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- Okay do y'all remember when Rick’s lame excuse for him going to Atlanta to get Beth instead of Michonne was “ I owe it to Carol” then she says “We all owe Carol” then he defeats her with “ I owe her more” then gives her that gorgeous ass smile. He can’t even look her in the eye because he knows he’s lying. How can anyone open their lips to say they have no chemistry?? What he really wanted to say was “ thanks for the offer babe but no thanks. You stay here and watch the kids while I go risk my life because there is no way I’m letting you risk yours” it’s all in the smile

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Scenario: Voltron Team movie night, everyone is watching some unspecified movie, when Lance's crush (aka Reader) falls asleep and ends up leaning against him.

Hello! It’s mod Enki again. :0 I decided to put this in a domestic AU kind of idea so there would be more content. I hope that’s okay!


It was I regular day much like any other. You farted around doing chores around the house and did other mundane tasks like finally getting around to emailing some guy about a topic you forgot ages ago. That task in itself took more time than all your other chores combined and honestly left you mentally exhausted. You mulled over going out and getting a bite to eat before attempting to do anything else. As you sat completely useless on the couch due to your indecisiveness, your phone buzzed. You pulled it out to glance at the screen assuming it was a wrong number since no one ever texted you. Your eyes widened slightly. It wasn’t a wrong number but you certainly didn’t recognize it. The preview message told you all that you needed to know. 

“Hey (Y/N)! It’s Lance, I just wanted to…”

You unlocked your phone and read the full text expecting some cheesy one-liner but were surprised to find not a single one. He did remind you of the fact that tonight was movie night with the rest of the gang and that everyone was supposed to bring something. Groaning you typed in a short reply and hit send before smelling yourself. You had completely forgotten about the whole thing and you were not in any shape to be around any other human being. You had also spent almost your entire day doing chores so the movie night was going to start in at least an hour. The idea of getting a bite to eat was scrapped and you bounded to your shower as fast as you could to get rid of your hazardous body odor. Everyone was supposed to go over to Pidge’s house because she had managed to rig up a killer surround system. It made you pretty excited knowing how good Pidge was with all her tech so tonight’s movie night was definitely going to be super fun. 

Once you had completed your shower and thrown on some clothes, plus performing other hygienic tasks, you finally decided to get a bite to eat from your kitchen. It had to be quick considering you still had to go out and get something to bring. Chips and a some soda would be good right? You didn’t doubt that everyone else would be bringing popcorn so might as well stay the safe course and bring chips. They’re just as addicting as popcorn is when watching a movie and the paladins will eat anything you put in front of them really. Anything from Earth anyways. After wolfing down a cup of noddles like the healthy person you were, you grabbed your keys and departed from your humble abode. 

You sped to the nearest convenience store and nearly hit a pedestrian on the way there. They quickly became someone who didn’t wave with all their fingers and you contemplated actually hitting them. You decided to be a good citizen and continued on your way. You sprinted to the entrance and through the automatic door like a lunatic before grabbing all your required goods in record time. You practically slammed your things down on the conveyor belt earning a concerned look from the cashier. Apologizing you quickly payed for your things and left as quickly as you’d arrived. If you hurried you’d get there right on time. So you hauled your ass as fast you could legall-ishly could. 

Much to your joy you had managed to get there at the time you predicted you would. With arm fulls of goodies you somehow managed to ring the door bell and the door swung open. Peeking over the bags you saw Lance with a smug grin on his face. You braced yourself for the bomb drop that would be his just as equally smug remark. 

“Oh, (Y/N)! Is this all for me? Why, you shouldn’t have!” He cooed. You rolled your eyes.

“Just let me through you turd, I’ve got a lot of stuff.” You responded pushing your way through. 

As you made your way through the house to the snack table you got a plethora of greetings from everyone else. Setting down your things you eyed the big screen and the amount of speakers located all around. Whistling appreciatively you watched as Pidge came over to greet you. 

