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Date Night

“Alec, what are you doing?” 

Alec looked up over the pot he was currently stirring in the Institute kitchen to see Isabelle leaning casually against the door frame. 

“I-” Alec started before cutting off abruptly when the pot began to boil over. Once he turned down the heat he finished, “I invited Magnus for dinner here tonight.” 

“You… Invited Magnus here? Like, for a date?”

“Yeah,” Alec responded grimly. 


Alec sighed, “we are always at his place, or we always do things that he suggests… I just didn’t want him to think I’m ashamed of him or something, and that’s why we never come here.” 

“Um, obviously. You never come here because here sucks,” Izzy responded gesturing to the general area of the Institute.  

Alec rolled his eyes and threw some spices into the pot, “are you going to say anything helpful anytime soon? Because if not, leave me to my meal.” 

“Actually, that’s why I came. It smelled like something was burning, and Alec… I’m pretty sure food isn’t supposed to look like that.” 

“You have absolutely no leg to stand on,” Alec said defensively, “it’ll be fine. I’m sure if I just keep adding things it’ll eventually even out.” 

“By the Angel, what is that awful smell ” 

Alec sighed when Jace walked in. The exact last person he wanted to see right now. Jace would never let him live this down, so Alec resigned himself to humiliation. 

“Alec invited Magnus here for a date and offered to cook for him,” Izzy said with a smarmy grin.  

Jace’s eyes widened, “you invited him here? Are you aware that he owns a beautiful penthouse apartment with the world’s most luxurious showers? Honestly, I’m glad to be home… But I still daydream about that shower. Also, there are way fewer people… Don’t you want privacy?” 

“Considering how often you guys interrupt us anyway,” Alec said ignoring Jace’s sound of protest,” I’m not actually sure it matters where we are. And would you stop! He’ll be here in half an hour, it’s too late to suddenly change plans. So, either help me or leave me to my misery.”

Jace and Izzy shared a look that Alec knew well- it was the ‘Alec is such a loser’ look, but he didn’t call them on it. Especially because, after a moment, they both shifted their shoulders back into soldier positions. They may drive him insane, but they’ll always come through for him. 

“Sure, buddy, why don’t I help you make a dinner that resembles human food?” Jace offered, and Alec sighed with relief. Of the three of them, Jace was by far the most capable in the kitchen. 

“Where were you thinking of setting up?” Izzy asked. 

Alec blushed slightly, but responded, “it’s nice out… So I thought, maybe… We could eat on the balcony of my office?” 

“Wow, look at you, bro,” Izzy said punching his arm playfully, “you are actually a secret romantic.” 

“Shut up,” Alec said turning away. “We don’t have much time, so Jace…”

“Say no more,” Jace responded, taking Alec’s pot and dumping everything out ignoring Alec’s soft sound of disapproval. “We don’t have a lot of time, so I think your best bet is some type of pasta dish, we’ll throw some fish on top because fish cooks faster than meat, make a salad and call it a day.” 

“Do you have wine?” Izzy asked. 

Alec nodded, at least that part he had completed. “Yeah, it’s chilling in the fridge.” 

Izzy nodded in approval, “I’ll go set up your balcony. Alec, why don’t you go shower and get ready?” 

“But what if Jace needs my-”

“No!” Jace said with alarm, “no, it will be less work for me if you’re not here. But don’t forget, you’re going to owe me big time.”

“Duly noted,” Alec responded, “what do you want?”

“I’ll tell you later,” Jace said already focused on his task of chopping vegetables. 

Alec nodded and ran to his room, cursing softly. It was disorganized because he’s been so distracted and busy lately. He hastily shoved a few empty, day old mugs into empty drawers, chucked his clothes into a laundry basket and then put that in the closet. With his room now looking moderately less terrible he rushed to take a shower, shaving his face and using the after-shave he knew Magnus liked so much. Or at least, Alec thinks he likes it based on the way he always seems to nuzzle closer on the days he uses it. 

He knew he couldn’t waste any time, Magnus was religiously punctual (at least, with Alec. Otherwise he was more than content to make people wait. The preferential treatment always made Alec smile.) 

By the time he got back to the kitchen Jace was just about finishing up dinner. 

“Okay,” Jace said upon seeing him, “I plated it and put the extras in your office, so that should be fine. I did place a heating rune on the pot, so no worries.” 

“You are the best parabatai,” Alec said pulling into a hug that surprised both of them. 

“Sap,” Jace said squeezing back just as hard. 

“I’m done with the balcony. I put the wine in an ice bucket out there,” Izzy said as she walked in on them hugging. Alec pulled her into the hug as well, because while his mother may insist that Lightwoods aren’t huggers, that particular family trait did not pass down to her children. 

“Try not to be too tragic, okay, Alec?” Izzy said as they pulled away. Alec made a face. 

“I’m not tragic.” 

Jace and Izzy shared that look again, “okay.” 

Alec opened his mouth to respond but his phone vibrated, with a message from Magnus letting him know he came. 

“I gotta go,” Alec said. 

Jace turned to leave with a wink, “if you end up fucking on the desk in your office I wouldn’t blame you.” 

“Goodbye,” Alec said walking away to let Magnus in through the front door. 

Magnus took his breath away, as usual. He was dressed well, but Alec didn’t expect anything else. There was something special about this, though, about having Magnus on his turf and opening the door for him. It was nice knowing that for once, Magnus really didn’t have to do anything- Alec could take care of him completely. It was a surprisingly heady feeling, Alec thought he might ask Magnus to come here more often after all. 

“I didn’t want to come empty handed,” Magnus said holding out a cake tin. “So I figured I’d bring dessert.” 

Alec took the cake and leaned down slightly to meet Magnus’s lips for a welcoming kiss. “Yes, very sweet.” 

Magnus rolled his eyes at the line but smiled anyway and kissed him again. When Magnus pulled back he immediately nuzzled Alec’s cheek, which made him smirk internally. Looks like he was right about that aftershave.

Alec led Magnus to his office and was hit by the scent of well-cooked pasta covered in a fragrant sauce. Jace really was a life saver. The second thing he noticed was the table on the balcony, with candles placed over a clean white table cloth, beside it was a smaller table with the wine he got chilling in an ice bucket. He even heard soft jazz playing in the background. 

“Wow,” Magnus said his eyes slightly wide, “is this some type of anniversary I forgot?” 

Alec laughed, “no. I just… Wanted tonight to be nice. Jace and Izzy helped a lot.” 

Magnus smiled, “I thought I recognized that smell. I think Jace made this for me once when he was staying with me.” 

Alec was burning up with happiness that bordered on giddy. He walked to the table outside, his hand still holding Magnus’. Letting go briefly, he pulls out Magnus’ chair for him. Magnus, who has been watching him with a soft smile, actually blushes at that. Alec thinks that if he can keep that wide-eyed look of wonderment on Magnus’ face as often as he can, he’ll have lived a good life. 

The place settings already had two plates full of food on them and had a small warming rune burned into the corner of the ceramic. 

He moved to open the bottle of wine when he realized he didn’t have a wine opener. Alec opened his mouth to start stuttering something when the bottle was suddenly uncorked in a haze of blue magic. 

“Thanks,” Alec said, his cheeks still slightly red. 

“It’s the least I can do,” Magnus said gesturing around them. 

Alec rolled his eyes, and reached one hand out to grab Magnus’ and pressed a gentle kiss to his knuckles. “I’m glad you like it.” 

“Of course I do, you didn’t need to go to all this effort but I do appreciate it. I love you,” Magnus said, his eyes warm and gentle as the looked at Alec. He was always struck by how beautiful Magnus’ eyes really are, they express so many emotions, they can be gentle and kind, and icy cold. Right now they radiated love, and Alec’s breath caught in his throat. 

“I love you too,” he responded. “Now, should we eat? This looks delicious.” 

“Sounds like a plan, Alexander.” 

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hi, new to your blog so i don't know if you've done this, but a fic based on the au where michael goes blind after the fire?

Ok so before I post this I wanna say I am so sorry that this is so awful and if you wanna send me something to help me fix it go ahead.

Here it is:

“Dude why the hell is Braille so hard to read?”

Jeremy sighed, “I could just read a book to you if you’d like?”

Michael was pacing the room with a book in his hand, his fingers scanning the pages as he practiced reading Braille.

“No way, I gotta learn to read this myself, you feel? I just don’t get why they couldn’t just make the dots form actual letters…”

“I’m sure there’s a reason- and can you stop pacing? You’re making me nervous.”

Michael rolled his eyes behind his glasses, and made his way towards Jeremy’s voice. He waved his waking stick around, whacking Jeremy in the knee in the process.

“Ow! Dude- careful! I swear you do that on purpose sometimes.”

Michael chuckled, “of course not, not to my best buddy” he plopped down on the couch next to him.

Jeremy sighed, his face was completely drained of joy. All he could think about was the Michael was blind. It happened after the fire, Michale had gotten trapped inside the bathroom that he left him in. Let’s just say the ambulance had to drag him out. He’s got a nasty scar on his face, arm, and a bit of his chest too, but the worst one had to be his lack of vision. At first Jeremy used to catch himself whenever he got upset around Michael, he would always know Jeremy was upset the second his eyebrow twitched. But now Jeremy learned that as long as you keep your tone up, Michael can’t know. It’s cruel to let Michael be ignorant through his damn injury that he caused, but he can’t help it.

“So you’ve got any plans for today?”

Jeremy hummed, “nah…I look like shit.”

“Well as a gay, you look pretty great.”

Jeremy would have blushed, but honestly he just couldn’t. “You can’t even see me dude…”

“Yeah but I remember, how could I forget? I really don’t think you’ll change till maybe thirty.”

Jeremy simply hummed again. It was awkward now, there were so many things they couldn’t do anymore. They couldn’t game, roller skate, go for a drive, watch movies. It really seemed like the only things they could do was…get high.

Michael leaned against Jeremy’s shoulder. “Stop sulking man.”

“I’m not.”

“Hey now…it’s alright. This totally blows man.”

This totally blows.

When Michael had woken up in the ambulance, Jeremy was right there. He’d gotten the call from Jake, who was yelling about a fire and injury but all he heard was “Michael” and “ambulance” at the time. It wasn’t until he was in the hospital that Jenna explained via text what really went down. And god did Jeremy feel bad.

