i'm very sexually frustrated right now

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Hello Hajimama! I'm writing an Eruri fic right now and am trying to make it as accurate as possible. It's very obvious that both Levi and Erwin have a very strong trust and respect for one another and have a deep companionship, but what would an actual proper relationship between the two of them be like? What would be the pros and cons?

Levi would be very cold in the beginning and needed some time to be okay with contact. Especially sexual ones. Erwin would be trying to be accepting of that but he’d also be kinda frustrated with Levi from time to time, because he can be very special. They’d both kinda try to control the other, so they might ave arguments a lot, but that’s not a problem for them.

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I don't know why I'm telling you this, but I seriously need to vent it out somewhere. You're always incredibly supportive to people particularly about their sexuality, and I really appreciate that. And I kind of need it right now. My dad is very homophobic, and some of my family members came to visit a few weekends ago. One of them brought along his partner. All during the visit, my dad would find ways to not let me interact with them, which frustrated me and made me incredibly--- (part 1)

uncomfortable because they cared about what I had to say and about my career. (My dad has the tendency to make fun of things he’s not interested in, i.e. my career path.) They were super nice and supportive of me. I’m not out to my family and that weekend just made me feel even less like I want to come out because I’m afraid of going into a massive amount of debt or becoming homeless if my dad finds out. I love my dad, but I feel like he took away my support system and that makes me sad  

Oh honey, I’m so sorry. :(

Having close-minded family members is just the worst, trust me, I have experienced it before.  My mother busted me with a girl one time and she was pretty upset about it.  We got in a big screaming match and she refused to talk to me about it for a long time.  But she didn’t throw me out, and when I told her that Nicki was moving in with me (while crying and hyperventilating because I really thought it was the last time I would ever see my mother) all she said was “Can she cook?”.

When my dad found out (way later than he should have, honestly; I was afraid to talk to him and he was in denial, so my mother ended up screaming it at him when he asked why Nicki was always coming over with me) he didn’t talk to me for, like, three months.  Kinda ruined the holidays that year.  But he got over it, and he and Nicki get along really well and family time is great now.

Now, that little story-time there was actually kind of illustrating a point, which is that even if you think your family is hopeless and it will never work out, the likelihood is that they will come around.  No parent wants to lose their child, and while they might be mad at first, they will likely realize that you are not going to magically change your orientation to make them happy, and they will come to terms with it.

But this is a decision that you have to make for yourself.  Don’t let yourself feel pressured into coming out if you’re not in a safe environment for it.  Wait til you have a place of your own and you’re financially stable if you have to, so if your dad flips, you can just quietly walk away from it and live your own life.  It’s hard to live around someone like that, but unfortunately, a lot of us have family members that are difficult, bigoted, or just plain shitty people.  

So create safe places for yourself.  Make friends that you can trust and that you can come out to, so that you won’t feel so alone.  People downplay the importance of online friendships because it’s still all relatively new, but having someone you can vent to, whether it’s in person or online, is essential.  

Most of all, no matter what happens, always always remember that you are not less than anybody else.  The world will try to make you feel like you are, because you’re not straight or because you’re not white or because you’re not cis or because you have a disability or because of a million other stupid, superficial reasons that society uses to keep people down.  But society is wrong and you are great and you just have to remember that.  Be awesome to other people, call out bullshit when you see it, and hold your head up because everything will be fine.

<3 <3