“We almost thought you wouldn’t make it. You didn’t forget did you?” She asked coyly. 

“What? O-of course not! I just lost track of time…” You stuttered trying to come up with a cover. 

“Oh yeah? Well, your shirt’s inside out. Just letting you know.” She pointed out. 

As she walked away you mentally kicked yourself for just throwing on the nearest shirt. You opened a bag of chips before pouring them into one of the large bowls set out. Once you had acquired your absurd amount of chips you made your way to the couch to the only open spot on the end by none other than Lance. If the movie didn’t keep you from falling asleep he would. A yawn escaped you as you plopped down beside him. 

“Hey, no yawning!” He said lightly jabbing you in your side. 

“I can’t help it.” You whined rubbing the sleepy tears from your eyes. 

You continued to have idle chat with Lance for the remainder of the time before everyone was settled down enough to start the movie. By that time you were struggling to keep the conversation going with Lance without yawning every 2 seconds. You were half tempted to ask Pidge if she had some instant coffee you could quickly heat up in the microwave but decided against it. Besides, there was no way you’d fall asleep during the movie. No one in the group liked anything super boring and mushy. The movie no doubt was going to be action packed. 

To your joy when the title screen popped up you could tell it was going to be a horror movie. At least you’d stay awake being scared right? Horror movies are the best cure to being sleepy so you had nothing to worry about. Oh how wrong you were. Any jump scare that popped up on screen had about the same effect as someone blowing on your face. In all honesty you felt pretty close to nothing. Lance sat next to you and although he tried to play the whole bravado act you could tell he was scared. Not you though, you sat about as immovable as a sack of potatoes. 

That’s when you started to doze off. Your head kept dropping causing you to yank it back up while fighting the urge to sleep. It went on for a while and you weren’t quite sure when you had passed the hell out but you did. And you somehow managed to pass out on Lance of all people. Not the arm of the couch, the one person you were sitting next to was what you had managed to fall asleep on. No one noticed except for the boy himself since the room was extremely dark save the light from the screen. And now about a million thoughts were running through his head. What should he do? Wake you up? Let you sleep? Did you choose to fall asleep on him? Was this intentional? An accident? 

Lance felt his face getting warmer and he started to fidget with his hands as he nervously tried to think of what to do. He was no longer watching the movie and all his focus was on you so he swallowed hard before attempting to nudge you awake to no avail. You were in a pretty dead sleep and it looked like you weren’t going to be awake until movie night ended. Not that he minded in this case. He’d been trying to chat you up all day and had somehow managed to convince Pidge to give him your number. She was pretty skeptical about the idea but gave it nonetheless. He wanted it for obvious reasons, that being that he totally liked you and now having his crush asleep on his should was a little too much for him.

He glanced around at the others making sure they were watching the movie and not him. Slowly he leaned his head to the side until it snugly rested on your own. He then glanced back as best he could at the others before locking eyes with Pidge who had the smugest look on her face. Lance mouthed out, “don’t you dare,” before giving her a small glare. She rolled her eyes and mouthed back, “You owe me,” and went back to watching the movie. 

Lance closed his own eyes to try and better enjoy this little moment he was sharing with you until he ultimately ended up joining you in a much needed cat nap. 


Words: 1.6k

Genre: smut like. pure smut there’s absolutely no plot to this

Synopsis: you are the dom in the relationship and Mingyu loves to get messy

Content: established relationship, gagging, orgasm denial, reader masturbates n makes him watch, cock ring, blow job, desperate needy sub!Mingyu

Author’s Note: just a quick message that this kind of stuff is okay but !! make sure if you’re ever practising it that you have a safe word and both parties are comfortable with what is going on! BDSM has been badly represented in the media (cough 50 shades of gr*y) but it should always be safe and consensual so please remember that!!! also just so u kno the reader is on the pill which is why they don’t use a condom (also i always forget to mention condoms rip)

