i'm watching this it's going to be fantastic

Just saw Beauty & the Beast, & I can confirm:

Lefou is super fucking gay.

If you watch the film, watch his face when he looks at gaston: you’ll see it before the end. 

I’m not gonna spoil anything, but when asked “Why can’t you get any girls, Lefou?”, he has the face of “Jesus fucking christ I'm gay asshole”.

Sort how the Finn and Dameron interaction went, it’s subtle, so make sure you look for it.

Anyways, the film was great, animations were fucking fantastic, though I didn't really like Emma’s singing, it was very enjoyable (and gay).

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while I’m very happy you enjoy my work, the dubs you are referring to are done by @ihaileysenpai and @theniceprincess-tnp. (maybe you watched both or just one of those two but either way they did a fantastic job) I am continuing this comic however! I JUST finished the sketch for the next part…it’s eight panels tho so it’s going to take a while to line :D

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but really though, thank you so much!!! I’m so happy you love my work with the art <3 

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can you explain to me why you loved the change of the rosary for the snake because i really hated it. I hated it so so much and i don't think they realized how much its going to fuck up future events. I saw the little commentary after the show about why and i still don't think that was a good enough reason. Sorry I'm super salty I won't get my willie throwing the rosary at jamie scene. That scene was so fantastic in the book. flying buttons and all.

Have they established Jamie’s rosary beads in the show at all? I honestly can’t remember. And I feel like I’ve probably watched most of the episodes more than the average viewer so if I am having trouble remembering if they’re even a thing, I can assume a casual fan won’t remember them either… I don’t think the show has generally highlighted Jamie’s Catholicism as much as the books did and I’m also ok with that choice.

But you know what I do remember them bringing up in the show? Sawny the snake. Both at Lallybroch and at Wentworth. It was there and it was part of emotional scenes.

So for Jamie to carve his son Willie the same toy his beloved brother Willie carved him means a fuckton more to me than a generic string of rosary beads. And I highly doubt that we’ll even get to the part of the book you’re referring to in the show, but for me the emotion is what matters, not the object the emotion is attached to. So a small wooden snake will work just as well for me as William ripping off rosary beads. I really don’t see how it will fuck up anything.

Your mileage may vary, obviously, and you’re entitled to your opinions. But I’m very, very happy with that change.

What I used to say when people ask why they should read/watch Hikaru no Go: It’s a great story and the characters are fantastic and you won’t regret reading it

What I’m going to say from now on: When you finish reading/watching the original, you can then read Paper Cranes by spontaneite which is unironically the best work of fanfiction I’ve ever read in my entire life, and is actually quite a bit better than most non-fanfiction I’ve read.

Some really great hair

For AU August. @doctorroseprompts: “You’re my regular customer and I’m in love with the feel of your hair ”

Fandom: Doctor Who

Pairing: Rose/Ten

Warnings: N/A

Rose’s dreams don’t exactly involve working with her mum…but they do involve the hair of one particular client.


Honestly, Rose hadn’t pictured working in the hairdressers with her Mum as an ideal occupation. Still, it would go towards the private tutoring sessions she wanted, and it wasn’t all bad, especially when her favourite regular walked in.

“Good morning, Rose!” he chirped.

Rose finished sweeping and beamed at him, “Morning! Take a seat. Can I get you a drink?”

As per usual, he asked for a cup of tea with an unhealthy amount of sugar and sat at her station. There were only a few clients Rose had as her own, the rest of the time she was filling in for absences or running errands or the like. John Smith was her longest running after she covered for Bev one day and John excitedly asked if he could book all his future appointments with her.

Rose eagerly looked forward to his appointments, and soon found herself crushing on him. She knew she could never act on it - too unprofessional, and he was out of her league - but that didn’t mean she couldn’t admire. After all, he was gorgeous, funny, charming and… the man had great hair, some really great hair- fantastic even. She may or may not work extra slowly when he was in the chair, both to talk with him longer, and to be able to touch his hair more. Too often had she daydreamed running her fingers through it in a more intimate situation, fantasising how he would react if she tugged…

“All done,” she reluctantly declared.

“Already?” he pouted, as he did every other time.

“Mhmm.” When he first did it, she was worried he didn’t like it, but quickly worked out he just lost track of time. “What d’ya think?”

He grinned, “Perfect as always. Thank you, Rose.”

After he paid, Rose got out her diary to book the next appointment, and asked, “So, any plans for your new ‘do today?”

“Yes, actually,” he pulled his ear, “I was hoping this cute blonde who cuts my hair would be willing to go out for dinner tonight?”

