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Have you ever noticed how Ali basically admitted that she had feelings for Emily in Close Encounters? "If I could do it all over again things would be different." Sure, Ali could have rejected her in a kinder way, but if she was straight and unable to return Emily's feelings she still would have had to end up hurting Emily eventually.

I have, and that’s why that scene is my favorite. Alison’s back and it’s the first time since she’s been on the run that she’s able to be around someone from her past, without having to pretend she’s an hallucination or a dream, and of course Emily’s that person. There’s just something about this scene - it’s one of the very few times where we see Ali being honest and not hiding behind a wall. And of course this has happened before, especially in her scenes with Emily, but this just has a different ring to it. Alison thinks no one’s watching them, so she’s ready to let it all out.

When she sees Emily, she’s happy - and that’s probably the happiest she’s been in a long time. They take a second to take each other in and God, when they hug, it’s as if Alison’s feeling it all at once - the pain of being away for so long and missing so much, and the happiness and relief that comes with knowing that after all this time, Emily’s still there, still hers. Does it ever occur to you that Alison probably hadn’t been hugged in years? Being in familiar arms, that must’ve felt like heaven…

Once they start talking, Alison talks about how hard it’s been to stay away, but she knows that she’s still not ready to be back. She doesn’t want to tell that to Emily just yet, though, and she changes the topic of the conversation. Her next words are both a spur of the moment type of thing and her reflection on her relationship with Emily, something that she must’ve thought about while on the run, late in the night when she misses home (and what is home to her anymore). She knows Emily’s never stopped caring about her, and while she’s happy that she still cares about her after such a long time, she now knows that what she did to her was wrong and does she regret it… 

She knows she’d do things differently if she had a second chance, and while this doesn’t only apply to her relationship with Emily, that’s what Alison’s talking about here. Her time away made her understand what she felt, and while it’s still not entirely clear, it’s not as confusing as it seemed before. She knows Emily’s more than just a friend to her, knows that that’s what she wants of their relationship, and she’s admitting it in a way that’s not all too subtle. Of course she could just mean that she wouldn’t have messed with her the way she did, but everything in this scene is just pointing to a different direction. 

When she asks Emily to help her find A, she asks her to help her come home. In my opinion, there’s just so much about Emily being Alison’s “home”… Emily’s always been there for Alison when Alison needed the most, and Alison has never been afraid of letting her walls down around her, because she feels comfortable, like Emily is “home”. Way before she’d left, Alison had suggested that they would both move to Paris, planning their whole lives, and she wasn’t entirely joking about it, and when she asks Emily to run away with her in the barn, it solidifies the idea that with Emily, she’ll willingly turn her back to her life in Rosewood and start anew. And even later on the series, when Alison’s in jail, she calls Emily and she asks if it’s raining back home, home not only being Rosewood, but also the place Emily is (and there’s so many things unsaid in that phone call, but we’ll leave that to another time).

Okay but in all seriousness, where is @vanetti’s Oscar? She perfectly captured everything so beautifully and so elegantly in that five minutes like. You could be completely unfamiliar with the characters and storyline but you would know what was happening because of how carefully orchestrated everything was. It is seriously genius and so poignant and so… So beautifully designed. So put together. So professional. And it’s so. When you watch it, you don’t feel like you’re looking at a fanvid. You don’t even feel like you’re dealing with fictional characters. It feels so real, so visceral, that it’s almost as if you’ve torn apart the layer that separates lives from each other. It feels like you’re looking at someone’s real life. And it’s amazing.

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✌💖 Also i can’t find the bomb emoji but that one too

send me some shipping asks

💚 ship that you secretly like

didn’t realize u thought i loved any of my ships quietly bro~ but. hm. lemme think. i guess, in a purely nsfw sense, i do enjoy some cross/allen, which i don’t like to admit bc i really am not a fan of how fandom treats cross. cross/allen is similar to malcolm/link but like, who loves who is reversed, which is probs why i don’t like cross/allen as much (for malcolm/link, the younger likes the older. for cross/allen, this is reversed) but it’s still fun. i’d just like it more if fandom hadn’t made me so bitter at cross lately

✌ ship that you find cute but don’t ship

ofc the hard part here is thinking of smth i don’t ship. i guess lavilena’s pretty cute, even if i don’t ship them much at all. same goes for allena. i can ship them w/ like. my pinky toe dipped in the water but tbh as cute as they are fandom’s characterization of them has turned me off from them. (same goes for other popular ships, like yullen and laviyuu, but the difference is that i don’t find those cute at all)

💖 ship that needs more love

bro are u kidding all of my ships need more love. wiselavi, johnnyuu, noahcest, tyki/allen/road, etc. i haven’t seen like. anything for jasdevi/krory or sheril/lavi when it comes to content tho, so those i’d like to see more love for. also bookman/hevlaska. and all the lesbian ships! lena/road, lena/miranda, miranda/klaud (god bless), klaud/lulu, lulu/road, even anita/mahoja. all of them.

💣 ship that pisses you off

hm. yullen and laviyuu (i don’t like fandom representation of yullen and i don’t like that lavi calls kanda by his first name so i can’t ship that. it’d be like kanda calling lavi “deak”. until we see kanda okay it in canon i’m not gonna accept it). also not a fan of. nea with anyone except link, and even that i’m iffy on (probs just my hate of nea coming thru tho). but, um, otherwise, i’ll have to think on it more. like i have three different ships for lvellie. i’m pretty easy tbh. guess i just rlly have smth against a lot of the popular ships lmao