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Things I need to happen on Sense8
  • Kala figures out a way to send Capheus medicine for his mother
  • Nomi hacks the South Korean government or something and gets evidence against Joong-Ki and Sun gets the fuck out of prison
  • Felix needs to be okay and him and Wolfgang get out of Berlin because it’s not safe for them there
  • About 172% more Kala and her interacting with the cluster
  • Whispers fucking dies or goes away like I need Will to be conscious
  • Happy Dani with Lito/Hernando moments where Dani is happy and safe
  • Wolfgang needs to accept love from others like please baby you aren’t a monster
  • The cluster interacting with Sun and not just because they need her to beat someone up
  • Riley and Will have some peace like both of them are conscious and not about to die
  • The cluster enjoying each other’s cultures
  • Kala breaks up with Rajan and Rajan doesn’t become evil, I don’t want another jilted fiancé who sets out to ruin the life of the woman who left him trope
  • The cluster meeting each others people in person, like Riley meeting Diego, or Lito meeting Amanita
  • Kala and Wolfgang meet in person, imagine how amazing it would be, like how Will and Riley met but 1000x better and less Whispers trying to kill them

Basically I need this show to come back ASAP

Okay but I can’t stop thinking about Cain helping Robert get Aaron to the pub and I just have so many questions. How does Cain trick him into wearing a suit? Or do they surprise Aaron and then get him dressed up? Does Cain see that Robert needs help and decides to do it without being asked or does Robert go to him for help first?? Will Cain and Robert have a bonding moment???? Will Cain trying to get Aaron to the pub be lighthearted and full of funny moments??? But will it also be emotional?? Will there be a lot of moments with people hugging Aaron??? Will Chas hug Robert again???? WILL I EVEN SURVIVE THE WEDDING AT ALL???

So I'm watching "While You Were Sleeping"

And I’m 100% okay with writing an InuKag fic for it.

Kagome who works at the train ticketing station everyday sees professional beautiful Sesshomaru pick up his ticket to work every weekday. She has a huge crush on him and fantasizes marrying him someday.

One day on Christmas Day because Sesshomaru goes to work on Christmas Day, he gets pushed onto the train tracks and is knocked unconscious (let’s assume they live in a world where Sesshomaru is human so that for the purposes of this story he can be knocked unconscious).

Kagome rushes to save him and pulls him from the path of an upcoming train. They go to the hospital and due to a misplaced comment everyone assumes Kagome is the fiancé.

The Dog Family was so over the moon with the idea of Sesshomaru finding true love (and due to his seclusive and stoic life) they immediately take Kagome into her home for the Holidays while Sesshomaru is in a coma.

And in comes Inuyasha the younger more aloof brother who is home for the holidays as well :)

He immediately becomes suspicious of the strange girl, not willing to accept her as quickly as his family has and in the way he’s decided to stay close to her in his doubt, they get to know each other better and well-

They Fall In Love™ 🐾💕

Cloudy on Ice

I need to have joy in my life again, so I’m mushing together two things that make me happy. 

Cloud’s hands shook as he watched the video of himself skating. He had been okay with Tifa recording it. She had always supported him, letting him into the rink when everything became too much, teaching him some stretches that could get him loosened up and focused, even making a huge sign for him during his failure of a Grand Prix Final. 

He was not as okay with it being posted online. He watched the number below rise higher and higher, now past 100,000 views. 

“Sorry,” Aerith, Tifa’s girlfriend, said, “I just thought it looked cool. I didn’t realize it was a big deal.” Cloud couldn’t respond, just let his hands shake. 

It wouldn’t be half as embarrassing if he was in proper shape. And if he hadn’t clearly copied Sephiroth’s free program from the Grand Prix Finals. 

Gods…he’s admired Sephiroth since he started to skate, always dreamed of skating with him…and his crush was so blatantly obvious now. 

Cloud was never going out in public again. 

“Oh…theres a battle going on in the comments,” Aerith said, “Oh my.” Cloud knew what he said. 

Loser, can’t skate well when it matters.

Piggy packed on the pounds, didn’t he?