Rose dropped her pen in surprise.

“Erm,” she stuttered as he handed her the pen.

He blushed, “Sorry, too forward? I mean if you have a boyfriend- of course you have a boyfriend, you’re beautiful. I mean, not that that would be the only reason you wouldn’t- because if you just don’t want t-”

“I’d love to,” Rose cut in, a grin cracking her face.

Shyly, another smile slowly stretched across his face, “Yeah?”

Rose scribbled down her personal number. “Text me.”

He took the paper and meandered out of the shop, beaming like he’d just won the lottery.

Rose bit her lip as she watched him go. Maybe she would get to live out her fantasies with that fantastic hair.


Today was fantastic!! It was my 22nd birthday and I couldn’t have asked for it to go better! I started off the day watching a little @therealjacksepticeye playing Human Fall Flat w/ Robin before I left the house. 

 Next I went to a place in Florida called Botanical Gardens with @spockrocker and took some awesome nature pictures! I love flowers!!

Then I went to my grandparents house! They made me my favorite meal and a brownie cake for dessert! :p

Finally I went home and my dad stopped by and gave me an awesome Jacksepticeye shirt from him and his new wife and I also got a 50 dollar visa gift card to get a Sam key chain from Fanfiber! :D

Now I’m just sitting here, reminiscing and watching Sean play DDLC and looking out for Anti!

Overall it was a fantastic day and I’m happier right now than I’ve been in MONTHS. Haha :) Thank you to everyone here as well for all the birthday wishes and I’m incredibly grateful! This has been one of the best birthdays I’ve had in a long time!

  • Ethan: I'm just a piece of shit. I'm literally a trashcan.
  • Josh: You're really mean to yourself.
  • Ethan: I am.
  • Simon: Ethan you're a fantastic human being.
  • Vik: I wouldn't go that far to be honest.
  • Ethan: No, that's how you strive to be a better human. You treat yourself like shit.
  • Josh: It's not.
  • Simon: No, it's not.
  • Josh: It's not at all.
  • Ethan: Yeah, you're shit and you need to work harder!
  • Vik: Nah, you watch the Sidemen more on YouTube.

Top Fifteen Underappreciated Anime Series as Voted by my Followers

#6: Space Dandy
Bones, 2014

“Life comes at you fast, just like a raging current. I don’t fight it. Going against the flow just means you’re swimmin’ in place. One day you’re too tired to paddle and suddenly you drown. Hoping was pointless and now you’re dead. The end. Now going with the flow is where it’s at. And that’s the dandy way to live.”


um yeah so I met the fantastic Thomas sanders AGAIN. he’s an absolute gem. He did an excellent portrayal of JD in Heathers the Musical. and now I’m going to be flooded with notes because thatsthat24 swore he’d reblog it. (P.s. I would have totally smooched your cheek but I didn’t wanna freak you out. So I kissed your cheek in my mind and it was lovely.)


1. Bear.

2. Unlike most other shows, it thinks its audience is clever, and so it’s happy to be clever too.

3. Shoot. Another drama would have seen the chemistry between Root and Shaw, teased it for five seasons and then coupled them up with men. But POI did that radical thing of acting as if a gay relationship was just as normal as a straight one.

4. It made me more upset about the potential death of a disembodied AI than most shows do about actual human people.

5. It’s the best superhero show ever made.

6. It’s full of hyper-competent but interestingly flawed women.

7. I’ve never seen a character like Root on any other show and if I had, she’d definitely have been a man.

8. Its plotting is tighter than a gnat’s arse. Very few shows can surprise me with their story twists, but POI consistently does.

9. Its got a great f/f pairing, and yet the friendships are so fantastic I’m even more invested in them than I am in any romance.

10. It’s aware of and able to send up its own occasional absurdity.

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I'm going to be blunt & say that you are the most talented & underrated youtubers out there. Overall you just seem like a bomb ass dude who spends his saturdays watching cartoons & eating bagels & I have mad respect for you. To spend a day with you to see the life of Jonah Green would be beyond fantastic & is it weird that I want to go through your iTunes library to listen to all your music? Anyways, my question is, what inspired you to go into the filmmaking business when its so competitive?

Haha well thanks! I mean I don’t really think there’s a whole lot to it from my end. The only things in life I’ve ever been really good at are people and making stuff. Lol I fuckin’ charmed my way into honor roll in high school and my first year of college, and spent the rest of the time day dreaming and drawing and writing. I didn’t like people telling me what to do so I did my own thing and I never did anything I wasn’t interested in, not because I felt above it but because the only things that could hold my attention were things I liked. I couldn’t physically do anything else (which I will have later found out can be chalked up to some pretty severely untreated adult ADD). 

