in his “last moments”, while he’s fighting to keep the titan mouth opened, Eren reminded Armin again that he was the reason he wanted to see the world outside. How he told Armin he wouldn’t die because he had to see it.

How even while in the titan stomach Eren thinks about the titans are taking everything from him. How at that moment we see Armin still in danger. How he thinks about his life and dream and we see his mom get eaten, his house destroyed again and Armin animatedly talking about the dream.
How Armin completely blacks out after Eren is swallowed, to the point where he completely misses the fact that Eren becomes a titan right in front of him and saves him a second time.

Let me stop here before this becomes another extra long post. See the above is what I can’t get over with when it comes to Eren “dying” for Armin. Eren’s sacrifice was major and important. But more than that for me, it was the emphasis put on what Armin and Eren means to each other from that moment on. Back then we saw through no uncertain terms that Armin meant the world to Eren, literally. Same for Armin towards Eren.

And it doesn’t help that when we finally revisit Eren’s sacrifice for Armin in recent chapters, Eren basically tells Armin that he saved him because he’s important to him. Because looking in his dreaming eyes made him realize what freedom is. That thinking about that always fills him with a certain strength.

That’s literally a big part of what makes me so weak with Eren and Armin in Trost, anon. Every single time.


“People say you can’t describe love, but I have this theory that you can. It’s just subjective. Do you want to know what love feels like for me? It’s breathing and suffocating. Sobbing and smiling. Yearning and fading. To ache that much harder. To live that much larger. It’s every moment. Every single, tiny one. I’ve felt it all with Ryke.