Your fans look like they hope this means a comeback for you,” Aerith said, pointing. Cloud had to blink at them for a few seconds before he actually comprehended what he was reading. 

We knew you could do it Cloud!

That’s the Cloud we love!

Cloud blushed. He definitely wasn’t going back in public again. 

Cloud felt safe with his mother. While their little bed and breakfast could never compare to the official one in town, the beds were warmer and her cooking was much, much better. 

Perhaps he had taken a little too much comfort in her cooking, but she didn’t mind. 

“You always changed your weight so easily,” she said, “Up a little one week, skinny as a rail the next.” 

He came back home and buried himself into folding towels. Trying to forget about the video, despite everyone in Nibelheim talking about it. 

“Cloud!” his mom called, “we have a guest. He’s from way out of town. He wanted to use the bath, but I didn’t have towels. Deliver some when you have a pile for a room.”

“Okay Ma,” he said. He took a pile in his arms and headed up the stairs, inhaling the smell of his mother’s pork cutlet, his favorite. The guest had taken the Master bedroom, the one right next to Cloud’s. 

He knocked once and waited. He knocked again. “Towels for you!” he called. Still no answer. 

The Do not Disturb hadn’t been put up, so Cloud guessed they were out. He let himself in. 

There were an awful lot of bags for their usual clientele. People usually only stayed for a few days to see the mako fountains. This guest looked like he was staying for a good while, for what though. There wasn’t much to do in Nibelheim. 

“You must be Cloud.” Cloud felt his heart beat falter for a second. 

He turned towards the bathroom, where the door was slightly ajar and steam was slowly seeping out. Lounging leisurely in the bathtub, long hair in a bun (not to mention naked as the day he was born) was him. Sephiroth. Smirking quietly, but serenely at him. 

Cloud opened his mouth and made a quiet, strangled gasping noise. Sephiroth used the silence as an invitation to stand. 

“I’m here to be your new coach,” Sephiroth said, pulling a clip out of his hair and letting it fall. Cloud just stood there with his jaw hanging. 

“Could I have one of those, Cloud?” Sephiroth said. Cloud handed over a towel still silent. Then he set the pile on the bed and walked out. 

“I’ll see you at dinner then!” Sephiroth said. 

Cloud’s mother remained blissfully unaware of the fame their guest had. All she really knew was that he liked her cooking, which put him on her good side. She was the one who insisted Cloud stay and talk to Sephiroth, since he seemed to like Cloud too. 

“Mmm,” Sephiroth said, “we don’t have food like this back in Midgar.” Mrs. Strife beamed. 

“I used to make it for Cloud when he won his skating competitions,” she said. The very memory made Cloud’s insides curl up. He felt his appetite leaving him. Sephiroth noticed when he put down his fork. 

“Are you going to finish that?” he asked. Cloud shook his head silently. Sephiroth pulled the bowl towards him and began eating out of that one too. 

“Why?” Cloud said at long last, “why are you here?” Sephiroth swallowed and looked Cloud in the eye. 

“I hadn’t felt inspired in skating for months,” Sephiroth said, “And then…I saw the video. Everyone did.” Cloud felt humiliated. 

“It was beautiful,” Sephiroth said. Cloud blinked and looked up. Sephiroth’s hand curled over his, Sephiroth was leaning over closely. 

“All the emotion, the passion, the sadness, the joy…I’ve fought so hard to feel those when I skate now…but you…you did it perfectly. So that’s why I’m here. To help you find that emotion…and win the Grand Prix if that’s your wish.” Sephiroth’s hand was suddenly under his chin and Cloud felt himself turning red. 

“It is what you want…right?” Sephiroth’s voice was close to a purr. Cloud’s instinct was to jerk away. 

“Am I being to forward?” Sephiroth asked, brows furrowing. Cloud mouth finally caught up to him. 

“Yes,” he said, “Yes…Sephiroth, I do want that.” Sephiroth beamed at him. 

