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Clarke’s conviction in the time jump scene is so amazing.

She’s calling out for Bellamy and she has hope and faith in him, not just that he’s still alive.

She’s got this faith that, even with six years of being apart, even without knowing what was happening up in space, she’s his first priority.

She tells him on that radio, without knowing if he can hear, where Raven should point the rocket to find her.

She says, “You’ll find me,” knowing that that’s all he wants to do.

Series finale of The Vampire Diaries tonight!

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Milton’s 50′s diner and second service - chapter 11

RATING: mature
RELATIONSHIP: Lucifer/Sam Winchester
WORDS: 884
CHAPTER: 11/11
: human!au, vintage vibes but modern setting, fluff fluff fluff
SUMMARY: The Winchesters are travelling along the road sixty six and stop for a meal. How typical of Dean to choose a 50’s diner for it. The town’s vintage vibes make them stay for a little longer. Sam gets a job at the diner for the summer.Love is in the air. People say they put some in the water too
A/N: a big thank you to my beautiful beta readers @spnyoucantkeepmedown @i-bleed-salt

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But before that, as it is the last chapter of this story, I wanted to thank you all for the amazing experience. You turned this fluffy fanfic into the most feel good experience. Posting on a regular schedule and having your feedbacks was wonderfull. Your comments, your encouragements, your posts, your reblogs, your photos, your tags… I can’t tell you how much it matters to me. Thank you so much. I feel like this fanfic is like a samifer holiday and I’m very happy to have gone there with you.

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I just want to take a moment to talk about what Pirates of The Caribbean movies mean to me.

These movies are my whole life and I am very emotionally attached to them.I remember being 7 years old anxiously waiting to see The Curse of The Black Pearl on the tv for the first time cause I was too young to go and see it at the cinema.

These movies literally have followed all stages of my life

First 3 came out when I was at the primary school and I was literally crazy about them.I remember having the first one on videotape and I also remember that when I finally got At world’s End I was watching it at least 2 times a day.

Then the 4th one came out when I was a teenager and now the 5th one comes out when I am a university student.

I just feel so many things about this franchise cause I literally grew up with it.There are no other franchises that I feel that way about.I mean,I adore Harry Potter,Lord of The Rings and Star Wars but I appreciated them after I was 15 or so.But POTC will always have my heart.

Sorry for the emotional rant I just felt the need to share it with you!

All my love to Steven Adler. I’m currently thinking about him and his absence from the Guns N’ Roses reunion. I know, he wanted to be part of this, but yet, somehow he isn’t. I’m very sorry and wish him well, knowing he had just beaten his drug addiction two years ago. 

Stay safe. We love you and we’ll wait for you.


It’s Never Really Been My Scene: Sally Grissom and Asexual Representation in ars PARADOXICA

I’ve been meaning to make a post—er, a coherent post that’s not just the word “screaming” repeated in various states of capitalization—about Sally Grissom identifying as asexual since it became canon back in September. Since it’s not only ace awareness week but the anniversary of Sally’s arrival in the past, today seemed like the ideal date to finally put something together. There’s no point in pretending I don’t care deeply about this topic, so I’ll start off strong here: Dr. Sally Grissom means more to me than almost any other fictional character I’ve ever encountered. As a woman who wants to be a scientist, who has moved around a lot and always feels like the outsider, who makes bad jokes and gets philosophical when no one is listening and thinks too much about time travel…well. Needless to say, I see a lot of myself in Sally. She’s who I aspire to be. And when I started listening to ars PARADOXICA (only this past July, though it feels like far longer), I adored her character immediately. For all of the reasons listed above, primarily, but there was another key factor: Sally Grissom wasn’t in love with anyone.

I didn’t expect her to be, necessarily, not in the first few episodes. But then time went on, and she continued to not fall for Anthony Partridge, and no reveal was made about the boyfriend she left in 20[–REDACTED–], and I was pleasantly surprised at every turn when romance failed to arrive. Time kept going on. Sally still wasn’t in love. Time. Sally didn’t have a one-night stand with Nikhil Sharma. Time. Sally explained that she doesn’t “really go in for that sort of thing” when asked about romantic relationships. By now I’m no longer just happy; I’m ecstatic each time something like this happens (or doesn’t happen, as the case may be). At this point I’ve started voicing my aroace Sally headcanons. I’ve edited the aP icon art to display the asexual color scheme. I’ve even—briefly, barely, in the most hesitant of ways—wondered to a few friends whether the creators might specifically be writing her as ace. Briefly, barely, hesitantly. I didn’t let myself dwell to much on this idea. It was a nice dream, but our world isn’t the impossible one of aP where anything might happen. I had never read, watched, or listened to anything with a canonically asexual character. I had never read, watched, or listened to anything where the word “asexual” was even used (at least, in this sense of the word). And so I was content, because this was all that I expected. This was more than I expected. 

Sometimes, the best thing that you can be in this world is wrong. 

When I listened to “Greenhouse,” I actually had to go back and replay that scene. I couldn’t quite believe the words coming from my headphones. “I’m asexual.” Something an actual character, the protagonist of a story I loved, was stating in the most casual manner imaginable. “I’m asexual.” Words being spoken less casually, more carefully, more quietly, by a few of my friends over the past several years. “I’m asexual.” A sentence that I wanted to be able to shout to the world but had only ever whispered to a couple trusted pairs of ears. “I’m asexual.” I listened, and I relistened, and she said it every time, and the world was more impossible and incredible than I had dared to hope for.

It’s not just that Sally Grissom is asexual, you see. It’s the fact that she said it on the show. I would have been happy if it had continued to be implied, and I would have been thrilled if the creators had announced it in an interview or by way of response to a question—but that wasn’t what happened. What happened was nothing short of miraculous: she said it.  It’s a part of who she is, and she’s comfortable with that, confident even. It’s perhaps the most validating second of audio I’ve ever listened to. Sally Grissom says that she’s asexual, but with that she’s saying “and if you are as well, that’s okay, that’s wonderful.” 

So while I don’t just love Sally Grissom for being ace, it’s something that I do love. I can’t express that enough. I love that she’s asexual, and that I personally can view her as aromantic and know that it’s far from unfeasible. I love that Sally is a person who cares so much for people, who loves her friends more than science itself; I love that she demonstrates how the most important relationships in your life don’t have to be romantic. I love the optimism that she gives me about my own future. I love that I can recommend this podcast to other ace people and watch their eyes light up when I say that the main character is asexual. I love the number of times I’ve been able to use love in this paragraph without the assumption that it’s the kind you fall into.

As a whole, ars PARADOXICA speaks to a lot of things that I care about: scientific ethics, the definition of morality, the role of idealism, human nature. But Sally Grissom speaks to who I am. And I know that the aP website says that our universe “aggressively lacks” meaning, but there’s something in all of this that approaches one.

October 28th, 1943. Remember the day. But remember September 1st, 2016, as well. Because that—that was a good one.