i'm v v v emotional right now

Taehyung being there…travelling, enjoying life, eating well, developing new interests, smiling, taking photos, making friends, creating his own songs, looking beyond perfection, making me happy just by his existence…he is love.

Shoutout to Cheritz

I’m just really happy that, in the good ending of the V Route, two years has passed. They didn’t completely brush off his experiences and beginning stages of recovery and make it so that “oh, I’ve only known you for 11 days and I’m still traumatized by a previous abusive relationship but in these 11 days you’ve really changed me and I love you so let’s get married” or anything.

Self-improvement and learning to love again are such driving forces in Jihyun’s route that it would’ve been wrong and unrealistic for him to get over Rika and be ready to jump head first into another relationship all in a matter of 11 days.

So thank you Cheritz for not erasing an important aspect of the story and characters. I love you. You own my soul and you know it.

not to be emo,,, but remember when namjoon told taehyung to sing that one part in 4 o'clock too, but tae went “no bro… you are” because tae is just that appreciative and caring fjskndjkdks

Yuri!!! On Ice is a breath of fresh air

Generally, sports anime have this certain formula. 

High School Kids + National Title (and sometimes some batshit insane moves that can’t be done in real life), basically. 

But Yuri!!! On Ice? A breath of fresh air that broke down boundaries like a wrecking ball. 

It’s very limited that you see adult protagonists in a sports anime, but here we have Yuuri Katsuki, twenty-four, generally relatable. He has anxiety, he has self-confidence issues and the anime staff addresses each of his issues in such a real and relatable way that I almost forgot it was anime. 

The progress of their relationship? The pinning? The awkwardness to the confidence? To the tender looks of just unwavering love and support from both Victor and Yuuri? What I love most is that both Victor and Yuuri are adults and through the season, we’ve seen them talk in their relationship like adults. We didn’t get that frustrating misunderstandings (granted we were given cliffhangers of death twice).  I’ve never seen anything so beautiful especially in a sports anime. 

The skating? Per-fucking-fect. I love how it was just figure skating and not some add on moves that can’t be done in real life. I love how it was realistic down to the last detail. How we all (to some t ) got our representation. 

So yeah, am I in love with Yuri!!! On Ice? You bet I fucking am. 

I can breathe because Yuri!!! on Ice wasn’t what I expected, it was more than my expectations and I am pleasantly surprised. I didn’t think I could love something as much as I did with Yuri!!! on Ice And as much as I hate to compare myself to Victor, he’s right. It gave me life and love. 

Well done Kubo and Yuri!!! on Ice staff. 

Thank you. 

Second Lover
Noah and the Whale
Second Lover

And I will die and never ever hold your hand

But I’ll kiss my lips and I’ll blow it to you
It’ll be the last thing that I ever do
And wherever you go and whatever you do
There’s a man underground that will always love you


is he even real??

*prints out 100000000000000 pictures of Emma Watson and kisses each individual one and throws them into the air, and the wind blows them away and everyone gets hit by a picture of Emma Watson because everyone should get hit by a picture of Emma Watson*

Important Announcement.

Hi guys. Gals. People. Everyone. This is going to be long, okay? Okay. There’s some brief mental health stuff down here, so, be wary.

I have two very important things to share with you all, and let me preface all of this by saying I’ve thought long and hard about everything. It’s not easy for me to admit. Actually, I’m ashamed and it hurts me to even have to say this, so please, for the love of my sanity, don’t fight me on this, guys, okay?

First off, I love you. Each and every one of you. I’ve helped many of you, talked with some of you on our tinychat sessions, and I’ve gotten to know a lot of you through Skype. I recognize names that show up in our inbox more than once, and it makes me proud to know I’m someone you guys can come to for help, whether it’s for writing or not.

But I can’t help people when I can’t even help myself. And right now, the place I’m in – I’m not sleeping for days at a time. When I do sleep, I get sleep paralysis and it terrifies me, guys. My anxiety is suffocating and has reached levels I can’t handle on my own anymore. My DID is also getting worse, and some days, I’m not even sure if I’m myself or if I’m actually here. And it hurts me to say this. It physically pains me to have to admit all of this.

So I’m stepping down – ish. I can’t trust myself to answer asks anymore. I can’t. I’ll still be helping with contests and prompts, and I’ll help edit or beta for people over Skype or our email as often as I can – but I’m honestly not sure how often that can be anymore. When it comes to that, guys, I’m begging you to have patience with me. I’ll help you, I swear to God I will, but it might take longer than it used to.

Totally not crying right now. Nope. Moving on.

Second, I already have someone to replace my normal admin duties. He’s a very close friend of mine, someone I trust and respect, and he’ll be able to do everything I.. can’t anymore. He’ll be V on the blog [because we have so many damn S’s that I made him pick a different letter]. I’ll have him do an intro post soon, or you guys can just ask questions for him to do an AMA sort of thing. Something. We’ll figure it out.

But I wanted you guys to know what was going on, and I didn’t want to just.. leave you guys without saying anything. You are the best group of people I could have ever hoped to have follow this blog, and I mean that with all of the sincerity I have.

You guys can still talk to me on Skype [xixi-us], and if I’m, you know, coherent, I’ll be happy to talk to you guys and help you there. Just… All I can ask is that you have patience with me, and forgive me if I don’t answer. I’ll try my fucking hardest to answer, but if it’s not me, or if I’m.. not okay, I just. I can’t.

I’m really sorry for letting you guys dow, and I’ll miss you all.