Jeremy had already heard the news, that chances were Michael couldn’t see anymore. He crossed his fingers for some kind of miracle. And then Michael woke up.

“Michael? Buddy? Hey yeah look…open-open your eyes!!”

He gave a strained smile as he stood over Michael. The latter peeled his eyes open as though dry glue were keeping them together. He groaned, “shit…everything hurts what the fuck…”

“Hey Mike! How you feeling?”

“Jeremy?” His eyes lazily scanned the room but focused on nothing. Jeremy knew before his heart could drop, the discoloration in his eyes said it all.

Michael sat up quickly, banging his head into Jeremy’s.

“Michael hey calm-”

“Holy shit I can’t- I can’t see!! Jeremy why can’t I see!? What the fuck it going on?! I can’t– I cant!!” Michael was instantly in a state of panic, his hands clawing at his face in a way that haunted Jeremy’s dreams.

Jeremy grabbed his wrists, “calm down!! Calm down… it’s gonna be ok!”

“Jeremy I can’t fucking see and you think-”

“I know I know I’m sorry, just take a deep breath and I’ll explain everything ok.”

It was hard to ignore the big fat tears that rolled down Michael’s face. He had this look of shock his in eyes, but his expression stayed still and unwavering as he hiccuped for breaths. Jeremy hugged him, promising to help him through this. When Michael calmed down he said one thing only, “this totally blows man.”

Jeremy didn’t even realize he was crying until tears landed in his lap. He looked around, no longer in the painful memory of the hospital. Rather he was on the couch at Michael’s house with said boy leaning up against him. In any other circumstance that’d be a dream. He gave a wet inhale, nearly sobbing into his fist. Shit.


Jeremy wanted to answer him but he couldn’t, his voice would be a dead giveaway. As though his shaking shoulders weren’t enough.

“Hey Jeremy answer me.”

“M-mich-Michael…” he choked out, voice wavering and cracked.

“Aw dude…come here” he was wrapped in warm sweater covered arms. Jeremy started letting out sobs loudly, shaking in Michael’s arms.

“Talk to me Jere… what’s wrong?”

“How can you- can you be so ok with this?!” Deep down he knew Michael wasn’t. But he never showed it besides for the night he woke up.

“After everything I’ve done to you, you still hang out with me?! Hell you- you trust me?! I ruined- destroyed your life and you just- you trust me to be your damn eyes!?”

“I know.”

Jeremy went from a screaming to emotional statements “You can’t fucking see.”

“I know.”

“You can’t do so many things you love anymore.”

“I know.”

“I ruined your life”

“That’s..this wasn’t your fault ok. You can’t keep blaming yourself for this Jeremy.” He ran his hand through Jeremy’s hair and rubbed his back. Two things that usually calmed him down, but now it did nothing.

Jeremy pulled away from the hug, “how can I not?! I’m the reason you were in that stupid fucking bathroom! I’m the reason you were even at the party! I should have gone back! I should have-”

Michael decided to just let Jeremy go off. Let all the emotions of this week out. Jeremy sobbed and yelled about what an awful person, friend, and thing he was. He yelled about how Michael deserved better, how Michael could have been better off, how he should have listened to Michael. Michael Michael Michael. Neither even remembers how long it took Jeremy to calm down or what did it. He was just hiccuping into Michael’s shirt, his face hidden.

“…if you ask me, I couldn’t have a better player one. You’ve been doing such a good job helping me adjust…”

“But I-”

“You’re my best friend Jeremy. I forgive you. You’ve gotta forgive yourself. I know that won’t be now but…start working on it, ok?”

When Jeremy nodded, Michale planted a kiss to his forehead. Then he guided his hand over his face, feeling every inch of Jeremy. Making out his distressed frown, the bags in his eyes, the tears, all of it. Of course all this upset Michael too, hence why he joked around about it so much. But he’d be ok, he had Jeremy.

“Hey now uh..now we have an excuse to get that dog we’ve always wanted.”

Michael snorted and hugged Jeremy closer, “hell to the yeah we do.”

They’ll be ok.

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I forgot to re-send this yesterday, but maybe a MerlinxReader HC of Merlin trying all day to impress you but everything he does (magic or not) goes adorably wrong and it's all fluffy? Iff you're still taking requests. I'm sure you've been bombarded with them already lol

Ok! Sorry for the wait! ❤️

Master list

Imagine: Merlin trying hard to impress you with his magic.

“Come on…” Merlin scowled at his hands, trying to figure out why he couldn’t cast the spell and show you just how beautiful his magic could be. It’s not like he hadn’t done such easy casting before, yet somehow nothing seemed to be going his way today.

You sat across from him in the field, giving him a sympathetic smile. “It’s alright, Merlin. Maybe you’re just tired?”

“No no…that’s not it.”

He sounded troubled, and you could hardly blame him. He was after all, a very powerful warlock. But, everyone has their off days even those destined for greatness. You wanted him to stop to be fairly honest, mainly because today had proven to be more of a lesson in not wielding magic than seeing the good in it. Merlin had tried to show you a trick earlier in the kitchens but all that came about was a swirl of fire that left Merlin a bit singed. And then there was the trick that was meant to make Arthur turn into a donkey, yet all that resulted was no days off for your dear friend.


“Don’t you worry…I’ve got this all-”

A huge puff of smoke and a flash of light was all you saw, and you covered your eyes as the warlock let out a tiny frustrated noise. When you opened your eyes you couldn’t stop from laughing. The young warlock was sitting there, hands cupped together with an annoyed look on his face as nothing but smoke lifted from his palms.

“Oh, Merlin.”

You leaned over the basket of food, grabbing the cloth and dabbing his ash covered face. Merlin blushed a bit at the kind gesture, but he still smiled.

“Thank you…”

“You really don’t have to impress me, you know.”

He seemed rather shocked at your words, somehow not expecting you to catch on to his little game. Truth is, he had tried hard for weeks to catch your attention, and when he finally thought he got it, all his little tricks went awry. He could hardly focus though, whenever he was around you. His heart hammered in his chest, and his hands became clammy with nervousness. He adored you, and you were hands down the most beautiful girl he laid his eyes on. Perhaps that’s why his magical abilities were useless right now. His mind was a mess with thoughts of you.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

You giggled at his failed attempt to divert you. “So, asking me to a lunch in the middle of a forest alone, and trying to show me your magic is just, what? Boredom?”

“No! No of course not…that was just…it was…”

But, he had no proper excuse. At this point it was completely obvious. You sighed, giving him a little grin as you scooted closer to him. Your fingers tangled around his red scarf, and you pulled gently until his face was inches from yours.

“You already have my full affections, Merlin. Believe me.”

The distance between your mouths closed, and you let your eyes flutter closed as the soft feeling of his lips pressed into your own. Merlin took a second to respond, and as you pulled away he sat there with that goofy smile of his that made you fall deeper in love.

“I should get back, before Uther declares war on someone for not getting his dinner.”

Merlin simply nodded, too entranced by his own emotions to fully comprehend your words. He watched you go with a smile on his face, and he sighed happily as he once again cupped his hands together. This time, his magic came to life, and with a swirl of blue a single butterfly flew from his open hands.


A/N: Give me all the cheese!!! 🧀

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can i ask for 15 for mreyder?

Things you said with too many miles between us

The life of a Pathfinder was nothing if not unpredictable. One moment Scott was helping to gather some minerals on Elaaden, the next came an urgent summon to the Nexus or a distress call from the resistance on Voeld. Still, even among all this hecticness – or maybe because of it – he found comfort in establishing a small routine, things repeated almost every single day that helped to ground him no matter in which corner of the galaxy he was at the moment: ungodly amounts of cereal for breakfast, the morning hug from Jaal, feeding the Pyjak forbidden snacks behind Lexi’s back. And of course daily calls to Reyes, right before Scott turned in for the night.

It felt nice to see his lover’s face and hear his voice broadcasted through the infinite void, even if that wasn’t nearly enough to fully quench the longing. They always chatted a bit about what interesting happened to them and joked a little, exchanging cheesy lines or bad puns. Sometimes the conversation took a turn into a naughty territory when they hadn’t seen one another for a long time and were itching for a release.

Scott adored their talks, the time devoted to no one else but each other, the comforting assurance that they both were alive and well, which wasn’t a given with the kind of lifestyle they both lead.  

Today Scott needed to see Reyes more than ever.

Lying on the bed in his quarters, one hand under his head, the other with the omni-tool in front of his face, he told SAM to make the call.

“Good evening, Kadara,” he said as soon as his lover’s smiling face appeared on the display. Reyes must have waited for the call because he picked up almost instantly.

“Ryder. How is my favorite Pathfinder doing today?” he asked in an upbeat tone. But the cheerfulness gradually faded from his face the longer he stared at Scott. He could always read him like a book. “Are you okay?” His words were caring, gentle, inspiring confidence and urging Scott to open up. And Scott needed that kind of encouragement to pour his heart out, the certainty that he would be heard.

“No. Not really,” he sighed, using his omni-tool-free hand to rub at his temple. He wondered if he looked as tired and dispirited as he felt.

“What happened?”

Scott took a deep breath and let the words flow.

“I was on Eos today when I heard that some of the people from the outpost went to explore the remnant ruins, even though I told them over and over again that it’s dangerous and they should stay away. I drove there as fast as I could but…” Scott paused, closing his eyes briefly. When he opened them again, they were filled with anguish. “I arrived too late. The remnants tore them all to shreds right in front of me. I couldn’t do anything, I couldn’t save them. If only I was faster…”

“Scott, stop,” Reyes interrupted him, adamant but still sympathetic. “You can’t blame yourself for their stupidity. What happened wasn’t your fault.”

Scott heaved a sigh. A heavy burden of guilt weighed on his chest, one that he just couldn’t shake off.

“I know. I know, but…” he paused, his mournful eyes telling more than any words could ever do. “I wish you were here with me right now,” he whispered, sounding hopeless and pathetic to his own ears.  

But Reyes looked at him not with scorn, but with tenderness.

“I wish I was.”

