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INFPs have such a deep compacity for ❤~love~❤️, and 💖~caring~💖, and 

B U R N I N G   H A T R E D


i got an ask long ago wondering if i had OCs. and… i do (a lot, actually, but we’ll start with these ones)! here’s Key (hoodie) and Aubrey (glasses). 

they like hiking and exploring their town up until Key gets into urbex and chooses the most sketchy looking places to check out. Aubrey values his safety, but also the safety of his bro. he expects payment for bodyguard services in bowls of (real) ramen. and then ~*~something~*~ happens that changes everything… 

The Cricky mood.

A serious condition.

When you get into that mood, you’ve got a few options.

First, AO3, of course.


Okay, let’s calm down.

Second, tumblr. Obviously.

There, you’ll find a whole lot of material. Pics, gifs, heated anons trying to cancel your opinions and most of all, NEW FRIENDS.

Hi @cr7cky & @cricky-renaldo :)

Few examples.


So like, you get into that good vibe, yeah ? You start feeling like this :

And then you see this :

And you literally squeal. And probably look like this :

BUT.. it’s never enough, alright ? So you just wander through Cristiano’s IG posts. 

(Nobody forced him to.. HE DID IT ON HIS OWN.)


And you see those pretty faces every-fucking-where together, laughing, smiling, taking care of Junior (!!!!!). Working or not, they’re attached at the hip.

(Daddy and papa.. DON’T FIGHT ME.)

(Breathe, Cris.)

But then. THEN comes the real deal. Then comes the moment you go back to twitter, you type your own @ in the search bar and the # with it..

Oh how you freaked out about it when it happened..

.. again ..

.. and then again in the finale. You’re not sure you’re over it just yet. (Not sure I’ll ever be anyway.)


(Can you see him saying OBRIGADO ?!)


And you end up looking pretty much like this.

But you end up HAPPY. Happy crying because honestly.. aren’t they gorgeous ?



OC art from the stream. Some more art of Yolette and now introducing the “Shadow Cat”!

Bonus below (=ↀωↀ=)✧

midwestern gothic is a really under-utilized aesthetic but it honestly has so much potential

think about it, it’s perfect:

endless plains that threaten to engulf you in their silence; abandoned old houses, barely standing, that haunt the prairie as much as they themselves are haunted; the remnants of an industrial wasteland that tower over the plains, rusting and crumbling before your eyes; prairie fire eating up the earth, because sometimes the world must burn for life to flourish; highway signs that scream “hell is real” from the edges of the road like a warning; and those little pockets of picture-perfect suburbia, slowly rotting from the inside out

and you can’t escape it, the nothingness of it all– what’s more terrifying than that?

you underestimate how petty i can be

@ksenya-the-artischoke: I drew it. Looks good, I guess =D

George: I’m laughing so hard right now I didn’t expect someone to actually go through and create this!! Everyone, that’s what we’re going to be looking at a few months from now so be prepared!

This is so great, thank you so much for responding unexpectedly to my random musings!!✨

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Title: The Beginning of the Lawlu Romance (part of the Grand Line High School Series) 

Author: Ice and translated by me!

This is Part 3.0 (Part 3.5 can be found here)
You can view Part 1 here

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I’m sorry I haven’t been on much.. I don’t have much of an excuse except that I’ve been distracted by watching a lot of Murdoch Mysteries with my family.. Blimey, there’s a lot of stuff going on.. Anyway, I also wanted to say, I can’t post art for a little while - my scanner is out of order. Hopefully it’ll be back in use within a few days but until then, you’ll have to endure any pixel art I decide to make. XD

  • Bokushi: *was very naughty*
  • Oreshi: *kept his image as the pure prince*
  • Kuroko: Akashi-kun is still Akashi-kun. There's no difference.
  • Bokushi: *snickers*
  • Oreshi: I try so HARD and got so fAR in the endd it doesnt even

pt. 1  |  pt. 2  |  pt. 3  |  pt. 4  |  pt. 5

Stiles’ face is legitimately starting to hurt, like he’s been strength-training in just his cheeks.  But he just can’t—stop—smiling.  Grinning.  Beaming.


His future husband’s name is Derek.

That’s going to make the marriage license so much easier to fill out.

