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Taehyung being there…travelling, enjoying life, eating well, developing new interests, smiling, taking photos, making friends, creating his own songs, looking beyond perfection, making me happy just by his existence…he is love.

Thank you, SKAM.
Thank you for giving an accurate representation of what most teenagers go through without being stereotypical and judgemental, thank you for valuing teenagers’ fears and emotions and their everyday’s struggles.
Thank you for facing difficult themes like racism, homophobia and mental illnesses in such a graceful but powerful way.
Thank you for including all kind of characters in your story and for giving them the depth and space they deserved.
Thank you for Eva who went from being insecure to being her own hero, who decided to start loving herself and listening to her own heart before letting anyone else in.
Thank you for Noora, strong and passionate and a bit hot-headed too but we like her just like this. She always stood up for her values and for her friends (and she killed us all when she sang “More Than Words”).
Thank you for Isak who made some of us feel less alone alone in this big and sometimes unfair world, who took pride in who he is and overcame his own fears.
Thank you for Sana who taught us so many important life lessons, who despite having a hard shell is the softest girl with the biggest heart.
Thank you for giving us Even and for showing the world that suffering from a mental illness is not something to be ashamed of. Yes, it’s tough, but the first step is opening up about it and sharing the weight of it with those we love.
Thank you for Jonas, Mahdi and Magnus who are not only freaking amazing but also loyal friends and great human beings.
Thank you for Vilde who’s extremely strong even with all that shit going on in her life and who showed us what making assumptions about someone else’s behaviour and lifestyle can lead to and that it takes a great lot of courage to apologise for our mistakes.
Thank you for Chris who’s an amazing, supporting friend and who made us giggle throughout the seasons.
Thank you for the Balloon Squad for being good sports, supporting and awesome.
Thank you for Elias and Yousef who not only supported each other but who also respected supported and loved Sana along the way.
Thank you for Eskild, we couldn’t hope for a better Guru™.
Thank you for Linn because she has always been herself, unapologetically.
And thank you for William who started off pretty badly but with Noora’s help he learned what love and respect mean.

Thank you SKAM for bringing the whole world together, for getting people involved with themes that had never been rightfully represented on tv before, for making us fall in love with every character and their story, for making us feel empathy and respect and for making us see the world from different points of view.
I don’t have enough words to describe how grateful and blessed I feel, being a part of this experience changed me and it also made me fall in love with a new country and its language.

Thank you SKAM from the bottom of my heart.


Since I was born, I’ve always been the one with the favorite. I’ve had a favorite doll that I always bring with me, a favorite cousin that I shower with gifts and kisses, a favorite candy that make my teeth rot, and now I have 7 favorite boys that I love so dearly. Probably someday, I’d move on and leave this fan girl life. Maybe I’d find someone that’ll be the center of my universe as you boys are to me right now. But for now, I just want to thank you for everything that you’ve done for me and for everyone. 

To Kim Namjoon, thank you for being the pillar that we all needed. With the eloquent speeches that your members wanted to express but didn’t know how and the expressive lyrics that have not only touched but also comforted peoples’ (fans or not) hearts, you’ve showed us how the right words could save and inspire another person’s life. 

To Kim Seokjin, thank you for bringing laughter and joy to everyone with your old man jokes and your ridiculous confidence. You’ve made us realize that it is always more gratifying to hear other people’s laughter mingling with our own even with the little things we say and do. 

To Min Yoongi, thank you for expressing yourself in the music that you make and the actions that you show. You’ve taught us that even through the most vulnerable of words expressed, one could still be strong and resilient yet even without the presence of words, love can still be felt. 

To Jung Hoseok, thank you for lifting everyone’s mood up every single time. You’ve made us believe that even when we think the world is always against us, there’s always that light at the end of the tunnel and all we needed is a little spark of hope to keep moving forward. 

To Park Jimin, thank you for letting your happiness shine through to your laughter and smiles. You’ve showed us that no matter how sad we’re feeling, a little act of kindness and compassion can be shown through just a little crack of a smile.

To Kim Taehyung, thank you for being and thinking completely out of the box. You’ve showed us the importance of embracing our true selves by being unique and different. and that no mater what anyone says, at the end of the day, how we accept ourselves is what really matters most. 

To Jeon Jungkook, thank you for showing us your will and determination in everything that you do. You’ve inspired us to be the best version of ourselves and made us realize that we can reach our dreams with the right amount of effort and passion for it.

To Bangtan, thank you for the beautiful songs that touch our hearts. the words you’ve written and the lyrics you’ve sung mean more to us not only because they mean a lot to you, but also because we know those words and melodies were made with the thought of us. 