The silence that fell between them was full of tension, vibrating with the vastness of space between them, the light years keeping them apart when the only thing they wanted was to be in one another’s arms.

Reyes was first to speak up.


Scott couldn’t hide his surprise when Reyes addresses the AI. Especially when SAM responded.

Yes, Reyes?

“Could you do something for me?”

Yes. As long as it will not go against my programming or against the Pathfinder’s wishes.”

“No, it’s nothing like that. Could you… could you make Scott feel as if I’m holding him? I think he needs that.”


“What? Reye–” Scott gasped when the sensation of being enveloped in a pair of strong arms spread through his body. The pressure against his skin, the warmth, it all felt so real. Scott’s throat clenched as he tried to rein in his emotions. He couldn’t deny though that the weight on his chest became lighter. 

“Better?” Reyes asked.

“Yeah. Thank you.”

“Go to sleep. I’ll watch over you.”

Scott tried to protest, but all it took was a little of gentle coaxing and he finally gave up. He closed his eyes and fell asleep quicker than he would imagine, safe in the imaginary embrace.

Reyes dawdled with ending the call, observing how Scott’s chest moved steadily with every breath he took, the expression on his face peaceful at last.

“SAM?” he asked once again.


“Can you help me with something one more time?”

With what, Reyes?

“Tell me where will you be touching down in the morning.”

* * * 

Of all the things Scott expected to find at the next port, Reyes, who had apparently flown like a madman entire night to get there before him, wasn’t one of them. Surprised, touched and happy, Scott was glad to confirm that no sensory substitute of a hug could compare to the real thing given freely and with love.

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Her Favorite Criminal:Chapter 3

Her jacket was on his couch in a messy heap. She had tossed it there carelessly minutes earlier along with her holster. She wouldn’t need it now. Kagami’s hands were on her shoulders, rubbing circles into her flesh, tracing the pattern of her muscles further down her back.

Sakura felt the sight leave her lips before she knew what she was doing. She bit back the moan and closed her eyes, content to let her former partner use his hands on her body however he saw fit. She trusted him for this, even as his hands edged deeper and deeper.

Her teeth locked onto her lower lip and stayed there, holding back the moan she wanted to let go. This was all she wanted. No more reports, no more work, just…fun.

“That’s enough uncle, you’re making it gross.”

Kagami looked up from Sakura’s back and smirked. “You’re jealous you don’t get these anymore, or do you wish you were the one who actually knew how to perform a halfway decent massage on our favorite Sakura blossom.”

Sakura looked up from her folded arms and glared over her shoulder at Kagami. “Who said you could stop? I still have knots.”

“As you wish, princess,” the older Uchiha laughed before kissing the back of her head.

Shisui scowled, but made room on a spare chair for himself as he resolved to stay with Sakura while his uncle teased him mercilessly. It was so easy to misinterpret those sounds she made from his office and it drove him insane if left up to his imagination.

“You shouldn’t even still be here, Sakura,” Shisui began, convinced to not make his presence in her room weird. “You’ve been working double shifts with Sasuke, boy wonder, just because he has issues compensating for something.”

Sakura didn’t look up from her arms when she replied. “I don’t mind.”

“I mind. Does he not care what he’s doing to your health?”

“Shisui, I’m on the police force, my health is not a primary concern, otherwise I would have been a secretary.”

Kagami made a dismissive sound behind her as he found a knot and worked it over. Sakura bit her lip and kept her head down as the pressure turned nearly uncomfortable.

“My most favorite nephew is right, you’re overworked. And I know you don’t want anyone taking it easy on you because you are a girl, there’s only so much you can do with a human body, regardless of sex or gender. You’re going to need a break sooner or later.”

“Are you lecturing Sasuke like this?”

Shisui snorted. “No one here cares about that prick enough. We’re happy enough to let him learn the hard way the importance of taking a rest every now and then. I just don’t want to see him drag you down with him. I think even Itachi would kill him if you got hurt because of Sasuke’s stubbornness.”

“I’m resting and relaxing now, aren’t I?”

Kagami huffed angrily, pausing in his work. “A ten minute tune up with me is no such thing. I’m not even using any of my oils or proper treatments. You said you wanted something quick.”

“We’re getting briefed at noon.”

“You just got off the night owl shift.”

Sakura yawned into her arms before looking up at Shisui’s shocked expression. “Don’t look so surprised. I’ve known you to pull a triple every now and then. Besides, after the brief I’m heading home as soon as Obito gives his presentation.”  

“Speaking of Sasuke…where is he?” Kagami asked.

Sakura murmured something that sounded like ‘I don’t know’ into her arms before lifting her head. “It’s my time to summarize a brief for our team. He went home.”

“What the fuck is wrong with him?” Shisui hissed, nearly standing up in his anger. “How does he rate? You were both at the last briefing.”

“Yeah, it was his turn, but it was about a case I was angling so I wanted to be there to hear it for myself. He takes the worst notes.”

“So, because he does a shit job you end up covering extra slack,” Shisui dryly summarized, looking ready to throttle his younger cousin the next time they met.

There were few people that could get Shisui so genuinely annoyed as quickly as Sasuke Uchiha. Not only was he a pretentious child that annoyed Shisui whenever he came over to play with Itachi, but Sasuke also had the stupidly good fortune of securing Sakura freaking Haruno as a partner.

The fact that she had feelings for him was little less than secret as far as eligible Uchiha men were concerned. The fact that Sasuke didn’t return the feelings made a lot of other Uchiha feel like Sasuke was making a waste out of his good fate. Shisui was inclined to think something more along the lines of it all being fine in the end. It was Sasuke’s choice, and his decision to squander the girl’s affection did nothing but make it easier for someone else to come in and look impressive. 

Since last year’s undercover wedding operation it seemed like any potential romance between the two of them was improbable and Shisui felt inclined to not encourage Sakura’s feelings any more if Sasuke passed up on indulging her. Thankfully, Sakura seemed to recover with time.

Sasuke did a lot of annoying things, but the worst was how little he seemed to notice Sakura’s needs or value the contributions he took for granted from her. He even forgot her birthday last year. They had been practically raised together and he still missed her birthday.

“If you need to, you could always partner up with me again,” Kagami chuckled. “I’m sure Obito wouldn’t mind the extra company.”

“How is Obito doing? I haven’t seen him recently. If you think I’m burning the candle at both ends you need to take a second look at that guy.”

“Hmm, one of his informants, a PI has been having some pretty nasty breaks. Great for us, terrible for the PI and his six recovering gunshot wounds.”

Sakura hissed, reminding herself to send flowers to Kakashi. The old goat refused to die, but she worried nevertheless. Being a former officer, he was a quick wit with minor difficulties in respecting chains of authority. The PI gig was pretty recent.

“Who’s in the hallway?” Sakura mumbled.

Kagami paused on her back and Shisui sat up, hearing the running feet as well. Seconds later one of the younger officers staggered in. “The briefing just got moved up, there’s been a development!”

“What sort?” Shisui asked, already standing.

The younger officer stammered before reaching into his pocket and pulling out the crumpled sticky note. “Something about a Kabuto sighting.”

Kagami felt Sakura jerk under him and wanted nothing more than to force her down and make her sleep, because he knew once she heard that name there was nothing that could hold her back. He held onto her as she sat up and glared like some mythic demon.

“Where?” she demanded in a low growl.


Sakura pushed Kagami off and reached for her holster and jacket. There was no way she was going to rest now that she’s heard that name.

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Is Love Enough (part 6- fluffy finale)

Words: 1.5k

Summary: Crowley visits Sam and Dean while possessing your body.

A/N: This is the fluffy finale. There is an alternative angst finale as well because I couldn’t decide which way to go; so I wrote both. Sue me. (Pls don’t, I have no money) Master tag list is at the end; let me know if you’d like to be added.


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anonymous asked:

(1/3) Any advice you could give me? I'm an INTJ and I've been in quite the Se grip for quite a few months, and being aware of it makes it even worse. I stress-eat and so I've gained quite some weight as well. The main reason for this is that I've been thrown off my "juju" (if that makes sense) and failed to make my intricate schedule prior to this college sem (For various reasons. Mainly guys. This is why I cannot date. I cannot focus my energy on two things at once. Also emotions ???)

(2/3) I’m quite stressed in result of the lack of structure and also, I’ve been lacking in performance lately. Simply put, it’s a matter of “I’m going to fail, it’s not going to be perfect. So why should I even try?”. I understand this mindset isn’t healthy, and it’s not how I usually am. I hate not being at my best and not doing anything worthwhile. So I am under constant stress, stress-eating and over-indulging to cope, hating myself for not taking action, and the cycle continues.
(3/3) I’ve tried to come up with ideas myself but… I think it’d be better and more comforting even, to hear from someone else how I can get myself out of this horrid rut? Thank you for your answer, I appreciate it and your blog.


INFJ: Hey there, INTJ. So when I get this type of questions, I end up talking about what has worked for me or what has work for people around me, since that’s the best mark of quality I can offer. However, I understand different people work differently and maybe not all of this helps. But if there is something in my words that help you regain your steps, I’ll be a happy camper.

First things first, something you already know: you’ve made some not-so-good choices that took you were you are now. I am quite sure that some circumstances had a bad effect on you, which mix in the rut you are talking about. I’ve seen that in my INTJ. So my first advise is to understand one thing, without falling in the next one:

  • Understand that your present self is a product of your past choices.
  • Understand that hating on your past and present self isn’t gonna help your future you. (In the end, we are here to try to make things easier to future you).This is harder than what it looks like. 

[Geek example, ignore if you don’t need it(?): There is this thing in games called Random Number Generator, that makes things a little random sometimes. When you are playing an strategy game and you get your fair amount of bad luck. Maybe your attack didn’t hit your opponent three times in a row and you loose because of it. That sucks. Would things had been different in other circumstances? Probably, yes. But you see, you can’t control RNG, the same way you can’t control some of the things that happen to you. What you can do, is prepare the best strategy you can possibly make, and try your very best every moment. Okay, geek off].