So nothing really inspired me to do what I’m doing and pursue what I do. It’s just the only thing I know how to do. 

  • someone: I'm considering going vegan.. maybe, possibly, in the distant future..
  • me @ myself: okay.. calm down... you don't want to overwhelm them. don't scare them away, don't make any loud noises or sudden movements ... it's going to be just fine
  • me literally 2 seconds later: OMG!!! that's fantastic I WANNA HELP YOU SO BAD, here are a million books and websites you can check out and I can cook you for you and here watch this ted talk with me and then 5 other movies and if you ever have any questions just call me, I'll be there for you 24/7, even if it's 3 in the morning, I will be with you until the end
the fucking video
  • L: All good for the chicken, Al?
  • Al?: Ohhhhh yeahhh
  • L: Yeah Buddy!
  • Al: Yeahh
  • L: Is that what we were talking about?
  • Z?: Oh. That's ahead (a head?)
  • everyone all at once: blahdkaeroiuasdkfj that's a head. thats a good head. good head...????????
  • Al?: well we got a full chicken
  • L: Niiiice
  • Z: Haha
  • ?: it's a ten? (tech?)
  • ?: Yeah but. we can take this to jamaica. so. we don't have anything in jamaica set up.
  • Al: yeah?
  • ?: yeah
  • ?: we got one hits?
  • ?: yeah, well we're gonna..
  • ?: alright
  • ?: are we allowed to (tag, tech, tan, take, tape, ?) contraband in this?
  • L: yes. of course. that's what it's about.
  • everyone all at once: blariohgidihsfpsoijenklsjdafsd soft point? i really listened to this bit literally 25 times. i got nothin.
  • L: so here we are. leaving peru. joint lit. happy days. whatcha think zayn? about that kind of content?
  • ?: we've got better....blarghity blargh
  • Z: i don't think it's very controversial
  • L: say again, ah?
  • Everyone: blarghity blargh
  • L: OH my god. that's the police. that's the po po.
  • Z: driver looks a bit like (sue, soup, stu, suit, suits, ?)
  • Driver?: Here we go guys
  • L: nice
  • ?: blarghity blargh
  • L: trying to blow into the camera
  • Z: *singing* baby look what you've done to me
  • L: smoke screen baby
  • Z: *singing* baby look what you've done...nah
  • L: that's just zayn warmin up there before the show.
  • Z: *singing* random notes
  • L: zayn takes his job very seriously. he made sure. he goes through a 2 hour intense warm up regime before every show. just to get himself in the zone.
  • Z: still singing random silly notes and noises
  • L: one very very important factor to zayn's warm up, of course, is mary jane. herself.
  • Z: singing a song i don't know
  • L: which i will present him now. this is fantastic singing.
  • Z: *singing* Mary J. Blige
  • L: how is it zayn?
  • Z: *making a (contented/approving) face while smoking
  • L: nice.
  • ?: ppl talking about navigation/directions ithink. i caught a 'next exit' i'm pretty sure.
  • L: thats the po po. One - Nil. (as motorcycle cop rides by their van)
  • L: get a bit of the culture in. (i took this sarcastically as they're literally watching the city go by through van windows whilst moving)
  • Z: coughs
  • L: hows that kind of culture? (pointing camera at the joint)
  • Z: great culture. its gonna be even better culture when we get to jamaica.
  • ?: just got an update
  • L: update?
  • ?: we've got chicken in chile
  • L: CHICKEN IN CHILE. bew bew bew bewbewbew bew bew bew bewbewbew
  • ?: chile chicken
  • ?: chile chicken baby
  • ?: *singing* yeah baby
  • L: that's the po po (hearing sirens) two - nil
  • Z: relighting the joint
  • ?: J - A - R - A - M - I - L - L - O
  • Z: (kind of rapping?) I know you like (dick, dat, dis, dicks) BEEPED OUT
  • L: ehhheheheheh
  • Z: OOOOH beeped out
  • L: OooOOooh (kind of like a creepy old man?)
  • ?: beeped out
  • L: (hey, harry, narry, ?) brah. im chillin (impersonating zayn?) oh my god bro. my heads wrecked. (swooping camera in a dizzy way)
  • Z: looks around in a kind of robotic way?
  • L: *laughs*
  • ?: why are you fucking smoking cigarettes motherfucker
  • L: *laughs*
  • ?: its supposed to be green only BEEPED OUT
  • L: ITS GREEN ONLY... Nick (some people hear NIG. i don't. )
  • tape is cut
  • L: i'm just wondering now...
  • Z: its beautiful damn peru
  • L: i'm sat here in peru wondering will this come back to me (pans camera to point at joint zayn is holding) who knows. maybe. maybe not.
  • L: (sees police motorcycle ride by) he's having a look he's thinking i'm SURE i can smell an illegal substance in there. and he's hit the nail on the head.
  • tape is cut
  • Z: then he showed me Kid Rock's last book
  • ?: 10 minutes away bro
  • Z: and his book its about twice the size. hard back. black. simple writing. the whole thing just filled with sick pictures. and there's a caption from like each place. no bullshit (beeped out)
  • L: yeah
  • Z: no like 'my favorite color's blue' (in a puppety voice?) 'my favorite (tea, team, pee, ?) is red' (again with the weird voice mocking the stupidity of the 'fun facts') 'if i was invisible for a day I would switch people's bones' ya know. none of that. and then just literally just all sick pictures and it looks bad (the good kind of bad) and he's basically putting the picture on the front of next year's book....
  • L: nice. oh sick. (interrupting zayn so i couldn't get the rest of his sentence about kid rock's book.) sick. you heard it here first then.
  • Z: you did (pointing finger guns at louis)
  • L: *gets joint passed from front of the van* Oh Stubbsy! (i couldn't make this shit up.)
  • tape is cut
  • Z: and every time you look in it you just think BEEP i've never even seen that picture and that's a that's a bad photo (again... i think he's using bad for good here) full of sick BEEP instead of boring crap.
  • L: yeah i know. same old BEEP. that i'm SURE the fans are bored of reading.
  • Z: they wanna know what we're up to NOW man. we're not into pink books man.
  • Z: Kid Rock's smokin a J in one of the pictures, right
  • L: yeah
  • Z: and he's got gold (cough, cough from someone up front) on his middle finger which is a bit weird, but, aside from that, he's stickin his middle finger up with a J in his mouth and that's one of the pictures in the book
  • L: sick.
  • L: *arriving wherever they're arriving* here we BEEEP go
  • Z: check the guy out with the chair *pointing outside the van*

