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Happy belated Birthday to my dear shithead Jo ♡

I feel like I’m out of practice :S And I’m a day late. And I will do better next time, but I really needed to do something cute for my son so take this*tosses onto ur dash* Happy Belated Birthday to the Best Owl Bae!!❤️🎂~ 

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i took the pottermore sorting hat quiz again and it sorted me into SLYTHERIN. i dont have a problem with the house itself, but now i dont know what to do. my whole life i thought i was a ravenclaw.

Okay I’m going to let you in on a secret, I also decided to retake the quiz basically just because I was under the impression there’d be new questions or something which I was clearly wrong about. Anyway I retook the quiz and I got sorted into Gryffindor.

Now the thing is, yes I trust Jo’s judgement, but I trust it much more regarding people she actually knows than on questions asked through a computer screen. I know myself much better than the quiz does and I’m okay with that. The quiz is not infallible and I’m pretty sure Jo would be one of the first people to admit that, so I’d try viewing it more as a guidance than something that’s set in stone

I know I’m not a gryffindor. I hate confrontation, I back out of things I’m not comfortable with, and I think a lot of the aspects of chivalry are a bit ridiculous. Gryffindor is definitely not where my heart lies, so I’ve just accepted that the sorting quiz can get stuff wrong and I’ve moved on. 

Yes, it’s definitely worth considering the house you’ve been put in and questioning how much you’ve changed since the last time you took the quiz because yeah, we all change as we get older and sometimes that involves changing your house identity and that’s okay. But if you’re already 100% happy with the house you’re in and really don’t feel like your ‘new house’ would be right for you, then just accept that your identity can’t be defined by an online quiz and don’t stress about it

Oh. Man. The over thirty hours of travel home has been ROUGH. I have never been so happy to see home. We had a wonderful experience in Malaysia, and I’m so glad we went. But, for now, I’m going to stay right here on this couch, try to stay awake until a respectable time, and then collapse and sleep like the dead in my very own bed. I was trying to catch up on here, but I’m so tired that my eyes are burning. 😴

Here’s a very belated (any very rough and pasty-looking) SD&S for the beautiful badass @high-heel-mileage! ❤️❤️ I’ll tag @nowforthefunpart, @tiny-owl, and @amater-photographeur.