The second thing I’d recommend is reading my last post about overthinking if you haven’t already. You can find it here. 
There are some points that might help, and for starters, I really, really, really recommend you to go for a walk everyday. It’s a great predecesor to create the habit if exercising. It does sound like there is a little too much serotonin in your brain at all times lately and not quite enough endorphins there. Going for a walk everyday can be hell, but I am confident you can do it. At lest ten minutes. As they say in Bojack Horseman: “It gets easier. You have to do it everyday. That’s the hard part. But it does get easier”. This might take a while, but exercise helps with:

- Sleep problems.
- Training your will.
- Making you feel better.
- Keeping your mind at a your very best.

As I said, this might be difficult at first. Don’t beat yourself if the day ends and you haven’t gone for a walk. That is like blaming RNG, won’t help. Just plan the walk you are gonna take first things first the next day, and do it.

This brings me to my next point: your J is frozen. So let’s bring some warmth! I want you to find a place where you can write. A piece of paper works, but if you have a notebook you can use, that might be better. I want you to stop reading this when I give you directions, and come back when you are done, okay? For around five minutes, try to put in this piece of paper every task you’d been procrastinating that is making your mind feel shitty. It might be laundry, it might be signing up for a gym, it might be buying one particular text book.

Do it now. I’ll wait here till you are done.

Are you done? (If you just want to keep reading that’s okay too, just do it later, alright?) Now, I want you to do one of two things (even both). This is since I’ve watch that one works for some people and the other one for others:

  1. Divide each task in one of each of this pairs: important-not important, urgent-not urgent.
  2. Put next to each task how long it’s gonna take you. If you are not quite sure, try to switch it in “5 mins, 10 mins, 30 mins, one hour, unknown”. 

If you completed the first instruction, you’ll have a list of things you need to get done right now (important-urgent). This is your fire zone (my INTJ gets dizzy after dealing with this one for too long). If you feel in a constant feel of urgent things, where everything is important, you’ll eat out your willpower and then it will be hell to seat down and make an action plan because your mind will be burn-out. This is probably the case, so we are gonna take things slow. Don’t put in your plate more than you can eat. As well as going for the walks I talked about, you are going to do one thing of this category each day. You can do more if you feel like it, but for a start, every night before (or every morning of the day in question, whatever works for you) you are gonna choose which task you wanna get done the next day. And then, try to get it that the day in question. At the same time, I recommend doing as a secondary quest, one of the tasks in the important-non urgent category (this is the category I feel like you should be in). But this is a secondary mission. Do it only if you can, or if one day you feel like you can’t do your primary mission and there is a task for the secondary you could get done.

When the first week is over, how about you come back and talk to us? Maybe we ca try a little review of your week. Has this worked? Do you have any suggestion? Do you want further advise? I’ll be glad to help if I can, and give out more tips if I find some that might help. Sorry if it this was weirdly written. You really got this, okay? Just follow the first step and keep going.

PS: You can obviously talk to us before one week goes by. I mean, whenever you need. 

Now, up with you!


INTJ: I don’t feel like there’s much for me to offer other than my own personal experience. That stage was hell for me, too, and I know it sucks hearing that it’s not so important because our future and aspirations are important. But you can handle this. And it does get better. 

Super old Kakashi scenario for my fam @batmanruth that she let me slack on (tysm) but it’s finally done yayyyyyyy. Don’t remember the exact request something like ‘Kakashi getting angry at his s/o after a mission because she jumped to help him when he told them to leave and scolding her’ and angst/fluff(?) proceeds:

Kakashi Hatake

The sun is slipping out of the sky by the time Kakashi is done with reports at the Hokage office. He’s fatigued, he’s starving, but he pushes all those annoyances aside because he needs to see her.

He admits he probably should have kept his temper in check, especially on a mission. It’s not like him to let incidents on duty provoke him to blow up like he did, but he couldn’t help it. How could she be so stupid? How could she ignore everything he had told her?

He’s usually better about these things. The surge of anger that stopped him right in the middle of the battlefield should have been easy to brush off, he should have been able to save the reprimanding for later, but he couldn’t.

As soon as she jumped in front of him he could barely think, and wouldn’t have processed what had even happened if not for his sharingan. That’s what’s even more frustrating, because he should have been the smart one, the careful one. He should have been able to see what was coming. And now because of that, she’s in the hospital. Not only that, but he probably tarnished her reputation in front of their entire squad while chastising her, telling her not to make such stupid, brash decisions, and to stay out of his way.

That’s what troubles him the most, that he lashed out at her. And for what? Sure, she shouldn’t have abandoned her own duty to intervene with his. She should have followed orders and retreated like he told her to, but the battle was rather chaotic anyway, and everyone was all over the place. She was only guilty of looking out for her comrades, looking out for him, and he knows he would have done the same if he had been in her position.

The nurses greet him when he arrives at the medical center, and he doesn’t even need to ask before they direct him to a room at the very end of the hall. He’s never liked the idea of the entire village being informed on his romantic life, though it does come in handy.

He stops outside the door and considers the situation. He hadn’t really thought about what he wanted to say before arriving, he just knew he wanted to be here. And he’s never good at these sort of things, most of his attempts at reconciliation are impromptu, and it’s usually sufficient, but something feels different this time.

Reticently, he sighs, understanding he can only delay this for so long until he caves in. It’s not like this is a bother anyway, he wants to do this. It’s been bothering him ever since they arrived back in the village, he just doesn’t know how to make it better.

He walks in a second later, hands thrust in his pockets, mustering the courage to look her right in the eyes. She’s sitting up in her bed, bandages around her arms, a smaller one over her forehead.

The medic ninjas did quite a good job, she’s nowhere near as bad as she looked when they came back from the mission. He’d heard there were no internal injuries, but that didn’t really matter to him. The fact she was injured at all was enough to overwhelm his frustration with her. He really feels stupid.

“What is it,” she practically spits at him.

Wow, he thinks. Excellent start.

“Well,” he says as he ventures further into the room, “I thought I would come see you.”

“Why? To yell at me again?” she mutters.

As he approaches her side, she looks away from him and out the window. “No, not that.”

She sighs inwardly but doesn’t respond, still refusing to look at him. “I don’t want to talk to you right now, Kakashi.”

“Well, that complicates thing.” He ignores the scowl on her face as he takes a seat on the edge of the bed. “Because I want to talk to you.”

She huffs and again averts her gaze. It’s not that she doesn’t want to hear what he has to say, because although he’s not the easiest to forgive—a consequence of his awful attempts at making amends— she knows he’s come to apologize. To the best of his ability, of course.

He really wishes she’d give him something to go off of. There’s a multitude of things she could, and should be upset about, he just doesn’t know what to say first. “You know I only reprimanded you because it was dangerous.”

“I wasn’t going to leave you there, Kakashi.”

“I was your acting captain, and I gave you an order to follow.” He doesn’t like how she’s using his name like that. It’s very telling of her agitation; she only uses it during critical times like this. “I know why you did it, but you shouldn’t have—“

“What’s that thing you told me once, Kakashi? About not abandoning your comrades?”

Well he should have known she’d pull that card on him. And it was true, but it was different when it came to her. She was more than just a comrade, so while he can understand the principle behind his own words, there’s more on the line when it comes to her. “You could have been hurt, _____. More than you were.”

“And you could have too, you could have died.” Well, maybe not. But that’s how she’d seen it. She’d panicked and given it no sensible thought before jumping in to help him. She was just scared.

“And you don’t think you could have either?” His voice takes on a bitter edge. “I knew how dangerous it was, which is the exact reason I ordered you to retreat.”

“I don’t understand why you would berate me like you did! Maybe I didn’t expect a thank you, but I definitely didn’t expect you to blow up on me, and just completely demean me like that.” Her voice is harsh, well above the tolerance she’d retained, or tried to retain, up until now.

He sighs. “I’m sorry for that. I am. You can understand why I was angry, though.”

“You would have done the same for me, wouldn’t you?”

Again, he expected that. And there’s no way he can dispute it. “Yeah, I would have.”

“So don’t pretend like what I did was such a bad thing, Kakashi.”

“It was a bad thing,” he snaps. “It was naïve.”

“Oh, so now I’m naïve? I see.”

“No,” he sighs in frustration. “Your decision. It could have cost you your life, maybe others in the process—“

“But it didn’t!”

“_____,” he speaks her name in earnest, partly to relay the severity of this, partly to discreetly shush her because she’s practically scolding him now. He doesn’t really like the idea of the entire hospital knowing his business, plus the gravity of this dispute is bothering him. He doesn’t want to fight. He doesn’t like fighting with her. Though a consequence of his own wrongdoings, he’s still going to try to fix this as efficiently and genially as possible. “I’m sorry. You know I wouldn’t have acted out if I didn’t have to.”

“And you didn’t have to.”

“No, I did. Because it’s my job as your superior to protect you, to make sure you’re safe. And…” He does feel quite silly saying it, but the disquiet in her eyes is forcing him to cast aside any emotional detachment that keeps him from passion, especially at times like this. “I already can’t forgive myself for almost putting you in danger—more than I already did, I guess. Or more than you did, really.” Her little glare isn’t subsiding. Oops. “All in all, you have to know I did it because I was afraid. Watching you run in there, it scared me.” Just say it, he scolds himself. “You know I didn’t want to lose you out there.”

What a relief, at least he had the conviction to say that much. He could say a dozen other things, more warmhearted, more convincing. He wants to show her how much he cares but of course, the doubt from his own emotions holds him back. He’s just not good at this sort of thing.

That definitely trumps the line of discourse she had prepared for this inevitable squabble. But he makes it so difficult when his feeble and haphazard attempts at making reparations somehow pull her heart strings, and make the tension surrounding this ordeal suddenly seem ridiculous.

“I know. It’s just…” And then more than when he’d chastised her, more than when he’d admonished her in front of the entire squad, there’s an outrage she can’t shake off. “I don’t know why you would even tell us—me to retreat. You know I couldn’t leave you, Kakashi. You know that’s not something I would have been able to do, or live with if something had happened to you.”

And thanks to her, nothing did. He’s sure a few impediments could have been avoided if she hadn’t jumped in so brashly, but she’d provided a distraction—not a very calculated one—which served as their means to escape. So while the grievance is still there, because she had no right to put her life on the line for him, it’s the reason they’re both here.