“Excellent…but first things first…you have to get back in the shape you were in before you fell apart at Nationals.” With that, Sephiroth finished off the last of Cloud’s bowl of food. 

And Cloud heard his stomach growl. 

My Problem with Sing

So I recently went and watched Sing, and it was great! I really liked the characters and the funny moments and it was very sweet.
I only had one problem with it. 
Rosita’s husband, Norman. Okay, yes I get that working to earn enough for 25 children plus 2 adults is really, really tough. I can only imagine. However, in order for him to finally show some kind of emotion in her, he had to see her in a skin-tight suit that showed off her legs and thighs and have a whole song sung in front of him to realise yes my wife is really amazing and I should show her some love. 
Look, this woman gave up her passion and her past job to take care of the 25!!! children whom the husband, to our knowledge, doesn’t even bat an eye towards. And she’s just asking for some kind of recognition, maybe just a sincere “Your mother is a fantastic singer.” 
And Rosita’s so excited to tell her husband about this singing competition that could not only help the family but also she’ll get to do what she loves!!! Before she can even tell him about it, he falls asleep. Like… seriously???

Okay I wanna talk about Rosita too because seriously. She does ALL the housework for all 25 children and the two of them. And on top of that, she never gave up singing, and was able to build this contraption that miraculously worked and was willing to stay up the whole night just to do it. And she loves her children so much I mean Jesus look at Norman after work he just goes to the couch and sleeps. But she checked on the children, makes sure everything is in order before going to sleep. 

I guess what I want to say is that Rosita is an extremely hardworking and devoted woman and her husband should give her more credit than he does at the moment.

What she says: I’m fine. 

What she means: I’m still not over how they treated Pam in The Office finale. Jim gets to thank the doc crew for giving him the ability to watch himself become a husband and a father. Pam says that she didn’t watch the whole documentary because it was “too painful” and talks about how “I spent so many years being less happy than I could have been. Jim was 5 feet from my desk and it took me four years to get to him.” She even says she would like if other people would learn from her own mistakes in not finding happiness earlier. 

I’m sorry, (and I love Jim and Pam together as much as anyone, maybe more) but can we talk about what actually happened here??? 

Jim and Pam had a mutual crush while she was engaged. The end of Season 2 is the first time that Jim says “I love you” and he’s kind of a jerk when she says “I can’t.” Instead of giving her space to process what he’s said, Jim then kisses her without permission and the next (day? week?) leaves town to work at a different branch. He is the one who starts dating Karen and then says that Karen should move to Scranton with him so they can continue to date even though he knows that Pam called off the wedding.   

Pam makes a move in asking Jim out for coffee after he moves back. She backs off when she finds out he’s dating Karen (it’s called being respectful) Pam dates Roy again but breaks up with him for attacking Jim right in front of her. Jim is really rude when Pam says she was stupid for dating Roy again “Yeah we’ll see.” He had just been attacked, but come on.

After the coal walk Pam gives a speech and tells Jim she called off wedding because of him but doesn’t try to break up him and Karen. She is the one who took that big leap to confess her feelings and unlike Jim she doesn’t immediately transfer to a new branch when he stays with Karen. 

So Jim leaves Karen for Pam and they are together in about one year from when Jim first said “I love you.” That’s not being stupid for four years. That’s relationships being messy and hard. 

Pam and Jim have a really solid relationship from first dating, through an unexpected pregnancy, getting married, and another kid. It’s not until Jim keeps taking a new job a secret from Pam that they start to waiver. Even then she supports him, and they both continue to make big romantic gestures for each other.

They’re ok until Pam lies about having trouble at home to protect Jim and Jim plans for them to move to Philadelphia without telling Pam. They both get worse at communication and start feeling overwhelmed (Like the writers were so aware of this that as the relationship gets rocky, the opening sequence shortens to just a kiss between Jim and Pam to reassure us that they’re going to be okay).

