i'm watching videos from last night and i just


some free-hand portraits i did for The Swaingels last night!! i did them all one after the other

i’ve been watching a lot of grayscale-to-color process videos from other artists lately, and they’ve inspired me a ton! and thanks to all of my portrait practice, my face shading has improved a bunch!

also N got the feature spot just because i really like how his turned out

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jasmine like im actually watching dinof videos of ages ago and even the ones from last year look so different? why did he even straightened his hair in the first place he looks awful i'm so glad that he barely has a fringe now curly dan is here to stay

dans changed so much and i think with the influx of content we sorta didnt notice but!! watch a video from 2015 and hes got straight hair and thinner shoulders and a higher voice! truly just how fast the night changes!

Now I love me some 1d interviews.

but most people think of the interviews with the bigger names like Corden, Fallon, Kimmel, Alan, Grimmy, and loads more. But I wanna take a chance to appreciate those quite often forgotten gems from 2015. 

So here goes…

Beats 1:

Gud Nite:

Capital FM:

This one with Alison Hammond… (just cause they look so pretty):

And lastly, this whole 25 minute press conference in Mexico: 

(sooooo worth the watch, promise.)

Robert Downey Jr. supporting his son Indio’s band last night in Madison, Wisconsin (June 4, 2016)

IN SHORT:  This video is a compilation of the RDJ bits from all of the videos uploaded on his Facebook last night (of which there were nine).

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Is it weird that I'm uncomfortable watching the videos and even with some of the pics from last night? Honestly it's not even the subject matter--I know it's all fake--but Louis comes off so manic and uncomfortable? I've seen him happy and comfortable in interviews and he goes soft and more relaxed and bantering. This was not that.

It’s very uncomfortable to watch. I genuinely cannot comprehend how any “fan” of Louis’ cannot see that his behavior last night was not normal, comfortable, or reflective of happiness and contentment with fatherhood. Just because he didn’t have a frown on his face does not mean that he was thrilled with the subject matter. People seriously need to take note of his body language, consistency of facial expression, how he was talking compared to how he normally talks, and the actual words coming out of his mouth (as he was saying really bizarre stuff that 99.9% of fathers would never say).