She rubs her thumb over a dark bruise on her arm. Kakashi’s resolve is unsettled with guilt once again when he realizes that he came out of the battle unscathed. The self-reproach seeps its way into his conscience again and it drives his sentimentality.

“And those are my thoughts exactly, ____. I wasn’t going to risk you getting hurt, you and the rest of the squad. I understand why you did it. So try to understand why I gave you the order in the first place, and why I blew up when you didn’t follow it.”

“Just don’t make me do that again… Don’t scare me like that again.”

Part of him is relieved at the calm in her voice, the lack of tension that had been so prevalent when he walked in. The other part aches because she sounds so grim. He hadn’t meant to impair her peace of mind, though he’s by no means in a pleasant place either now. But he’s willing to overlook her indiscretions as a subordinate in favor of appreciating her sentiment as his lover.

“As long as you don’t scare me like that again,” he says. “I’ll try.”

He’s concerned that it’s not good enough for her, but she smiles. “Why do you always put the blame back on me?”

Even the lighthearted tone is reassuring. “I won’t say it’s because it’s usually your fault… but…” He doesn’t need to finish before she’s frowning, and they’ve regained the ease he so hoped to find by the end of the conversation. However, he knows better than to assume amends have been secured so fast.

“I still don’t know if that’s enough to compensate for how you embarrassed me,” she says. “Can you imagine those guys talking about how mean you are? How unprofessional that was? How dumb I am?”

Truthfully, he has pondered it. It’s not just her, but to lose his composure like he did and reprimand her, not just as a shinobi, but as a significant other—it was probably much more dramatic than he remembers it to be. He’s sure he’ll overhear gossip about it at some point.

“Hmmm while they may be right about that last part, I wouldn’t worry about it too much.” He smirks when she makes to punch his shoulder, but she remembers she’s supposed to be bed-ridden and injured. He’s quite enjoying this.

“But I am worried about it, and I want you to make it up to me.”

“Make it up to you huh?”

She nods, and he eyes her curiously. It would be easy enough to just resort to more wisecracks to get out of this, but he knows she’s not kidding. He knows he’ll have to atone in some way beyond the sincerity of what he’s said here.

“Like what?” he asks, preparing for something ludicrous and out of his zone of comfort, because what else should he expect?

She says nothing, but the way she pats her lips and makes those little kissy noises is more than enough for him, and he’s shaking his head before she can even blink.

“I don’t think so,” he says as he stands from the bed, inadvertently reaching for his mask and assuring that it’s secure. It’s a bad habit she’s pushed onto him. If they were at home and by themselves, she’d try to reach and tug it down. Now he’s constantly paranoid. Again, everything is always her fault.

“What do you mean?” she gripes. “You owe me that much.”

“Too many people around. Too risky.”

“We’re alone.”

“A shinobi must always remain vigilant.”

She’s frowning again, more like pouting, but with the bandage on her face she doesn’t look very cute, maybe a little threatening, in fact. He’s looking forward to when she gets it off so he can tease her without feeling the sting of guilt every time he sees the wounds. But it’s a slow process, he’s learned. Better not to rush it in hopes that it’ll help ease the tension.

“Where are you going?” she asks as he steps away.

“You shouldn’t be here for too much longer, I don’t think. I think I’ll go finish up some reports in the meantime.” Now the frown is sincere, and he can tell she’s dismayed with how quick he is to retreat from this little skirmish. “What? I still have to make it up to you, right? I’ll need to get my responsibilities out of the way so I’m free for the rest of the night.”

Damn, he’s good at this, even when he’s not trying. She tries to read the connotation in that statement, always so ambiguous, but the wit and promise in his voice is all the same.

“Fine.” She settles back comfortably into her bed. “Just make it quick.”

“Yes ma’am.”

And as he leaves the hospital he’s relieved that it was much easier than he expected, though no less distressed by the fact it happened at all. He knows he’ll have to watch himself next time, even if it’s a difficult resolve to make. When it comes to her, he’s not sure he can keep his own promises. He’d be willing to endure another lecture like that if it meant keeping her safe, anyway.

In Which Obi-Wan Realizes That This Is Not A Dream

Ben Kenobi woke up.

It was still a novel sensation, even after three weeks. He had, perhaps naively, assumed that once he died, waking up would no longer be an option. It was a pleasure that he had not previously paid much attention to. He yawned contentedly, watching the first glimmers of the Coruscant sunrise light up his old room, and ran a hand through the old familiar spikes of the Padawan haircut. He pulled himself out of bed and silently went about getting ready for the day, smiling to himself at the sounds of Qui-Gon Jinn doing the same from the other side of their quarters.

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anonymous asked:

I know KS is well you already know but I actually want to continue it just cause I'm curious on how it'll end /or who will end up dead first/ but the thing is... we are allowed to like what we like right? As long you know what's real and what isn't it?

I’m of the opinion that people simplify this issue too much. Consuming problematic media is not inherently wrong, but it’s not just enough to know “what’s real and what isn’t”.

Now, this is one particular issue in which I use my own behavior as a model, but note that I am not going to try and claim that my views are the ‘correct one’ or that my approach is better than others. However, I would just like to offer to everyone who worries about this some insight into a philosophy that isn’t quite so black-and-white as others I have seen.  

Basically, like every ask I ever receive, the answer’s going to be long, so hang on, Anon. Please note that Google Chrome ‘ran out of memory’ while I was writing this post, so if anything cuts off at a weird point, I just lost that portion and didn’t notice…

 More below the cut:

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intimacy || a bliv oneshot

They’re talking about their humanity again. 

It’s one of those bothersome topics that can actually disturb his cultivated charm. It’s no consolation to remember something you can never have again. He is growing accustomed to his new biology, but little pieces of being a fully-fledged human filter through his walls and pester his peace, especially at night, when he just lies and stares at the ceiling. He imagines she does the same.

He does not believe there is a cure for what he is, inside and out. But he hasn’t told her yet. He lets her dream of something better. She hasn’t figured out he’s a complete cynic, and for some reason, he likes it that way. Sometimes, her round big eyes stare up at him with hope, even if they’re constantly clouded by suspicion and disbelief. He is a member of her kind, after all, and he made her. She looks to him for some kind of normality, almost out of instinct.

It shouldn’t please him this much. He should quash that glimmer of hope inside of her. He should be proud of his new, improved status. Go with the strokes. Feed, profit, repeat. 

Liv Moore is cute. But not that cute, and certainly not worth further consideration.

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E - Endearing

(Dean & Cas, ticklish!Dean, ticklish!Cas, tiny!octo!Cas)

Oh geez, don’t even get me started on tiny!ticklish!octo!Cas, because this is what happens, this wasn’t even on my list for a drabble but blame wordstrings’  and everyone else’s too adorable headcanons. Ugh help. (Also I saw a headcanon that octo!Cas is telepathic (and he doesn’t telepathate all the time, only when he needs to) but doesn’t actually talk, which I like, so that’s what I’m going with BECAUSE IT COMBINES COMMUNICATION AND QUTE LITTLE OCTOPUS NOISES ugh ignore my spelling I JUST GET SO EXCITED.)

~ ~ ~

Dean isn’t surprised when Cas scrambles up on the bed. It seems as though he spends every other night in Dean’s room, or in Sam’s when he isn’t around. He’s even less surprised when the little octopus creeps up onto his bare shoulder, because it’s one of his favorite places to be. The others are Dean’s hair, which he loves to sit and tangle his tentacles in, and his belly. When Dean asked about that one, Cas had replied that his stomach was soft and warm and comfy, like a pillow. If anyone else called him soft Dean thinks he would be offended, but the octo had said it so wide-eyed and earnestly that he really can’t mind.

He gives Cas a smile before turning back to his book, one that he’s actually reading for fun, for once. Cas peers curiously at the title before making his way down Dean’s torso to settle on his belly. He stops right in the center and flops down with a content coo, one of his tentacles slipping into Dean’s navel and making him hold back a laugh. “Stop it, that feels funny,” Dean scolds, though Cas looks too tired to care. His torso is curled inward and each of his tentacles are curled up into small balls, and he’s so damn cute that Dean just chuckles and gives Cas a little head rub. He purrs, but hooks his tentacle tighter around the lip of Dean’s belly button when he tries to pull it away, so Dean sighs and resigns himself to being tickled a bit for the foreseeable future, since Cas’ tentacles tend to twitch when he’s sleeping.

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One Last Joke (Part 1)

From the author (@helixthepamster):

I haven’t written a fanfic in like 3 year and I’ve decided to break that record because I absolutely LOVE the Undertale Mob!AU art and stories created by @junkpilestuff and @nyublackneko , as well as the Kitten and The Don fics written by @lumiere-and-luna . Their works really inspired me a lot, so based on the current info about Don G’s background, I’ve decided to write this short, rather angsty “What If” fic about Don G’s Papyrus, who seems to have been gone by the time Don G met Kitten. Hope you enjoy and if there’s anything I can improve on do let me know! ^^; 

(If you’re interested, visit my Fanfiction account for other stories I’ve written, non-Undertale related tho)


No… please stop…

His voiceless plea echoed in his skull, his body numb with rage and another emotion he dared not name. Darkness was slowly encroaching from all sides. The insides of his sockets were beginning to feel wet while a warm but different kind of liquid spilled onto his hands before it evaporated into fine grains of dust.


Despite the immense powers he wielded, he could stop neither from happening. Not the darkness, the tears nor the blood.

Please… no…

Living as a shadow of this blood-stained underground world, he always reminded himself something like this could happen, but nothing could prepare him for the pain that wrecked his monster heart.

He was weak.

He was pathetic.

And this was the price of his incompetence.

“Nyeheh…,” his boney brother let out a terrifyingly weak chuckle, blood trickling along his mandible as he spoke, nudging his jaw towards the red, battered automobile in front of them that was on fire. “S-seem like I messed up this time. A-and everyone is… I’m… I’m sorry…”

“Don’t say that… It doesn’t look too bad, you know we’ve seen worse.” The young Don G reassured whilst looking down at the skeleton monster in his arms , who’s body was littered with deep gaping wounds, and shrugged casually. His expertise in keeping stone-faced came unexpectedly handy in restraining his turbulent feelings. He kept his one good eye on Papyrus’s pale colored heart, watching its vitality fade whilst the cracks covering it widened with every passing second, just like the ones that lined his brother’s face.

