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Elizabeth & Jack (When Calls The Heart)

chris has done a lot of funny things on the age of ultron press tour, so naturally i had to draw steve doing some of them… my favourite is the second one down on the right ✌

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Tobirama as a dad? Throughout the years i guess

Tobirama Senju

•Ridiculously overprotective father, doesn’t matter at what age. Babyproofs the shit out of his house. Watches his baby like a hawk. Literally, the second the baby starts crawling, Tobirama loses it. There are so many ways a baby can hurt themselves??? Every little possible situation just gives him anxiety. He would rather keep the baby in the crib all day to completely avoid any potential accidents. Or when he’s holding his baby, he doesn’t let them crawl 2 feet away from him before pulling them back into his lap. He just worries too much. He’s not that good with babies tbh

•He’s always going to be busy with work, whether he’s Hokage yet or not. So it’s likely he won’t have much time for his newborn baby. It sucks, but that’s just how it is. It’s a big downside to Tobirama starting a family, because he’s married to his work at times. Which he quickly regrets, because he knows he needs to be there for his baby during their early years, and can’t leave everything to his s/o. His baby needs a father

•A lot of the time spent with his baby is Tobirama helping them learn to walk or talk. Basically helping them grow. Imagine Tobirama walking with his baby around the house, holding their arms up as they slowly stroll around. So cute

•As they grow older, Tobirama still tries to be there for them, but duty calls. The village is paramount. He’ll have his child with him at the office on slow days though, but they have to be careful not to mess with his paperwork or he gets annoyed

•It’s around this age that Tobirama will train them, if they wish to be trained. He’s just as hard on them as he would be one of his students, maybe even harder

•Tobirama can’t stand their “rebellious” teenage years. Or the phase where they might be distant and isolated, refusing to talk to their parents. Tobirama is so used to being on top of everything that the moment he thinks he’s not keeping thorough tabs on his kid, he gets all paranoid. HE JUST HAS TO MONITOR EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE THAT’S HOW HE IS. But his child can’t really get away with sneaking around anyway, since Tobirama supervises them at all times, even when he’s in his office. You’re not likely to get away from a sensor like Tobirama. He follows their movements wherever they go in the village because he knows their chakra so well. Is it a little maniac? Sure. But Tobirama gets that way when it comes to his family

•Oooo Tobirama would get into soooo many arguments with his kid if they really were the rebellious, stubborn type. If they have his genes, they’re bound to inherit that personality anyway, and they’re also prone to arguing. “Just like your father,” people would probably say. But Tobirama denies it. Would blame it on his s/o tbh, like “They get that from your side of the family”

•At the end of the day though, he knows he can’t be too hard on his kid. He wants them to grow up strong and rational, and to know how to make the right decisions, hence why he’s so tenacious with their upbringing. But you’ll often find him coming home from a long day at work, and wanting nothing more than to spend time with his child. When they’re younger, it’s picking them out of their crib and holding them in his arms. When they’re older, it’s coming into their room to check up on them, ask about their day, offer to train or spar. Which means a lot, since Tobirama rarely has free time. The fact he’s willing to spend that free time on family, and not catch up on work, says a lot


So you’re telling me that Steve and Tony aren’t a married couple in AA? Really? 

Are you sure? 

Hey guys so I don’t normally make posts like this but can people please go and take a chance on a show called Sweet/Vicious

i’m at the end of the second eisode and im in tears its so fucking powerful and important especially in the climate right now

i think it’s going to up for being axed if ratings dont get up soon

(also Im pretty sure it’s available to view on MTV.com as well please just watch the first two episodes)

so i’ve watched the ep, and it was mostly okay, i guess, a little bit boring. the thing i really liked tho was that for the second time in this season winchesters are shown to be ‘monsters’ of the story. ‘you’re trapped out here with us’ in 12x09, then in this episode the opening scene of dean hunting down a person , who’s shown to be like the victim, then ‘you kill people for the greater good - and that’s supposed to make it okay?’. i like it because since season 9 it’s been said over and over again that the winchesters are good people, almost like spn wanted to convince itself that their heroes are still heroes. but in reality they have done nothing but destroy the world for the past few seasons. i don’t know if this theme will go anywhere, but right now it’s the only b-plot theme i could notice, overall spn is just… empty right now.

i am an idiot… there were two episodes this week… i watched the second one before the first… and now i gotta go watch the first after the second… and i didn’t even stop to wonder why the second ep that i thought was the only one started off in such a fervor over wedding gifts for naruto and hinata… like where the hell is my mind tonight… send help

echoes of home

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“Move the wall forward four paces! Halt! Second row swords–now!”

Maretus shouts brisk orders like second nature, watching the twenty soldiers in formation before him with eyes sharp as any predator, searching for mistakes, points of weakness, any one soldier foundering.

“Wellin, too slow to cover–now you’ve got a sword in your gut,” he snaps, pointing at a young man in the front line whose shield is slack. “Erys, keep your arm closer to your side so it doesn’t get caught and so you can get in the gaps your comrades are leaving for you in the front to strike at the enemy.”

“Will we ever really have to use this in battle?” someone complains from the middle of the formation–possibly hoping being hidden from sight will mask his identity. Maretus frowns.

“Owen,” he says, immediately identifying the speaker. He does not shout anymore, but his voice is still loud and carrying. “Do you expect to be fighting Tevinter Legionnaires?”

