i'm vain i'm sorry


soo i kinda really liked the young shimada doodles in the doodle dump i posted the other day so i isolated them, cleaned them up, and slapped some colour on them :)

anyways here are the two worst bachelors in hanamura

might clean up another few of those doodles idunno

which ones are worth the cleanup? im thinking d.va probably

Kevin Woo: Frog Prince!AU

An old fairytale told me…

His kingdom was crumbling, and so was his heart. How could one person endure something so cruel? So vile? It seemed to be some viciously wicked joke, one that would mock him and his kingdom to come.

…A toad will be our king…

The mirror had once been a vainglorious sanctuary, but now, it only held unrelenting horror and broken dreams. He had once been beautiful. So beautiful. But reduced to this, he was nothing, he was so ugly, and no kiss could make such an injury better. Not this time.