Don’t do this to me… don’t you dare…

Shit. He was scared.

F***ing scared.

“I… haven’t eaten your spaghetti for dinner yet. I did… say I’ll be back for that. Man, I'm… I’m starving.”

It was getting harder to speak. He’s usually more adept at lying than this.

“You haven’t… visited Grillby’s new shop right? He wanted your feedback on his new menu. We should swing by later… That’s an order.”

Papyrus’s single eye roamed his brother’s face sadly through his broken pair of glasses. “Sans-”

“NO!” G suddenly bellowed, his anguished cry sliced the air between them upon hearing his former name.

Papyrus was the only one who would call him that.

The bigger monster felt droplets of his brother’s tears land on his forehead as G curled his shaking, skeletal frame, hugging the only real family he has left closer, a feeble attempt to ward off death. But another second passed and gone was Papyrus’s legs, swept along by an unforgiving bout of wind. Pain flitted across Papyrus’s features, his heart breaking for a different reason now as he leaned forward and rested his head on G’s shoulders. It was all that he could do for everything else hurt. He wanted so much to comfort his brother then, to show him that’s it’s ok… but his body refused.

A distant crash of thunder was heard and the night skies grew even darker, their soulless surrounding illuminated only by the flaming car and the ever-silent moon that bore witness to the horrific massacre that took place just moments ago. The Don’s favorite crowbar laid beside him, drenched in the blood and dust of others, but as useless as its owner now.

“We just got to get help,” G grunted lowly between gritted teeth, trying in vain to mask his panic once more. “Don Toriel has higher healing magic, or maybe Dr. Alphys’s… I don’t know!” He cried out in desperation, raising a quivering, holed hand to press against the aching void where his right eye could have been. “J-just hold on. I’ll take us-”

Long, white phalanges suddenly curled around his wrist bone firmly with a familiar gentle touch, stopping G midway from teleporting.

“The last thing I want… is to talk to you… a little more… brother…” Papyrus’s voice was softer now but he still gave G a warm smile, his grip on his sibling not letting up till the Don sat back down on the cold, cobblestone road. 

“I… I should have stayed instead of going on that trip. I should have known that this- Dammit! I should have returned earlier!” G bitterly said, each word bit out with bone-crushing regret so heavy his rib cage heaved in an effort to breathe.

“That’s… a lot of ‘should have’s’.” Arching a brow bone, Papyrus sighed, “It’s… not your fault. T-they pulled off… an impressive surprise attack… just to take you down.”

G couldn’t understand how Papyrus could still beam back at him with brotherly pride despite choking a little on his own blood. And every minute movement Papyrus’s head made, he noticed more dust formed from all the smaller cracks that covered his skeletal structure… especially the one that dangerously ran across his cervical vertebra. G’s body turned even colder at the thought of it finally breaking. He was torn between wanting Papyrus to continue talking and the fact that he should stop the conversation to preserve whatever life force he had left.

“S-so… stop blaming yourself… Promise me, brother…”

He heard Papyrus’ worried request and instinctively, the Don hid his grimace with a blank face and looked away, wishing he had the shadow of his fedora to hide his gaze but it was lost somewhere during the fight. Finger bones dug deeply into the injured skeleton’s tattered and checkered blazer and Papyrus let out another resigned sigh.

The G before him looked less like the Don and more like the young, inexperienced and lost monster that Papyrus remembered.

“Stubborn as always…I g-guess that will never change… If I had the strength I’d beat some common sense into you. Nyeh… you’d usually retort with a pun…by now,” Papyrus smiled, wincing a little. He could no longer feel anything below his chest, his neck region hurts and his fingers were starting to grow numb. “Hey…. what was… that joke you were trying to tell me before?”

G glanced back at his brother, his facial expression looking even emptier than before as he shook his head uncertainly, “I… I don’t know… I can’t think of any…”

The bespectacled skeleton’s characteristic wide smile faltered for a brief moment. Papyrus opened his mouth slightly, but hesitantly closed it back. More of his dust scattered across the ground and a heavy, grave silence loomed over them, reminding both of the inevitable before it was abruptly washed away by the two words G never thought he’d hear Papyrus say:

“… Knock, knock.”


A strange and slight twitching sensation was felt in the hole of his left hand. Immediately, hard, ivory fingers of his other hand swung and swiftly grabbed onto a contrastingly soft, flesh-covered hand unmercifully, pulling his ‘attacker’ down towards him. Brilliant amber flame lit up from within the depths of his left eye socket as Don G woke in his armchair lazily, unfazed by the fact that he was suddenly staring back at the face of the human just inches away. They seemed a little startled at first but soon returned his piercing gaze fearlessly, despite the obviously dangerous amount of dark magical aura mixed with unbridled bloodlust that was seeping out from within his core and bones.

“What do you think you’re doing… Kitten.”


Part 1/ Part 2 (END)

Fate Grand Order America - Chapter 19 translations

Yes, I’m that easy. I’ll bend over backwards for just a little appreciation, a tiny bit of acknowledgement. I’ll spend three hours on something just for a few moments of satisfaction when people thank me for what I have done. Do I have severe mental and psychological issues? Yes. Have I thought about it? Every moment I’m not distracting myself with, say, translations. Do I want to touch that can of worms with a five-feet pole? Hell no. If this is what Arjuna feels like, I sure feels sorry for the guy. Still dislike him though. 

This chapter is looooong. Plus Cu’s Yankee talk, Merlin’s poetry, Arjuna’s keigo, Rama’s…old whatever shit, and I’m pissed off. Especially with Cu’s gangster-speak. Now I don’t even want to roll him…

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The Repetition of Mirrors: A Strange Magic One Shot

Alternatively Titled: In Which a Reflection is Consulted, a Person is Remembered and a Name is Practiced

This wasn’t supposed to happen. Let’s just make this clear. This wasn’t supposed to happen. I’m already feeling all stupid and insecure about my writing, and wasn’t going to do anything for a bit. Or maybe I was… I don’t know. But the idea came to me today and hit me so hard and so fast that there was nothing to do but write it. And so I valiantly put all my work to the side, sat down, and one hour later this was produced. Is it my best… I’m not sure. But if I didn’t get it out, I didn’t know what I was going to do.

This is simply a one shot and is not connected to any further stories I have planned. Because, if you remember- never supposed to happen… 

Dedicated to the wonderful and talented Suzie-Guru who has been cheering me on endlessly, and who has been partaking in a ‘let’s see who can hurt the other person more with feels’ battle with me. Which has been a torturous treat, let me tell you. 

Thanks girl! I truly appreciate it!

And as you know, sometimes the only way a writer can thank someone is by writing. 

So, here you go!

P.S. Super nervous to post this, but I haven’t posted anything for a bit and I want to make sure that I get something out before I go and work on other things. 

Thanks to you all for dealing with me and dealing with my screwy time schedule! YOU’RE ALL AWESOME!

He practiced in the mirror. Constantly.

“I am the Bog King.”

It was so much easier now that there was a mirror to practice to. There used to never be, his own face a catalyst for too many memories, boiling hot, melting sand into glass. But Marianne had insisted.

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Sorry I’m Late (Part 4/?)  (Stark/Rogers/Banner x reader)

Part 3

In the weeks to come, you and Steve had become inseparable, and Tony was clearly uncomfortable with it. You had spent your days working with them and Bucky to find leads on who had sent them the information on you, though you were coming up with nothing.  Days of work had become longer and longer, and it had finally reached a point that filled the hours with nothing but frustration.

“Okay, you know what? I think we all need to take a step back and reset,” Tony sighed, rubbing the fatigue from his eyes.  “I feel like we’re just talking in circles now.”

“I’m sorry, you guys, I’m really trying,” you said with a yawn, leaning back in your chair to stretch your tired and aching muscles.  Steve stood from his chair next to you and moved to gently rub your shoulders.  You closed your eyes and let the sensation take over, and you felt your body relax almost immediately.  “Although, if this is the reward I get for trying, I’m ready to keep going,” you mumbled quietly.

Bucky stood as well, walking past Steve with a firm slap to his arm, “I think we should all be rewarded in that case,” he laughed.  “Why the special treatment for (Y/N), hmm, Steve?”

“I think you know damn well why,” Tony huffed, throwing his tablet down on his workstation and storming through the door without any further explanation.  The three of you exchanged confused glances before you shrugged Steve’s hands away and stood to follow after him.

“I think it’s that time,” you said, “I’ve been putting off this conversation for too long.”


When you reached the doors and looked in each direction down the long corridors, there was no sight of Tony. You hadn’t become too familiar with the tower yet, other than how to get to common places like the kitchen and lab, and back to your own room.  You wanted to have this conversation on your own, and if you asked Steve to help you find him, you knew that he would want to stay.


“Yes, Miss (Y/N)?  How can I help you?”

“This is so weird,” you mumbled to yourself.  “Hi, um, yeah, could you maybe please help me find Mr. Stark?”

After only a few seconds, the reply came, but how she spoke sent an odd sensation through you. “(Y/N), your father is in the library.”

Your father.  

He wasn’t really your father yet, at least not in your mind or in your heart.  He was Tony.  He was the man that you knew of only through your mother, who spoke of him as if he were the worst enemy to you beyond even what you were told of Steve.  Seeing how blatant of a lie that was, you knew that Tony would be nothing of what you had expected when you arrived, and it was time to change your point of view.  

The library was dark when you entered; so much so that you thought maybe FRIDAY had been wrong. “Tony?”

“I’m here,” he said quietly from a corner at the back of the room.  “I see you’ve learned how to talk to FRIDAY?”

“It’s a little strange still, but yeah.”

A light came on, making you squint slightly at the change, but it was quickly apparent to you that Tony was not himself.  His eyes were red when he looked at you and his expression was incredibly sad.  It reminded you of that day on the jet when you saw a similar look that shook you to your core.  You couldn’t bear it that you were the cause of it.

“Tony, I need to talk to you,” your words spilled out quickly as you took a seat next to him. “Listen, I had no idea who you really were.  She fed me information that made you sound…well, you sounded terrible, and you were supposed to be my next target after Steve.”