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I stopped watching OUAT at the beginning of this season so I don't really know what's going on, but I'm seaing that they might have killed Robin? I'm not sure if I should be as delighted as I am, but it's FANTASTIC news (imo), I hated him from the very first episode. Being with him was degrading for Regina, I hope that he leaves sooner or later, and she gets someone better.

I won’t pretend to find it horrible news either, but i do take offense if this means Regina loses another loved one again while CS gets off scot free. 

And Robin with Regina could have been a good love story. 

Could have been if they hadn’t made it predestined, told the audience to basically ship it beforehand without thinking for ourselves, used it as a big nohomo sign on regina in the same episode they pulled that pathetic mulan stunt, and didn’t turn the whole oq romance into a soap opera storyline with dead wives, cheating, forced seperation and to top it all off a baby conceived in a horrible way, while basically using all this to put Regina on a time out from the main storyline into a minimal side story. 

Plus, Hood has had no character development. I’ve seen some oq metas and most of the interesting character traits come from the fact that RH is a well known iconic character (which iconic traits have been hardly shown on the show) and through headcanons. Not actually shown on screen, but having to fill in the blanks because they hardly put any effort into his character. 

Put all this together with the fact that Sean isn’t that good an actor to actually make me feel for RH, and you have a character that has been mostly used as background scenery with a line or two of spoken text. Why should i care about this love interest while paired with my favorite character who’s indeed had many a moment of being dragged down by this storyline and romance? 

I’ll be glad when he’s gone and i hope they’ll use this to continue to grow Regina as a character, not have her reverse to her evil ways again, but grow. And although i’ll always hope for SwanQueen happening, i don’t believe it will. And if s6 is the last season i actually don’t want them to pair Regina up with someone else, even if it’s Mal. People (Regina) can have a happy fulfilling lives without needing romantic love and this could be a great story for that. Especially because they seem hell bent to send out the opposite when it comes to CS and their nausiating unhealthy codependency.

Whatever they do, i just hope they’ll bring the focus of this show back on family and their interactions. 

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This is a shout-out to you guys. Thanks for keeping a rotation of shows going. Thanks to that, it's a great opportunity to watch shows I never heard of or would have even given a chance. From the stuff that surprised me at how fantastic it was, like Space Dandy, and even the stuff that was [gets on soapbox] just okay, like Blue Exorcist [end opinion] I'm able to see it and make my own opinions. Stay awesome!

Thanks for the kind words and the support!