Thank you for showing us your beautiful camaraderie and friendship right from the start.  You’ve taught us that platonic love is as important as every other love there is and that it should never be taken for granted because during times when we feel alone in the dark, only the people who’ve accepted who you are as a person are also the only people who’d hold your hand and never let you walk alone to make you feel that you are never alone in this cold, cold world.

Lastly, thank you for loving us every way you know how. each of you goes out of your way just to let us know that we’re always in your mind, never making us feel that we’re only on the outside looking in. with every tweet, every vlive, and even in speech acceptance stages, you’ve made us feel as if we’re all standing right there beside you, holding your hand and i think that’s what we all love the most about you. I honestly don’t know the right words to say because i have so much feelings that even hundreds of thousands of words could not be enough to express whatever it is i’m feeling right now. All I can say is that I love you guys. So, so much. And that I’m proud of whatever each of you have become in those 4 years we’ve spent with you. 

Happy 4th Anniversary to the beautiful boys who never fail to inspire me, to the playful dorks who never fail to make me laugh, to the gorgeous men who never fail to make my heart hurt just by looking at them, and to the lovable kids who didn’t fail to make me love them with all my heart. 

I love you, 방탄소년단! Let’s be together for a long time! Keep surprising people and let’s show the world why you deserve the world and more.  #4yearswithBTS

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Have you ever noticed how Ali basically admitted that she had feelings for Emily in Close Encounters? "If I could do it all over again things would be different." Sure, Ali could have rejected her in a kinder way, but if she was straight and unable to return Emily's feelings she still would have had to end up hurting Emily eventually.

I have, and that’s why that scene is my favorite. Alison’s back and it’s the first time since she’s been on the run that she’s able to be around someone from her past, without having to pretend she’s an hallucination or a dream, and of course Emily’s that person. There’s just something about this scene - it’s one of the very few times where we see Ali being honest and not hiding behind a wall. And of course this has happened before, especially in her scenes with Emily, but this just has a different ring to it. Alison thinks no one’s watching them, so she’s ready to let it all out.

When she sees Emily, she’s happy - and that’s probably the happiest she’s been in a long time. They take a second to take each other in and God, when they hug, it’s as if Alison’s feeling it all at once - the pain of being away for so long and missing so much, and the happiness and relief that comes with knowing that after all this time, Emily’s still there, still hers. Does it ever occur to you that Alison probably hadn’t been hugged in years? Being in familiar arms, that must’ve felt like heaven…

Once they start talking, Alison talks about how hard it’s been to stay away, but she knows that she’s still not ready to be back. She doesn’t want to tell that to Emily just yet, though, and she changes the topic of the conversation. Her next words are both a spur of the moment type of thing and her reflection on her relationship with Emily, something that she must’ve thought about while on the run, late in the night when she misses home (and what is home to her anymore). She knows Emily’s never stopped caring about her, and while she’s happy that she still cares about her after such a long time, she now knows that what she did to her was wrong and does she regret it… 

She knows she’d do things differently if she had a second chance, and while this doesn’t only apply to her relationship with Emily, that’s what Alison’s talking about here. Her time away made her understand what she felt, and while it’s still not entirely clear, it’s not as confusing as it seemed before. She knows Emily’s more than just a friend to her, knows that that’s what she wants of their relationship, and she’s admitting it in a way that’s not all too subtle. Of course she could just mean that she wouldn’t have messed with her the way she did, but everything in this scene is just pointing to a different direction. 

When she asks Emily to help her find A, she asks her to help her come home. In my opinion, there’s just so much about Emily being Alison’s “home”… Emily’s always been there for Alison when Alison needed the most, and Alison has never been afraid of letting her walls down around her, because she feels comfortable, like Emily is “home”. Way before she’d left, Alison had suggested that they would both move to Paris, planning their whole lives, and she wasn’t entirely joking about it, and when she asks Emily to run away with her in the barn, it solidifies the idea that with Emily, she’ll willingly turn her back to her life in Rosewood and start anew. And even later on the series, when Alison’s in jail, she calls Emily and she asks if it’s raining back home, home not only being Rosewood, but also the place Emily is (and there’s so many things unsaid in that phone call, but we’ll leave that to another time).

Arc-V Fandom in episode 1: Yuzu has a fan that she hits Yuya with? That’s stupid.

Arc-V Fandom in episode 141: THE FANNNNN *gross sobbing*

If you’re crying cause of Call Me, Beep Me clap your hands *clap* *clap*

If you’re crying cause of Call Me, Beep Me clap your hands *clap* *clap*

If you’re crying over Klance at the hand of @gajeelredfox

If you’re crying cause of their love CLAP YOUR HANDS *clap* *clap*

honestly I’m so happy to see all these positive reviews from critics about Wonder Woman especially when the DCEU has just been constantly shit on. like I didn’t think it would affect me as much as it is but I’m just so proud right now that people are finally putting some respeck on their names

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