i'm waiting for something exciting to happen

When James made up his mind about Lily
  • James: [Fleamont is in the kitchen. James walks in] I'm dating Lily Evans.
  • Fleamont: Well, well, well!
  • Euphemia: What's happening?
  • Fleamont: James says he and Lily are dating.
  • Euphemia: I don't believe it.
  • Fleamont: That what he says. Right?
  • James: I'm going up to Cokeworth today.
  • Euphemia: Oh, James. This is so exciting!
  • Fleamont: Come on, let's call the Evans'. We've got something to celebrate.
  • James: No. I think you'll want to wait on that.
  • Fleamont: They don't know?
  • James: No, they don't.
  • Fleamont: Well, when did you decide all this?
  • James: About an hour ago.
  • Euphemia: Wait a minute. You talked to Lily this morning?
  • James: No. She doesn't know about it.
  • Fleamont: She doesn't know that you're coming up to Cokeworth?
  • James: No. Actually, she doesn't know about us dating yet.
  • Euphemia: When did you two talk this over?
  • James: We haven't.
  • Euphemia: James, this whole idea sounds pretty half-baked.
  • James: No, it's not, Mum. It's completely baked. It's a decision I've made.
  • Fleamont: But what makes you think she wants to date you?
  • James: [James picks up his suitcase, walks to the door] She doesn't. To be perfectly honest, she doesn't like me.

“The fuck m8? Way to end it on a cliff-hanger, I was really enjoying this story! Please update, it’s been 3 years but I do need closure”

My response: “Last year, I was working two jobs (40 hours a week and 16 hours on weekends), taking classes in the evening, and dealing with a family crisis and clinical depression. This year, thankfully, I’m only working one job, but I doubled my courseload in order to graduate faster. I come home physically and emotionally exhausted every day and when I do write, I’m lucky if I can finish a page.I would love to finish this story. I would love to finish ALL my stories. And I am trying my goddamn best and just so you know, comments like these are NOT helpful nor do they encourage me to update faster. They just make me feel like shit.FYI. Positive encouragement is the way to encourage a writer to update a chapter. Not “the fuck m8, it’s been 3 years”. Try, “I really love this story for x reason and y reason, this was my favorite part of the story, this is a theory I have about the story, I can’t wait for more”.Peace.”

It gets super frustrating as a writer when you get comments like these.  Please remember, especially for fanfic–if you want an update, start with the positives.  Tell them your favorite scenes.  Tell them what you’re excited about, what you think might happen.  Please do not guilt the writer.  

Imagine Woozi getting really excited about a new game he just got and he can’t wait to play it when he’s done with his work.

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Wait I saw something about an HxH musical thing? What is this I'm very confused but very excited?! Thank u for your time (and blog)!


there were two live action musicals based on hxh performed in the early 2000s: “musical hunter x hunter” and “hunter x hunter: the nightmare of zoaldyeck”. i’ll be livestreaming the latter on february 12th at 6:00pm EST :)

the first musical is an original story taking place between yorknew and greed island. “nightmare of zoaldyeck” is a retelling of what happened when gon, leorio, and kurapika went to kukuroo mountain to rescue killua. i haven’t seen the first one but the second one is surreal and hilarious and has a lot of gratuitous shipping fanservice lol. the music and songs are pretty bad but the show doesn’t take itself seriously and you can tell everyone is just having a good ol’ time. by the way, the actors are the original voice cast from 1999, hahaha.

anyway, i hope you all can make it to the livestream!!! this gonna be good


This is the face of a man slowly dying inside. 

If you ever draw a picture like this, where you just finish the last piece and stare at it, slowly tearing up because there is clearly something wrong with you, don’t worry. I still love you.

Finally an update. I hope I can get back on track with them. Bought a new drawing tablet yesterday, just waiting for its arrival! I’m so excited!

Insurance has approved my top surgery!!! 🌞

I’ve been low key stressing about this more than anything, and it made me unable to truly feel excited every step of the way or want to start preparing in case I was let down. I’ve had this wall up of “but what if they reject it, what if I have to fight for it for weeks, or months, what if I forgot something” that’s stopped me from letting it sink in that this is really happening, or from even wanting to talk about it too much. I don’t think I even realized how big this wall was until getting this letter. It feels like all the relief and uninhibited excitement other people have been directing at me are suddenly finally running through me too.

Photo taken in the grass because I had to sit down at the mailbox from laughing and hyperventilating.