The miscommunication culminates when the sound guy mentions that Pam has been crying and Jim feels threatened. Pam is the one who says “I want you to stay and I want to fight” when Jim is just going to go back to Philly on Valentines day. She is the one who took that step towards saving their relationship. They go to counciling and even though Pam is really “blocked up” emotionally, Jim is able to reach through to her. He gives up his dream job for Pam. When she gets worried that he’ll resent her down the road for it, he doesn’t blame her or say she’s crazy.  He finds a way to show her that she means more to him than everything else with some help from the doc crew and the letter from the teapot he gave her before they even started dating (but, may I add, changed his mind about giving it to her back then. Something that might have brought them together sooner than the “four years” Pam took).

I guess the writer’s differed in opinion though, because the one that wrote the finale included questions at the documentary panel that completely blamed Pam for her reactions. “We’d all love to know, Pam, what romantic thing did you do to pay Jim back for leaving Athlead?” and  “Everyone watching sees how much you love each other and how you’re soul mates. So, Pam, how could you doubt that when Jim moved to Philadelphia?”

Jim takes some of the blame and is supportive, but it just feels like the writers want to play up him being the “nice guy.” Later in the finale we find out that Pam got an offer to sell the house as a surprise for Jim so that they can all move to Austin and he can work his dream job after all. It’s a great romantic gesture, but she certainly didn’t “owe” Jim anything and we didn’t need to have her attacked in the panel to believe that she just might be ready to move now when she wasn’t before.

Which brings me back to the ending comments and Pam being so hard on herself for something that she and Jim took equal steps backwards and towards throughout their years together. They could have kept the lines at the end without all the bullcrap about wasting time and being unable to see love right in front of her.  

“…it would just…just make my heart soar if someone out there saw this and she said to herself ‘be strong, trust yourself, love yourself. Conquer your fears. Just go after what you want and act fast, because life just isn’t that long.’”

This is exactly what Pam Beesly actually did. Pam is an important character to me. So I take this line and reject the rest.

  • *kirk's own brother dies*
  • kirk: well that sucks
  • *sister-in-law dies suddenly*
  • kirk: wtf???
  • *nephew is dying*
  • kirk: okay we need to find some way to keep him alive
  • *spock in pain and dying*

Okay I know hardly anyone who follows me is an Artemis Fowl fan but. I can’t stop thinking about Artemis ending up dating/befriending someone (human) who pushes back against his aristocratic tastes, and gets him to watch something like Star Wars

And Artemis is expecting to sit there bored for hours because obviously the science is nonsense and the plot is simple 

But he gets weirdly invested in it, because he’s been through so many bizarre, end-of-the-world, fighting-against-supervillain scenarios himself that he just identifies with the characters really badly

(I mean he’s still critiquing it, but it’s more along the lines of no Luke for goodness sake hand Leia the gun she’s a better shot than you are or no that deception is not going to work you need a better plan or this is ridiculous they need to go the other way)

(whoever’s watching it with him is slightly unsettled by how focused he gets about it)

and Artemis, it turns out, can get really invested “ridiculous” science fiction of a certain calibre because you don’t understand this is my life

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Could you make a javid fic that's not modern au about them being in secret , fluff or jack getting caught and jack watching Snyder and the cops beating up him(still happy ending :) I love your special needs headcqnons and anxiety it makes me feel okay about myself that a character that I like has it

I decided to go with fluff, rather than Snyder and people getting beat up.


“What I’m trying to say, is you tell one person, just one, and they got something they can use against you whenever they pleases.”

David and Jack were out on the fire escape, which was spacious enough standing, but grew cramped as soon as you tried to sit. That was alright, as far as David was concerned. The wind was getting so chilly that even his jacket and scarf weren’t sufficient to keep it out, but being shoulder to shoulder and knee to knee with Jack created its own kind of warmth.

“And you’re goin’ somewhere, right? That’s what education does. It makes you go somewhere. So, you’re goin’ somewhere, and maybe you don’t want this following you.”

