i'm wasting time by doing dumb comics

Hey, long post here

I have several strongly-worded asks in my askbox regarding how I depicted the Cupbros and jeez. I am not, in any way or form speaking for the entire fandom - I’m just making myself and where my blog stands clear to you:

The reason I see them as adults? They gambled and drank alcohol. And have guns in a way. From where I’m from, its literally impossible for a child to do any of these things. You get a life sentence if you own a gun, and a DEATH sentence if you attempt to use it. 

Each of us grew up in different parts of the world and have a different life experience, so surprise! The way we see things from our point of views are all different! For example, in your country you may be used to seeing children drinking alcohol in a way, but to me there is literally no reason for me to accept that a child to even touch a bottle based from what I believed and experienced my entire life. But you don’t see me going around arguing with those who do.

And here’s the thing to the people telling me that hey! Children gambling and doing all sorts of stuffs are legal in the 1930:

I don’t see the game being set in the 1930s in the first place!

Cuphead to me is a world set in modern times with heavy 1930s undertones. Like, it’s an cartoon world different from ours and a completely different universe from real life. And the art style is just heavily based on the rubber-hose style during then: you don’t have to necessarily lock yourself to see the world as set in the 1930s. Epic Mickey uses the rubber-hose style and its just? A style? It doesn’t determine the time period in a game.

Hell, you can even alter the universe as being in the 1930s but with modern rules. Did robots and UFOs exist in the 1930s? No!!! But that didn’t stop the creators from putting Dr Kahl and his robot and Hilda Berg into the game. So what’s stopping you? And there’s always the option of an alternate universe.

As for how they don’t look like adults: have you heard of how in animation you literally simplify a design so it’s easier work with it in production? To me it’s just a representation and a simplification of the character so you won’t cry as you draw like 20+ frames.

Like seriously, Mickey Mouse is a goddamn adult while he looks kiddy????? Have you seen the anime Retsuko? The red panda lady who looks like hello kitty children style-wise BUT she’s an adult??? They’re all cartoons my dude.

And behavior-wise? The animation studio I interned at have literal adults, like 30+ and 40+ aged adults playing nerf guns and LEGO bricks as relaxation so I really don’t see why it’s weird for anyone over 18 to enjoy kid games. They’re there to make you happy, not for you to judge people’s ages for it.

THE MAIN POINT OF THIS WHOLE THING is that if you see them as kids, that’s great! If you see them as adults, that’s great as well! There is more than enough reasons for them to be adults, and more than enough reasons to be kids, and whatever you headcanon them as, you’re good. But you literally have no right to force anyone to see them your way or your HCs and pushing your reasons onto someone else. If you don’t like someone for their HCs, you just unfollow them, plain and simple. 

(And I will NEVER, ever ship or draw minor characters with adults.)

Finally: You gonna draw the cupbros nsfw? They’re either 18+ or nothing at all. I can’t do jack shit against you if you decide to do that anyway, and it’s NOT my damn job to police the internet or whatever things you do - but if you draw porn of them as kids, then I’m just blocking and moving on. I’m not wasting my time yelling at nasty pedophiles nor do I want them to be in my life. 

Whether you agree or not, that’s fine. You have your own views, and unfollow me if you don’t enjoy my content. But there’s no reason for you to come into my inbox and pick a fight with me over something as minor as HCs and how I see characters as. I’m not wasting my time with you when I can do something else that’s actually important.

This is the last time I’m addressing this issue regarding my blog. Jeez, and people wonder why I prefer not to draw the Cupbros when this happens lmao I’m just here to draw dumb comics and enjoy my time my dudes