Derek.  Derek.  Daireck.  Derick.  God, it’s perfect.  Even if it is threatening to become ‘dalek’ the more he mentally repeats it.  You can’t put that on Derek (Derrrrick, Derekkk) though, that responsibility falls solely on the blight that is Stiles’ own nerdetry.

Derek.  God.  It’s just so him.

It’s unassuming, exactly like his dirty rocker knitting model hummingbird husband is.  It isn’t overtly exotic like Stiles had guessed in some of his wilder imaginings, like Angelo or Fabio or Christefanne.

Derek.  It’s just Derek.

And that’s good, that’s better, that’s him.  It’s simple and clean and without frills, but still strong and upstanding, and undeniably sexy as fuck.  Just like the rest of him, with the stubble and the jaw line and the breadth of his shoulders and the flex of his thighs when he’s kicking out his obstacle of boots and feet and—

Stiles walks straight into a bus shelter with his whole face.

Which couldn’t be helped really, and doesn’t dim his megawatt smile in the slightest.  He found out his future husband’s name today; everything is the best it’s ever been.  Including the ringing in his ears and the ache in his nose.  All of that is only serving to remind him that he’s alive and, holy hell, is he alive today.

It’s more than that he got a name though honestly, it’s the confirmation that he didn’t imagine this.  They actually do have a connection, that they both feel.  He didn’t sad-imagine this in his lonely-loserdom.  Derek’s right there with him.

Derek is there with him.

His future hus—Derek knows him.  They can definitely get married now, or maybe start with falafel, whatever.  Stiles can casually mention locations for the ceremony over the dessert course of some kind of powdered sugar.  It’ll be subtle as fuck.  He’s a master of verbal intricacies, and Derek is, admittedly… not.  So, Stiles can pull one over on him, easy.

He’ll have him agreeing to the Star Wars-themed wedding before the first date is up.  All Stiles has to do is—

“Oh.  My.  God.”

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Porpoise and dolphin skulls, from when bonemonger and sittaeuropaea took specios and I to Paisley museum

I feel like in general I have no issues with pride in loving women*. I love loving women and fuck anybody ever. And I’ve obviously got no reason to feel shame for loving men. But I have HUGE issues being proud of my bisexuality. I am so convinced that bisexuality is somehow lesser, that I’m not really queer or I’m just saying I’m bi to look cool (even though I love women! And nb people! I love them and I fantasise about them and I have been dating my girlfriend for nearly two years!) and I’m ashamed to admit that when bi women speak for the queer community my first thought is like ‘yeah but you’re not really queer’ And that’s awful! And totally about me and how I view myself! And I hate it I hate it I hate it! I don’t understand how I’ve internalised so much biphobia from within the gay community!!! And from straight people!!!!!! I’m so convinced by rhetoric that says I as a bi woman am barsexual or in between or gay for attention or half gay!!!! I hate it!!!

(I don’t have the same feelings about bi men and I think that’s because I’m not a bi men!!! but also the rhetoric used to invalidate bi men is very different in my experience and leans much more on the idea that bi men are actually gay and bi women are actually straight so that might also be why I find it much easier to consider bi men ‘properly queer’ off the bat. which is messed up but there you are)

Idk it feels like I need a lot more telling that my whole identity is valid, not just the 'straight part’ or the 'queer part’. Like I KNOW my identity as a wlw is valid and I KNOW my identity as a woman who likes dudes is valid but it’s the intersection of those two that gives me bother. Especially since I’m also poly and dating both men and women at once. I’m very tired of any talk about bisexuality specifically ending up being about semantics or whether I’m really pansexual because being bi is transphobic (it isn’t and nor does it exclude being attracted to nb people) or about wlw or mlm in general or about what percentage of queer oppression we’re entitled to have suffered (I’m looking at you, dyke discourse) and it just. It doesn’t help with my core problem which is that it’s super hard for me to come to terms with the nature of my bisexuality. Also exclusionary queer politics are SUPER not helping because what that tells me is that there’s a big chunk of the community that REALLY CARES if you’re queer enough for them. It’s exhausting and even if bisexuals are queer enough for the sake of lgbt queer-is-a-slur rhetoric we all know that the b and the T are only acceptably queer when it’s convenient.