i'm very fond of her actually

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Ooooh tell us about your girl?? U go Blake! :D

uhmm okay here goes 

She has wavy brown hair and is like 8 inches taller than me (rip). She loves jellyfish, dogs, flowers, and coffee. We’re both introverted, artistic firespinners majoring in neuroscience. I like how considerate of others she is, the spontaneity of her creativity, and the way the corners of her mouth dimple when she smiles.

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So Idk why but I really don't like Agatha, and I got my friend to read Carry On too, and she didn't like her either. I'm sorry, Ik this is a little random

That´s totally understandable dear, I felt like that the first time I read the book, too! But after a second read through I´ve actually grown very fond of Agatha! Yes, she´s a little selfish and doesn´t seem like a hero, but in the end she´s just a girl that has been pushed to be a certain way all her life! Like, her parents are these wealthy people always concerned about their reputation and the only reason they support her relationship with Simon is because he´s a powerful mage and they want the fame.
Then there´s the whole thing about her normal friends - she had to give them all up because they could know about her magic and it´s very clearly stated that Agatha thinks she doesn´t have any real friends in the magical world, so she must be hella lonely!
And then there´s Simon, who probably never reeeeally loved her and was a shit boyfriend in general. He was very clearly with her because she´s gorgeous and he had some sort of “home” where he could stay over the holidays and be called “son” and all that. In my head they were only together because it was sort of expected - the Chosen One gets the pretty girl. And she´s SO TIRED of just being the pretty girl. Like, she even says so: she thought of herself as the price at the end, nothing more than an object to please everyone around her.

So in the end, Agatha has never been very selfish at all. She had been thinking of herself as a plot device all this time and when she´s finally running away from it all in the last battle it´s nothing more than her breaking free from all the shit she was expected to do but never wanted anyway. It´s so incredibly brave and liberating and it just shows that sometimes we have to be our own hero and save ourselves!

And now the rant is over nonny, I´m very sorry I wrote you half a novel as an answer, haha! :D I´m just very passionate about Agatha and I think she´s a great character that is very atypical and well written! :D

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Hi ivory:) can you pray for me? Tonight one of your reader that loves you to death lost her battle to cancer. She's on a better place and she went home peacefully. I'm actually the one who introduced you to her and although she couldn't read your stories anymore, hope heaven will let her because she loved you very much. She will still hear the ending of ATTS tho! She is very fond of it and i will read it to her someday. So thank you. Thank you for being with her through this hard journey.

I remember the both of you, and I certainly thought about you and wished you both well from time to time between this message and your last, and I am so sorry to hear that this was the outcome. Sending all of my love to you and her family, and I promise to keep you both in my prayers. I hope that I can finish the last part soon so that you are able to read it to her, and I am truly sorry that I could not complete it before this happened. I really, really wish I did.

Thank you, even amongst it all, for coming to me and telling me about her. I am sure she was an incredible person, and it is the grandest honour to know that she found comfort in my stories, especially A Ticket To The Sun. I wish I could have had the chance to speak to her personally without the anonymity, or at least more than the one time she sent me a message. I would have loved to have gotten to know her.

Please, to all of my readers, keep these two lovely girls in your hearts today. Nobody deserves this, nobody at all.

Me watching "Still" for the first time
  • Beth: And you don't get to treat me like crap just because you're afraid!
  • Me: YAAAS! Where is the lie though? I really like Beth! I'm sure that my fondness for her will not get out of hand very soon lmao
  • Daryl: *steps closer to Beth, sexual tension intensifies*
  • Me: Oh... wow... hold up...what?
  • Daryl: I ain't afraid of nothing!
  • Me: What are these feels that I'm feeling?
  • Daryl and Beth: *stare into each other's souls like they can see gold, diamonds and yummy donuts in each other's eyes*
  • Me: Fuck! I gotta go check Tumblr to see what people are saying about them. Not that I ship them or anythI FUCKING SHIP THEM SO HARD good B Y E WORLD !!!
I will still open the window

A Kagehina thing

For: iwillstillopenthewindow

words: 807

A/N: Anea is a beautiful person with a beautiful soul and despite my claims of wanting to make her cry, I couldn’t do it (yet).So I decided to make her happy instead. I know she treasures her url and so I tried to do a thing.Tried.This was supposed to be 16 lines at max, I don’t know what happened. Ahh I hope she likes it and I’ll take this as my cue to run away at the speed of light and never to show my face again.

Title: I will still open the window.

Long ago
In a faraway land
Lived a king,
A life so grand

His window open
Far and wide
He had no fear
But a sense of pride

He didn’t know,
Not from the start
The word king
Would scar his heart

He ruled the court
With his aggressive might
Cared for no other
As he thought he was right.

