i'm very very very upset

Tbh?? Although like we call Carlos a “cinnamon roll” and stuff like that, the guys actually really badass. Dude purposely went to jail and got stabbed, JUST TO SEE THE BOSS (even though the saints have fallen) He also straight up talked to Maero and made a meeting which was also really awesome. Like we should talk about that more??

channing tatum is like that guy in college who’s 1000% bro and loves his frat and is a world champion beer pong player and owns 324353 snap-backs and you’re just like UGH GROSS until you find him roaming the feminist lit section of the local indie book shop and he sees you eyeing him and smiles and is like “have you ever read any doris lessing?” just as his phone buzzes with a text from his grandma asking if he’ll be coming over for bingo this weekend and you also realize his text tone is “bad blood” and suddenly everything is you knew is  a lie 

Hey kids. I’m only making this one post about this. Please treat Stefan with respect. Please treat Magnus with respect. I really, really hate when people don’t treat celebrities or famous people like people. It makes me feel extremely uncomfortable and I know it would definitely be the same on the end of the celebrity. Just be kind and respectful. Please.

I was in the LGBT Resource Center on campus today because I’m crocheting a bunch of blankets for the room (there’s no heating allocated by the university for that part of the building). Dude with a Trump shirt on dropped by and said to the handful of people down there “Y’all know if Trump wins, your little group of perverted faggots is the first ones we’re coming from. You ain’t gonna last long on this campus once we have that national blessing.”

So basically, I attend the most conservative, least lgbtq-friendly public university in the United States and will no longer be able to visit one of the very few safe spaces on campus if Trump wins tomorrow, because I’m afraid I might be targeted. :/

For the love of god, your friends, and your fellow citizens, do whatever you possibly can to vote tomorrow.

good things about yuri!!! on ice:
- canon lgbt+ characters and a queer (INTERRACIAL) couple that isn’t fetishised or played for laughs
- diverse characters
- poc characters, including a black thai boy and a LATINO BOY REPRESENTING THE USA IN A WORLD SKATING COMPETITION
- accurate and destigmatised representation of anxiety
- destruction of gender roles

bad things about yuri!!! on ice
- ?
- ?????/???????/?
- “i’m gonna just fucking bust a nut on this ice”
- ????

Imagine, if you will, an assassin who follows the following story:

- Is contacted by a secondary villain to kill the protagonist
- Lies about his skillset
- Spectacularly fails in assassination attempt
- Joins the protagonist’s side for his own continued survival
- Grows to genuinely care for the protagonist and their friends
- Is prepared to lay down his life for the protagonist’s cause by the end of the story
- Additionally, is suave, sultry, and inexplicably Hispanic

Now, am I talking about Zevran Arainai, or am I talking about Puss In Boots in Shrek 2?

lessons learned from love is a devil: a queer character can suddenly choose to be hetero, we have no morals, we struggle with controlling ourselves in the face of temptation, pan people flit from person to person without respecting them, queer characters (sorry straightish) are inherently bad and untrustworthy – if you tempt them with something they will easily fold. 

we are not villains.  

to the ones who are insulting that new tv show, marco polo, because the actor who got the role of marco polo is white: guys, marco polo was italian and the italians are white. and marco polo was from venice, so he was definitely very white. it’s not our fault, we are just white. we don’t do that on purpose. i’m sorry for your ignorance.
now stop it, thank you.

The only thing more heartbreaking than the end of EoS, is a book series that had as much potential and the author killed it.

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So I had this scenario in my head yesterday night, where the diamond matriarchy finally starts crumbling, chaos and panic everywhere, gems poofed left and right, and all of the pearls being completely overwhelmed by their newfound freedom, having to act on their own for the first time in their lives, but then ending up sticking together, starting a revolution of pearls! OvO