His head snapped towards you at the revelation, not realizing that they were so evil as to send his own daughter to kill him.  He knew that HYDRA was evil, sure, but this was beyond anything that he thought they could do.

“I’m so sorry that I didn’t know,” he whispered.  “If she would have told me…”

“It’s not your fault, Tony. I don’t hold any blame towards you.”

He nodded his head silently and leaned forward on the small table in front of him, clasping his hands together tightly.  He didn’t say any more, and the silence filled the room with a heavy burden.  You had so many questions, and you were sure he did too, but you were both too scared to ask.

“Tell me about her.”

“Are you serious?” he chuckled, but there was no humor in it.  “You probably know more than I do.”

“Well, I know her only as a cold woman, who treated me like a lab rat.  I can’t imagine you would have found that at all attractive, so there must have been more to her.”

“She was beautiful, obviously,” he paused, waving his hand in your direction with a sweet smile, “that’s not a question.  But she was smart.  Damn, was she smart.  She rivaled even me, and I’m not saying that with conceit, I swear.  I was just so impressed with her mind.”

“She was the best bio organic chemist in the world.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise that HYDRA recruited her, I suppose.”  You leaned back in your chair and swiveled it slightly as your mind ran through your own history, trying to remember anything remotely good about your own mother and finding nothing.  “But what would make her turn her own child into a weapon?”

“Me,” he scoffed. “I’ll take the blame on that one, kiddo.”  Tony opened his mouth to continue, but was interrupted when Bruce burst through the library doors.

“(Y/N), I need to talk to you right away,” he panted as he dropped into the chair next to you.  “You said that you never knew your mother’s name, right?”

“I only ever knew her as ‘mother’.  I was never told her real name.”

“Do you have a picture of her?”

Tony sat up, fully interested now and a bit nervous at Bruce’s urgency.  “I might have one,” he replied, pulling out his phone.  After a few minutes of searching and the doctor staring at him intently, he finally handed it to Bruce with what he wanted displayed brightly on the screen.

“Son of a bitch,” Bruce mumbled, dropping the phone on the table and resting his head in his hands. “This isn’t happening.”

You exchanged worried looks with Tony and put your hand on Bruce’s shoulder, hoping to calm him down. “Bruce, what isn’t happening? You’re freaking me out.”

He dropped his tablet in front of Tony, waiting for the realization to hit him.  When you glanced at it, all you could see were numbers and mixed up letters in lab results that you had no chance in understanding.  Tony’s response came quickly, with his face reaching a frightening paleness.  

“Tony, tell me what’s going on.”  When he didn’t reply, you called out to him again, but he still held back.  Finally, you used the last trick that you could think of to get him to snap out of it.


Both men snapped their heads to look at you, but Tony remained silent.  “Bruce, dammit, tell me what’s going on!” you insisted.

“(Y/N),” he sighed, “I knew your mother.  I knew her very well.”

“Okay?” you prodded, growing ever more anxious by the minute and more and more frustrated.

“Because she’s my sister. And I know exactly where she is.”


“Wait, you’re leaving right now?” Steve asked as you were hastily packing a few items for the lengthy jet ride to your mother’s location.  “This is dangerous, (Y/N), I can’t let you go without me.”

“Steve, come on. You’re clearly forgetting who you’re talking to here.”

“No, I’m not,” he argued, grabbing your arm to stop you from continuing, “I’m not forgetting.  Yes, you are more than capable to handle yourself in any situation, other than this.  This is your own mother, (Y/N).”

You pulled your arm away harshly and continued to pack, now purposefully avoiding looking at him. “She’s my mother only by genetics. I have no feelings for her other than contempt.  What she did to me is bad enough, but what she did to Tony, and to Bruce? Inexcusable.”

“What are you going to do?”

Avoiding his question, you grabbed your bag and pulled it up over your shoulder as you made your way to the door.  He reached out for your arm and spun you towards him, and you could see that he was growing angry with you.  “(Y/N), tell me what you’re going to do.”

“I’m going to kill her.”

“You say that like you’re reading from your ‘to-do’ list for the day.  Like it doesn’t bother you.”

“Steve, if you’re waiting for some big emotional response, then you’re going to be waiting for a very long time.  It takes a lot more than this to rile me up.”  You tried to pull your arm away again, but his grip tightened, pushing you back against the door to press himself against you, his lips firmly pressing to yours.  “Yeah, something like that,” you sighed against his lips, reaching up to grip the back of his neck for more.

He laughed under his breath and released you, smiling like he had just gotten away with something that he shouldn’t have done.  “That was the first time that we’ve done that.”

“Yes, it was.  But you’re still not coming with me.”  You raised your hands to his chest and pushed him away gently, enough to allow you to open the door to a waiting Tony and Bruce. You knew that Tony wasn’t happy about your new relationship with his teammate, but you weren’t about to let that interfere with the first good thing that you had for yourself in your entire life. You turned back one more time for a final kiss, knowing that both your father and your uncle were watching.

“I’m so glad that I didn’t kill you, Steve.”

Part 5

Ashton Irwin Smut → Safe Word

Pairing: Ashton x Reader

Request: Yes

Word Count: 2.732

Warning by Cassie: Heart-attacks, chest pain, throbbing and dropping vagina can occur… if so blame Jana! (aka me)

A.N: I mixed these two because they are kinda familiar and I don’t wanna write two Daddy Kink smuts. I hope that’s okay.

+ It’s a pretty ‘hardcore’ smut so you probably shouldn’t read this if this makes you uncomfortable or if you’re like 12 or something

‘I’ll be coming home later tonight. The meeting turned out longer than I thought. I’m sorry princess. See you later. x’

I sighed and put my phone aside. I’ve been alone at home since yesterday evening. Ever since my boyfriend Ashton got the promotion at his job he’s always gone. Either at meetings, trips or he has to work until late in the night which didn’t leave us much time for taking or spending time together or even for physical contact. We haven’t had sex in a week. I’m craving for his touch, his fingers touching every inch of my body and his lips everywhere on my soft skin. I miss his beautiful smile and his perfect dimples. I miss his voice and how he whispers dirty things into my ear. I bit my lip and felt a tingly feeling between my thighs. What am I even doing do myself?

I peaked to the clock above the tv and sighed. It was already 9.38 p.m. According to his text Ashton wouldn’t be home any time soon and the arousing feeling between my legs grew with every second that passed by. I sat crossed legged on the couch and rocked my hips back and forth, thinking about what I should do now. Should I wait for Ashton? He would probably be too tired or not in the mood, which pretty much left me with only one choice to satisfy my lust.

I switched off the TV and ran upstairs, closing the bedroom door behind me. Slowly I stripped down all my clothes, walked to the bed and lay down on it, making myself comfortable. Actually I was never much a fan of touching myself but Ashton left me with no choice. Only thinking of him turned me on, especially since he hasn’t pleasured me in almost a week.

With an imagine of Ashton in my head I started playing with my breasts. I swirled my nipples around with my thumb. I guided my index finger to my mouth and sucked lightly on my fingertip to wet it before I moved it back to my nipple. A soft moan escaped my lips when I squeezed my breasts, imagining Ashton’s big hands on them. My right hand moved down to my lady parts. I rubbed over my wet pussy with the palm of my hand before I dipped my finger into it. I imagine Ashton’s raspy voice whispering dirty things in my ear and calling me baby girl and I instantly got wetter.

I started to draw figure eights around my clit, soft moans escaping my lips. Eventually I thrusted one finger in and out of myself, adding a second finger soon after. With my free hand I continued rubbing harshly over my clit. I bucked my hips and moans and Ashton’s name left my mouth. “Oh god yes!” I moaned out and pounded my finger in an out to me in a quick pace. I felt my stomach tighten and my moans grew louder. Not long after, my orgasm washed through my whole body.

“Couldn’t you wait for me?” I heard a stern voice say from the other side of the room. I immediately turned my head to the door and spotted Ashton. I couldn’t really tell how he was feeling. His face expression was rather tired but his eyes were full of lust. “A-Ashton..I didn’t think you’d be home by now.” I stuttered and and pulled my legs up to my stomach to cover myself up. “My last meeting got canceled.” He explained and slowly walked towards me, his face not showing any emotions. “I see you had fun without me.” My cheeks reddened and I nodded hesitantly. “I thought you’d come home late tonight and I just couldn’t wait any longer. Sorry Ash.” Ashton’s eyes scanned my exposed body while he threw his blazer on the wooden ground and loosened his tie. “What was that baby girl?” He asked with a raised eyebrow. I bit my lip, “I’m sorry, daddy.” The corners of Ashton’s lips raised. “Good girl. Now would you come here princess?”

I rose from the bed and quickly walked in Ashton’s direction, making sure to sway my hips a tad more than necessary. “I missed you princess.” He mumbled and roughly pulled me close to him. “I missed you too daddy.” I smiled and traced my finger down his chest and hooked it in the hem of his dark jeans. “You’ve been a really bad girl, you know that right?” He hissed and connected his lips to my neck, leaving hot kisses behind. “Yes daddy. I know.” I agreed and pulled him closer to me. “Go on your knees.” Ashton demanded, “Daddy needs you to suck his cock.”

I happily obeyed and got down on my knees in front of Ashton. I looked up to him, building up eye contact while I slowly unzipped his jeans. I pulled down his jeans and noticed his semi hard length. “Did you watch me pleasuring myself daddy?” I asked and palmed Ashton’s cock through his tight black boxers. He licked over his lips, “How could I’ve resisted? You looked so fucking hot baby girl.” A smile grew on my face and I started rubbing over the fabric of Ashton’s boxers. He grew harder under my touch with every stroke I did and it didn’t take long until he was rock hard. “C’mon baby girl, daddy needs you to suck it.” Ashton hissed and tangled his hand in my hair.