His talent well known
The genius stood tall
Till the fateful day
That marked his fall

Demanded faster, higher;
It turned into greed
He wasn’t to be blamed
But the curse of speed.

‘King of the court’
That was his name
And he was betrayed
In the middle of a game.

So he locked the window
The one to his heart
So no one could enter
Or harm the deepest part

The sting of betrayal
And the weight of his crown
Faintly made him recall
A teary chocolate brown

'Standing on the court
Is a privilege of the strongest’
As he spoke he stared
At those eyes for the longest

Behind the closed window
Lost in his thought
He tried to recall
What he was taught

Taught he wasn’t trusted
It didn’t make him sad
Because faith in his abilities
Is all he ever had

He was all alone
That was okay too
He just wanted to win
Anyway would do

He trained harder and harder
To conquer his quest
As he strove to become
Better than the best

But that was a task
He failed on his own
He can’t be the best
When he’s standing all alone

It faltered a bit
His unwavering pride
What wrong had he done?
He questioned as he cried

His window, shut tight
But the fear crept in
Was a constant reminder
Of his unknown sin

The seasons went by
Time for change was near
But what fate had in store
Screamed a “why are you here”

He remembered the boy
His speed and his jump
The first match they played
Made his heart thump

Getting along with him
Was easier said than done
With his competitive nature,
And tendency to run.

They were polar opposites
Too different to be
But were part of one whole
That, they didn’t see

He was amazed
By the passion of the boy
Just getting some tosses
Would give him boundless joy

Maybe they could manage
And somehow get along
Because first impressions
Could often be wrong

But then came trouble
The fear from his past
He was hoping to avoid
But his luck ran out fast

He shut his window
Closed with all his might
But a voice burst it open
“That was in the past, right?”

He remembered the time
When no one was there
But a flash or orange
Leapt through the air

“I’m here” he screamed
It was a promise he kept
Every single time
As he blindly leapt

The first one to trust him
Gave it their all
And that was the moment
He felt himself fall

'Odd-ball duo’
Was nice for a change
But it made his heart stutter
And he knew that was strange

They grew closer and closer
As the days went by
And he could no longer
Believe his own lie

He couldn’t stop himself
The deed was done
For he fell in love
With ‘a place in the sun’

He wasn’t ready
To just let someone in
No matter how bright
Happened to be their grin

Soon he came to learn
The boy who stole his heart
Had fears of his own
He didn’t see from the start.

So he yelled at the boy
Who had chased away his fear,
“You’ll be invincible
As long as I’m here”

Despite his promise
He had led him down
And once again he felt
The weight of his crown

It left a bitter taste
The fight that they had
Both felt the pain
Took the good with the bad

They grew together
They lost and they won
Competed together
With each and every run

He opened his window
And in the vast sky
He could see the sun
And the crows fly

The boy who changed him
Flashed him a smile
With such a simple act
His heart ran a mile

He fell deeper and deeper
Wasn’t scared to drown
For the boy smiled at him
And gently lifted his crown

And his words were repeated
As if held dear
"You’ll be invincible
As long as I’m here”

The sun by his side
Chased away the gray
Almost as if
He was trying to say

'I’ll heal your heart,
Give it a chance to grow
For me,
Will you still open the window?’

Blushing at his thoughts
And words he couldn’t say
He gently held his hand
Hoping it would convey

'The answer to your question,
You already know
For you,
I will still open the window’

Delphine trying to help Cosima and finding Silas University. She originally plans on recruiting LaFontaine (what kind of science does she study again?) but with LaF comes a couple more redheads, a tiny gay journalist type, and a girl who sleeps all day long.

LaF and Delphine do everything they can, test every theory, but Cosima is still dying.

Cosima and Carmilla have become close. Cosima knows Carmilla is a vampire from basically day one. When she starts to question what dying and then being turned into a vampire was like, Carmilla knows where she’s going with this, but she doesn’t know if she can actually go through with it. She hasn’t turned anyone in a very long time.

Carmilla is also very fond of Kira, who woke her up one day by checking for fangs. Carmilla and Kira spend a lot of time laying with Cosima.

Laura and Helena bond over cookies and other food. Perry and Allison spend a lot of time in the craft room. Danny seems to get along surprisingly well with Art.

This is it for Miranda – she’s calling time on her sitcom with two festive finales. In the first, she is where we last saw her all those months ago, trying to decide between two marriage proposals.

One comes from Gary, the long-term object of her affections and the other comes from Mike, her actual boyfriend, who she’s grown to be very fond of.

Which to choose? And could she actually cope with being someone’s wife (silly question, we’ve seen her doing it in Call the Midwife).

But could she really deal with marriage or will she decide to carry on as she is, all by herself. Tune in for a last laugh with Miranda and pals Stevie, Tilly and Gary – and not forgetting mum Penny.