i'm very emotional right now

I’m fucking crying over Percy Weasley what the fuck

What if he blames himself

What if he thinks they all secretly hate him

What if some of them resent him after all

What if he wished he was the one who died, not Fred

Nooooooo I need to stop thinking of these things

Can I just say how heartwarming it is to see people make posts about being excited for Inuvember?? Like we created Inuvember because we hadn’t heard of an Inuyasha Week and decided that Inuyasha deserved a month and now it’s the third year we’ve done it and people actually??? Look forward to it?? Thank you so much???

I feel so happy about how close Josh and Simon have become lately. Like, Simon calling Josh ‘boo’ and ‘baby’ and all of the things they’re doing together. They’re starting up a new series just like the ‘Random Games’ series (which really does need to come back). I feel so privileged to witness this beautiful thing.

All my love to Steven Adler. I’m currently thinking about him and his absence from the Guns N’ Roses reunion. I know, he wanted to be part of this, but yet, somehow he isn’t. I’m very sorry and wish him well, knowing he had just beaten his drug addiction two years ago. 

Stay safe. We love you and we’ll wait for you.


You know, I’m just sitting here watching ‘Spring Day’ for like the 1000th time, and I’m just thinking back to 'No More Dream’ and honestly I am so proud of them and how far they have become as artists and individuals. I’m just so proud of all their hardwork! I’m proud of Army, you all helped them do this with your love and support! 💜💜💜💜