There is a moment’s hesitation before the reply. “… Yes?”

“Good, because you more than likely will. Do you know what they train, day in and day out, when they are not in active combat?” He starts walking toward the formation, eyes intent on the center of it and the soldiers on the edges peel away like old paint as he gets nearer, exposing their fellow who’d spoken up.

“I–no, sir.”

Maretus comes to a stop several spans away from Owen, hands clasped smartly behind his back, gaze unfaltering from the soldier in his scrutiny. “This is what they train,” he continues, “all their lives. How to work in tandem with their unit, except “unit” means any group of Tevinter Legionnaires, since they all know how to fight like this in their sleep. Their shield gaps are impeccable, their timing is perfect. You will never get a single blade in through their defenses and they will march right over you unless you are just as good as they and know how to combat their tactics. Do you want to be stabbed, half-alive with your guts falling out your side as rows and rows of armored men march over you?” His eyes are as hard as stone.

“No, no sir. Not at all.”

“Then stop complaining and start learning. They’ve had their entire lives living and breathing war, and I have to adequately teach you all in a hair’s breadth of that time.” He turns and starts back to his previous position to drill them again.

After another hour of exercises, Maretus dismisses them, though he really would have liked to push them the rest of the afternoon, but instinct tells him better. Sweating a little himself in mild warmth of the afternoon, Maretus thinks about retiring to his quarters to draft an update report on the soldier’s progress (he’s already decided to leave Owen’s minor infraction out–this wasn’t the Legion, after all, even if he was teaching the same tactics). In the end, he gives in to a whim and changes course toward the tavern nestled in the upper courtyard of Skyhold. A bit of a drink wouldn’t be remiss, he thinks as he settles into a chair near a wall with a cool mug of dark southern beer, after a decent day of drilling.

Sipping on his beer, he allows his thoughts to drift back over the day. He knows he’s harder on the soldiers than they’re used to, and that he frustrates them by never seeming to be pleased by their performance. The beer is a little bitter, but has a tang of spice to it that he finds pleasant. The recruits have come a long way since he started with them three months ago–he oversees ten groups of twenty recruits for Legion-specific tactics, and he knows they are also pushed hard regularly by Commander Cullen and Seeker (or is it former? He is never certain.) Cassandra, as well. Perhaps a practice skirmish next time, tolet them see how much they’ve actually learned put to use, he muses as he nurses a bit more of his beer. Never bad for morale.

A few familiar voices and words catch his ear, and he glances to one side to see a small handful of Inquisition soldiers who’d been training with him earlier that day sitting together and talking. They don’t seem to notice him, so he quietly sips his beer and doesn’t bring attention to himself.

“… can’t believe we have one of them here, aren’t they supposed to be the enemy we’re fighting?”

“I mean–we all heard what the Commander said he was: a defector. Inquisitor’s got a Tevene mage, so what’s the difference in a soldier?”

“You don’t really believe that, do you? Defector? Maybe. Spy? Probably. I don’t trust him. He thinks he’s better than we are.”

“Ahh–I think you’re overreacting.”

“Yeah–got your smalls all in a twist ‘cause he knew who you were earlier.”

There is snorting laughter and indignant protests. The conversation shifts topics as they drink more, but their words drive an uneasy pit in Maretus’ gut. He stares at the grain in the wood and wonders if he shouldn’t be moving on soon from this place; he hasn’t been so long in one area, with one group of people for nearly a decade, and the soldiers’ mistrust makes him weigh if he’s overstayed his welcome. He takes another drink of his beer.

After he’s made it halfway through his second tankard, another voice snakes its way through to his attention, and he lifts his eyes to see Vanora talking with the barkeep, chatting pleasantly with him as he fills her drink. When she gets it and turns, he catches her eye and nods to the empty table before him. Immediately understanding his meaning, she weaves her way over to join him.

“Glad to see a friendly face tonight,” he says by way of greeting as she sits, sounding perhaps too grateful to his own ears. At her questioning look, he covertly nods in the direction of the increasingly drunker soldiers he’d overheard before. “I think I pushed them a little too hard today,” he says quietly, fingering a rough spot on the side of his tankard.


After rewatching Chronogirl, I noticed that everyone has a look of shock on their faces when the watch breaks or when Chronogirl appears but Sabrina’s the only one who has a face of total calm. In fact, she’s smiling. And in the second one, she’s looking directly at you, the viewer, instead of Chronogirl like everyone else.

… What kind of heinous thoughts does she have in her head? I wanna know… actually I’m not sure if I want to…

“You were right, I can do more than I think. You changed something in me. And I just-I wanna fix whatever’s hurting you now.”

DUDE, I JUST finished watching this new episode for the second time and I still can’t believe shit’s real. Man, one of my OTP is real, I swear I don’t know how to feel xD
So, I did a drawing of them in mt Sociology class- 

My babies, all grown up <3 

You know what? I kept it together and didn’t cry for the entire episode, and then this thing shows up in the last thirty seconds and I lose it. I’ve been watching WordGirl since the beginning, when it was a two minute short at the end of Maya and Miguel and these five dorks were the only villains. I guess seeing them together one last time just made me remember how much I loved this show as a kid, and how much I still love it now. 


Must be now @ Dance Senbatsu Stage

don’t care about the song but let’s take a second and admire how good this. 

we need more of this and less of the kimi wa melody kind of choreo. 

whenever a girl group does a fierce choreo. yeah man, yeah.