I pulled down Ashton’s boxers, his length slapping against his toned stomach, causing him to let out a sharp breath. I palmed his erection and slowly pumped up and down. I swiped my thumb over his head to collect the pre-cum before I leaned forward to suck on his tip. “Shit.” He softly moaned and his grip in my hair tightened. I wrapped my mouth completely around his cock and slowly bobbed my head back and forth. Ashton released a loud groan and started to thrust into my mouth. I tried to fit as much in my mouth as I possibly could without gagging, I used my hand on the rest I couldn’t fit in my mouth. I ran my tongue up and down his shaft and slit him deeper in my mouth. “Just like that princess.” He whimpered as his tip hit the back of my throat. My eyes fluttered open and I build up eye contact with him again. Ashton’s mouth was open ajar and his chest rose and fell rapidly. “Fuck.” He hissed and he thrusted his hips forward roughly. He gripped my hair tighter and pressed my head closer to him and stilled my movements. I had to keep myself from gagging while he held me steady. I swirled my tongue around his shaft again, causing Ashton to moan. He pressed his cock further into my mouth, I whined and tears stung in my eyes and I suppressed my gag reflexes as good as I possibly could. He pulled my head back and thrusted into my mouth again before he shot his hot load down my throat, curse words escaping his lips. “Ah fuck!” He cursed when I sucked in his tip to collect all his cum. I released him with a quiet ‘plop’ and cleaned the corners of my mouth with my finger.

“Did you like that daddy?” I asked innocently and I looked at him with big eyes, still on my knees. “I always love your pretty mouth around my cock.” He smirked and lifted me up from the ground. “Now lay down on the bed.” He demanded sternly. I nodded, strutted over to the bed and lay down on the soft mattress. “Now put your hands over your head.” I bit my lip and obeyed Ashton’s demand. “What are you gonna do to me daddy?” I asked innocently. A quick smile grew on Ashton’s face before he turned serious again. Without a word he walked to our closet and pulled out a black box.

Oh god.

“You’ve been a very naughty girl tonight. I think I have to punish you for that.” Ashton said and got handcuffs out of the box. He placed the box on the nightstand and sat down on the bed next to me. With one of his ridiculously big hands Ashton trapped both of mine and cuffed my them to the bed frame. “But daddy I didn’t do anything bad.” I defended myself. “Oh baby girl.” He purred, “You shouldn’t have touched yourself.” Ashton pressed his lips against my neck and started sucking harshly on it, leaving marks behind to make sure everyone knows I belong to him. After he covered my whole neck with hickeys he kissed down to my breasts. He squeezed my right breast with his hand while he trapped my left nipple between his teeth. He started sucking and biting down on it and swirled his tongue around it to ease the pain a little, repeating his action with my right nipple. “Oh shit Ashton.” I moaned. Immediately he stopped his action and raised his head. “What was that baby girl?” He asked angrily. I bit down on my lip, “I mean Daddy.” I whined. “Oh baby girl, your punishment keeps getting worse.” He chirped and squeezed my breasts with his hands before he started kissing down my stomach. His lips touched every inch of my body, he kissed down my legs and left kisses on my thighs and left more marks on my hips.

“Fuck daddy! Please do something.” I groaned. “I’ll take my sweet time princess. It’s all part of your punishment.” He winked and kissed the inside of my thighs again. His long index finger traced along my wet slit. “Can’t wait to eat you out baby girl. You taste so fucking good. And I can’t wait to fuck your tight little pussy.” He hissed and pressed his finger against my dripping core. “But first things first. Do you remember out safe word?” I nodded. “Y-yeah.” I whined, desperate for contact. “What is it? Tell me.”

“Waterfall (idek).” I told him impatiently. “Good girl.” He smiled and dipped his finger between my folds. I let out a sharp breath and vibrations shot through my whole body. I just now realized how much I missed Ashton’s touch. He slowly rubbed his finger over my clit, lowered his head and blew hot air against my core before he replaced his finger with his tongue. I let out a low moan as his tongue connected with my clit, stimulating it perfectly. I moaned out and bucked my hips but Ashton’s hand pressed me down onto the bed to keep me steady. “Keep still.” He growled and I felt one of his fingers on my opening. “Oh fuck daddy.” I screamed out when he entered one of his fingers into me, then another and another, harshly pumping in and out of me. He flicked his tongue harshly around me clit while his fingers pounded into me in a quick pace. “D-daddy I’m so c-close” I stuttered when I felt my stomach tighten. “Cum for me baby girl.” He said, I quickly obeyed and let my climax wash over me.

Ashton didn’t stop pumping in and out of me and his mouth still sucked on my sensible clit. “Oh shit..shit Ash stop!” I whined. A growl escaped Ashton’s lips and he thrusted his fingers deep into me. “Fuck I-I mean daddy. Please.” I moaned. He shook his head no and continued his pleasuring torture. I bucked my hips forward, Ashton curled his fingers and hit my g-spot with each thrust. “Fuck Daddy!” I screamed out and arched my back off the bed. “Oh god!” I moaned and my stomach tightened again. “C-close!” Right before another orgasm hit me Ashton pulled away from me and quickly jumped off the bed. I whined at the loss of contact and desperately looked at him. “Daddy please..”I whined. “Don’t be so impatient princess.” He grinned, walked to the black box and pulled out a dark blue vibrator.

My eyes widened and my breathing got shallow. I already came two times and I didn’t know if I could handle this. Ashton seemed to notice my state of mind and pecked my lips. “If you want me to stop, just say the safe word princess.” He softly said. “It’s okay, I can handle it.” I smiled and Ashton pressed his lips against mine again before he positioned himself between my legs. I breathed heavily as the vibrating toy made contact with my swollen clit. It was on the highest mode, I was reviving intense pleasure from it and I rolled my hips trying to get even more from it. Ashton slammed the vibrator inside of me, pumping it deep and hard into me, making me scream out in pleasure. I tried to wiggle out of the handcuffs, I wanted to touch Ashton and press him even closer to my body but it was impossible to escape the metal rings around my wrists. The deep pit in my stomach quickly returned and I couldn’t hold it back. My orgasm hit me even harder than the fist one, making me see stars. Pleasure was vibrating though my whole body and I screamed out when my climax washed through me. “Fuck daddy.” I moaned when Ashton pulled the vibrating tou out of me.

“You okay?” Ashton asked and hovered over me. With heavy breathing I nodded. “I love you baby girl.” He whispered and pressed his lips against mine. “Can you do another one?” He whispered and softly ground his naked crotch against mine, his boner poking my inner thighs. “Y-Yes daddy.” I whispered. “That’s my girl.” He smiled, palmed his cock and stroked it a few times to make it even harder, before he eased himself into me, causing us both to moan. Ashton started thrusting slowly into me but eventually he quickened up his pace, thrusting deep and hard into me. He placed his hands on the headboard and steadied himself while he pounded roughly into me. I screamed out in pleasure, my back arched from the bed again and I threw my head back. “Fuck Daddy!” I moaned. “Scream it louder baby girl.” Ashton hissed and slammed harder into me. The bed was rocking against the wall when Ashton pounded into me in a quick pace. “Fuck DADDY RIGHT THERE! FUCK!” I screamed loudly. Ashton cursed and the grip on the bed frame tightened. His thrusts got sloppier and harder, I could tell he was close. “Fuck I’m gonna cum.” I moaned. “Hold it just a bit longer.” Ashton groaned and bit down on his lip while he increased his pace.

With all my strength and concentration I tried to hold back my orgasm a little while longer, but it was almost impossible. “Fuck Ashton!” I screamed out. Ashton glanced at me, “Cum.” He demanded and I happily obeyed. I let go of all the control of my body and let the orgasm wash through me. My vision blackened and my head got dizzy. “Oh my god.” I moaned and felt Ashton shot his load into me. He kept thrusting into me to ride out both of our orgasms.

After a few thrusts he pulled out of me but his finger pressed against my clit once again. “What the..?” I whined when Ashton rubbed over my overly sensible clit. “I told you to call me Daddy.” He said sternly. “I-I’m sorry.” I whined, my legs shaking but Ashton kept rubbing sloppy circles around my clit. “Fuck. Fuck daddy!” I screamed and tears were running down my cheeks. I was overwhelmed by the feeling. I came four times and I couldn’t take another one. I felt dizzy and my whole body was aching. “Stop!” I cried. “Shit! Waterfall. Waterfall.” I whined and raised my hips from the bed.

Ashton immediately stopped his movement and quickly hovered over me with a concerned look on his face. “Are you okay?” He asked and kissed my tears away. I nodded. “Yeah. It was just a little bit too much for me.” I admitted exhausted. “It’s okay, I may have exaggerated a little.” He said. “You sure you okay?” He asked again and softly pecked my lips. “Of course I am!” I chuckled. “I love you.”

“I love you baby girl.”

Glorious, We Transcend

I should have died. The prophecy declared it so. But we have managed to outrun the Fates this long.
Now we must find our way back to each other.

Alternate ending where Patroclus!lives. Because this book absolutely slayed me.

Read on AO3

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anonymous asked:

Tuba [Rosalind observes Philinda during or after a mission that injures May]

Philinda from another character’s perspective

Okay, so my amazing friend, @indilwenofmirkwood wrote a beautiful fic about this very idea! Read it here, it is so. good. But I didn’t want to just not do this prompt for you, so I tried to take a different spin on it. Hope you like it! (And seriously, read Indi’s fic too! You won’t regret it!)

Part of this Philinda Promptathon!

The bullet was meant for her.

Agent May wasn’t supposed to be there. It was supposed to be a quiet, apology dinner between her and Phil for what had happened between them. 

It was going well too, then May had rushed in. Phil’s focus was immediately on the Asian woman.

“May, what is it?”

May scanned the room, her gun cocked and ready. She drew right next to Rosalind and spoke quickly.

“Ward was spotted in this area, you need to get ou–”

There was the sound of glass being broken and her voice was cut off; her brown eyes went wide.

Phil and Rosalind looked at the window where a perfect circle had been cut out of the glass, shock causing them to freeze. Phil looked back at Melinda, terror spreading across his face in a way Rosalind had never seen before.

Agent May placed a hand to her abdomen, lips parting and face contorting into pain.

“May,” Rosalind heard Phil breathe. She still couldn’t move, but Phil jumped up and flew to the woman, catching her as she began to crumple. “Melinda! No, no. Melinda, stay with me!” 

“Please, listen to my voice.” 

“Just keep breathing.” 


“May, Melinda!”

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