i'm very pleased with their hair for some reason

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Hi!! May I request a very fluffy scenario with Kuroo please!! Like maybe kuroo is in his s/o's lap and she's playing with his hair?? I'm just in love with his crazy hair for some reason haha I imagine it to be so soft!! Thank you! I love your blog!!

Of course!! I would sell my soul just so I can touch Kuroo’s hair. Sorry for the wait! P.S I live in Europe and the heat is killing me and I can’t go to swim because it is the time of the month. In shorter words, I’m effing dying. Under the cut because I had too much fun with this.

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Black Wing Armor - Erza Scarlet - fanart. After almost 3 weeks of no motivation to draw whatsoever, I decided to at least try and this happened. This one is no doubt my favourite painting of Erza I’ve made. 

Made by jiyu-koya. Please do not repost, do not remove source.