Jack made a sweeping gesture, which David only caught out of the corner of his eye, because he’d been staring out into the distance as Jack spoke.

“I don’t care,” David said. He turned to Jack, who made a scoffing sound.

“Figures.” The word didn’t sound unaffectionate. “You like math problems, right?”

“I’m indifferent.”

“Me too, but…”

Jack’s hand was temptingly close to David’s own. David reached for it. Cold fingers against cold fingers, but it was worth a lot. Just being able to listen to everything that Jack was saying without feeling a pang of panic meant that it was worth a lot. David had panicked over far less crucial things, after all. Sometimes he’d made himself almost sick with worry over homework that he couldn’t bring himself to start until the last minute, or boys at school who had rolled their eyes at him. One time he’d accidentally walked into the wrong classroom during the wrong period, and lost sleep in the contemplation of what a disaster he was.

“Anyway,” David took a deep breath, “I’ve already told Sarah, and Mush and Blink have known for longer than you have.”

“I might have mentioned something to Racetrack. Also, Swifty.”

“Are you even friends with Swifty? Close friends, I mean. More so than with anybody else.”

“Felt like it at the time.”

“Did he say something?” Somewhere in the pit of his stomach, David found just a little of that unease which he supposed he should have been feeling from the first time he leaned in to kiss Jack.

“Just smiled and congratulated me. That’s Swifty for you.”

“Right.” David didn’t know Swifty well, but he guessed that Swifty was just another person, and that was fine, except for Jack’s math problem. Even without hearing it, David could guess what it was. If Swifty was one person, and he told two people, then those two people each told two people and so on and so forth… Well, eventually things were bound to go sour, unless of course they didn’t.

“I’m not worried,” David said, even though not worrying was in itself worrying, or maybe it was wonderful. David couldn’t tell. He’d never liked the feeling that came with knowing exactly which emotion was proper for a given situation, and being afflicted with something that was entirely the opposite. “Maybe I’ve gone too far to worry,” he tried to explain.

“Might not mean much coming from me,” Jack said. “But try not to be careless, alright? That’s all I was trying to tell you.”

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imagine if victor signed the posters while yuuri wasn't there. victor laughing gently to himself and smiling as he sits in the room alone and imagining yurri's reaction at the surprise. when yuuri gets home he doesn't immediately notice the difference. victor's bursting at the seams to say something. victor gets to watch the dawning realisation on yuuri's face

oh my god 😭 okay and then… yuuri goes all eros!yuuri and. .. smirks and signs victor. and then kisses him.

good job @ the oscars for pulling a steve harvey omfg. lowkey betting they did it on purpose for attention after seeing what it did for him??

Me watching the episode for the first time: Haha, that’s a cute joke because it’s actually a really old book with probably some bad current advice. Huh, how old is the Mystery Shack, I wonder?

Me watching the episode now: 30 years ago Ford fell through the portal and Stan began to devote his entire life toward figuring out the portal and getting his brother back, but he had to make a living in the meantime, and everyone mistook him for his twin and wanted to see what the enigmatic researcher was cooking up out in that cabin, so he outfitted the house as a tourist trap because he knew how to lie and how to dazzle but not much else, he certainly didn’t know how to run a business, and this relic is one of many books he must have quickly bought within that first year or so, books on business, books on physics, books on engineering, all in a frantic search to learn everything he could to keep money coming in, to keep up the lie, to keep working on the portal, to teach himself late into the night, and he worked so hard all on his own, and when he gets back from vacation and sees the book unearthed he’ll probably frown and drop it in a dark dusty closet, trying not to think of the date printed so large on the cover, of how many years it’s been and how much he still doesn’t know

MISSION. okay but can we talk about this scene ?? he EXPECTS a fight - he knows they’re going to keep coming after him until he’s either dead or captured. like even though he’s trying to live a normal life he’s ALWAYS ALERT ? always watching the people around him and just being cautious in general ? no matter how hard he tries he’s never going to get that peace; and he knows that but he still keeps on trying.