Whatever happens, I love Robron so much and I love this fandom. Everyone is amazing and I have the chance to talk with some of them, that makes this experience even better and I’ll always be grateful for that. But tomorrow will be something else because I get to meet irl one of these amazing people, right @robronanyway! So Zoé, are you ready to get lost in the streets/subways Parisian with me ??? :D

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I was at a cafe waiting for my old friend to show up. It's been six years since the last time I seen her and I'm actually really excited. Well, she was late by at least a good hour and then I started to really get worried. Did something happen to her? One hour and twenty minutes later, I see her outside talking to DICK GRAYSON. Ya know, mister hottie with the fine booty! Turns out, she got lost in the city so he walked her to the cafe. #onlyingotham #luckybitch #shedidntevenknowwhohewas

The Signs As Stupid Things I've Said to My Boyfriend
  • Aries: Good luck at your soccer game. Kick some major balls!
  • Taurus: I am going to look for Oreo Oreos and we will eat them and enjoy the irony of life.
  • Gemini: It wasn't me I swear! It was Eduardo and his loyal followers. They're out to ruin the lives of kids everywhere... #StopEduardo2k15.
  • Cancer: Idk maybe like you were hurt and nobody could help you but- WAIT- I have a car! And I was the closest and could drive you to the hospital. Or what if something bad happened here and I needed a safe place to stay why would I go to my friend's house when I could go to you!
  • Leo: May the theatre gods bless you with energy, a happy cast and an infinite supply of water. And m&ms. Yes, all powerful theatre gods, to you we sacrifice our sleep and sanity.
  • Virgo: I'm so excited to finally vacuum my carpet!!
  • Libra: Hope you had a great day off and best wishes for a hella sexy Tuesday.
  • Scorpio: gneeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
  • Sagittarius: I'm busy stalking your Tumblr right now, I found some pretty cool things... (One week later) I'm busy stalking your Facebook right now *sends pictures I found, adds weird quotes*
  • Capricorn: Hope she doesn't die.
  • Pisces: Goodnight my cute little penguin I love you and had such a fun time today!! <3





My mum wanted to know why I'm so obsessed with YOI so I made her watch the show, these are her comments:
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Mum:</b> Are they gay?<p/><b>Me (Elisa):</b> What?<p/><b>M:</b> Because you two (my best friend and I) only love something so much when it's gay!<p/><b>M:</b> Yuuri's kinda hot without his glasses.<p/><b>M:</b> They are gonna be a couple?<p/><b>E:</b> Who?<p/><b>M:</b> Yuuri and Victor<p/><b>E:</b> Why'd you think that?<p/></p><p/><b>M:</b> Because he's always hitting on him but Yuri can't handle it.<p/><b>M *about the lip touch scene*:</b> huh...if this doesn't count as hitting on someone I don't know what does!<p/><b>Mum:</b> *judging Yuri for the whole pork cutlet bowl thing*<p/><b>M:</b> I'm really, afraid that Yuri'll loose against other Yuri - wait ia other Yuri in love with Victor as well?<p/><b>M:</b> Yuri always just wanted to win, but now he's realised what he really wants and that's Victor!<p/><b>M:</b> So are we watching this from now on?<p/><b>E:</b> There are only six episodes...<p/><b>M:</b> Oh :(<p/><b>Episode 4 apparently wasn't gay enough for her:</b> There could've been ... why wasn't there ... hugh!! I think Victor knows that Yuri has a crush on him but is too shy to admit it!<p/><b>M:</b> Yuri looks really good in black.<p/><b>M:</b> Why the hell does he want every guy to fall in love with him?<p/><b>M:</b> Oh shit, I thought Minami was a girl.<p/><b>M *when Victor puts the lip balm on Yuri's lip* :</b> Shit I really thought they were gonna kiss now.<p/><b>M:</b> Oh man now they are all shocked! Did he really just tell the whole world that he's in love with Victor? Wait...Victor knows that Yuri's in love with him, right? Right?<p/><b>E:</b> Oh, man I can't wait to hear what you'll say about Chris.<p/><b>M:</b> Huh! I bet he'll make a move on Yuri and Victor's gonna be so jealous!<p/><b>E:</b> Any last comment?<p/><b>M:</b> Well, I'm pretty excited about what's going to happen...I'm a bit afraid that Yuri will start something with Chris even though he's in love with Victor.<p/><b>E:</b> What the hell, Mum?<p/><b>E:</b> The description for next weeks episode says that Yuri can't stand the pressure of being first and that Victor will have to use some pretty unconventional measures. And then something like Will Yuri's glass heart be able to bear it...<p/><b>M:</b> Yessss! Kiss!<p/></p>

Long story short I personally had a p good time in spite of all the pushing and shoving – I was center stage ish second row so I was standing on the raised platform. I had a great time till the end when they sang path and just waved and hopped off stage… Then the curtains closed and the security yelled that the concert was over so everyone had to leave and then apparently ppl who got hi touch had to sit and wait while their CEO made a statement concerning the safety of the members and the fans.

