i'm very emotional right now

I still feel like I did when I was twenty years old. Me and Babe still feel like kids. We can still stay out partying all night! Still chasing the broads, just can’t catch them. Age is just a number, kid. If you start thinking of the numbers, you think you’re going to die. I say, “Get the hell out of here!” Just run! I just keep running.
—  Bill Guarnere
Wake Up - priscilacross - Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan [Archive of Our Own]

HAPPY NEW YEARRRRRR BABSS~~~!!! Have a quick sketch of Millie sheep, because I haven’t finished my original new year’s art comic yet. OTL sobs. Went out and celebrated LOL. I’ll try to finishhh. ;u; or it’s just late– hng

in other newssss uwaaaa– priscilacross wrote a fic about the dads au! (っ´▽`)っ Go check it outtttt~

AND finally, even though my 2014 time in tumblr is short. I AM VERY MUCH GRATEFUL, definitely sooooo, to the overwhelming support you guys have given, and even then continue to do so. ;u; ///cries in my corner because my heart is just— thank you

I know many people will talk about Messi,Xavi,Iniesta and Cristiano Ronaldo to their children, but I’m going to talk about the Liverpool legend,Liverpool’s heart, about captain fantastic. I’m going to talk about a fighter, a footballer who played with all his heart and soul, about a player that always fought for his club and for his country. I’m going to tell my kids how wonderful and amazing Steven Gerrard was. What a player and man!

I find it amazing how much these four boys mean to me. They are incredibly talented individuals who I owe a lot to and I’m proud to call myself a Big Time Rush fan. They have helped me through so much stress and pain, so when I get abuse for liking “a stupid kid’s band”, I just ignore it and think of the four beautiful boys who are just working hard to live their dreams and to make people’s days brighter.

In just one week, I will be seeing this boys on stage in London. London. It makes me so proud of them to know that they have so many fans worldwide. They honestly deserve them. 

I also want to thank them because, if it wasn’t for them, then I would not have met so many lovely people who make me smile and laugh and who share the same crazy love for this band.

So thank you, Kendall, James, Carlos and Logan; I love you. <3