i'm vain i'm sorry


soo i kinda really liked the young shimada doodles in the doodle dump i posted the other day so i isolated them, cleaned them up, and slapped some colour on them :)

anyways here are the two worst bachelors in hanamura

might clean up another few of those doodles idunno

which ones are worth the cleanup? im thinking d.va probably

anonymous asked:

You could be nicer and say thank you instead of saying "I'm conventional" ? Like ok ur pretty but be humble abt it.

i’m sorry i came across as uhhhh not humble i was just saying that i look conventionally.. nothing out of ordinary… so whatever color i dye my hair it looks ok…… i never even called myself pretty where did this come fromfjdsnfjdsndsj i hate my face it’s literally just a potato with a big nose and so asymmetrical i can only take selfies from one angle