I’ve been outta it for some time but this was the grande finale – this has gotten so insane. People blow things out of proportion and think their actions have no fallout. Immediately rumors were flying about how people threw tampons on stage and all this shit and /no/ I was almost first row center stage and I didn’t see anything get thrown on stage. Security WAS TIGHT.

Namjoon kept to himself mostly and he seemed hyped but it was ??? I was so happy and feel so blessed to have seen them and experienced their performances but this got so so out of hand.

I’m ashamed that this happened their first time in NYC. That they must have been so excited because it’s New York City. And for the fans who paid extra, waited longass hrs, booked hotels and aren’t getting refunds – I’m so, so sorry. You guys deserved better.

BTS deserved better.

This is upsetting and unfair for all parties involved and I hope to dear heavens that something gets sorted out. That we are somehow able to earn their love and trust again but I don’t think that’s going to be possible for a long, long while.

Stay safe everyone :(

everybody is all salty and shit after tonights episode and i’m just over here like stydia is still canon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Listen we were so worried that we were looking at another year like 2013, another year of pretending to ignore each other and no photos of them in the same damn frame because god forbid 1dhq acknowledged that they exist in the same fucking universe.

And now we’re three days - three days!!!! into the tour and we’ve had obvious lovebites and bruises, Louis sarcastically responding to girlfriend questions (and where IS Eleanor?? is she alive???? even Danielle tweeted about the tour, step up your game El), a pic of Harry and Louis leaning in to each other during a group hug (a pic which was APPROVED by 1dhq to run in the Sun and if you don’t realise what a big deal that is you haven’t been paying attention), they both came out to meet fans after the show tonight instead of being split up into twos and threes with the other boys, they’ve been looking at each other, talking to each other, teasing each other, smiling and laughing, singing together, and they both look gorgeous, well-rested and very happy.

Something major has changed, and I’m so all over the place about it because I’m so fucking excited!!!!!!!! and so confused about how to deal with it because!!! how long has it been????? I feel like I’ve been living in a cave for the past year two years and now I’ve been thrown into the sunlight, and it’s wonderful and overwhelming and so, so good and I just can’t wait to see how the rest of the tour plays out.

I don’t know if anyone’s mentioned this, but regarding the question of whether the pencil only pierced Rachel’s eye or if it went through to her brain: even if the latter is the case, that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s dead or dying.

People can survive a lot of stuff being stabbed through their brains, the most famous case of which was probably Phineas Gage. Gage was impaled through the head with a railroad spike and lived for over a decade afterward, but with entirely changed personality and behavior.

If any brain injury happened to Rachel as a result of the pencil, it was likely limited to the frontal lobe, which would result in, most significantly, impairment to higher-level executive function and decision making, reduced ability to recognize consequences, and increased irritability. Basically, something like the unraveling we’ve seen her do this season only amped up to eleven.

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You know how disappointed everyone is going to be when it reaches 1M and absolutely nothing happens. I'm trying not to get my hopes up. :(

wait do people actually think something is going to happen when it gets to 1MIL?

im positive nothing will happen.. im excited because it’s a milestone that the larries never thought they could get too and it means something amazing. not because something is going to happen when it does.

This just happened
  • Friend: You like reading right?
  • Me: Yeah!! I love to read!
  • Friend: Well do you want to read something I wrote the other day?
  • Me: Sure! I'd love too!
  • Friend: Hurry! Let's join district thirteen!
  • We can help them fight in the war
  • Or go with the Doctor to a place so serene.
  • But wait, there's Gandalf at the door!
  • He wants us to help destroy the ring!
  • After that, to Hogwarts, back to school
  • Just don't visit the third floor wing
  • A three headed dog, that's not cool
  • There's something Supernatural that just can't be
  • Maybe it's a sign, but go to prom with me?
  • Me: *speechless for five minutes then enthusiastically says yes*

SOOO something really great, like miracle great, happened and I am flying from Canada to see my best friend altoowhale and you on Friday in Baton Rouge!!! I’M GOING TO CRY! You are the reason we even met and the fact I get to see you in the flesh (that sounds weird sorry) WITH HER DJKSDKJHSDKJA I CAN’T!! IM CRYING BLOOD! I’m so beyond happy and excited and dkjshdsldjla AAAHHHH!! CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU FRIDAY TAY! torturedloves, bsam13 and morganseamonmusic will be there too!!!!