i'm v emotional

so let’s talk about Rose

Rose’s symbol is a gem surrounded by petals and a spiral of thorns. it’s on her shield, her sword, and her cannon, and it’s in her armoury.

and it’s on their flag.

Yellow Diamond’s followers wear her symbol, and it’s on one of the devices Peridot activates in Marble Madness.

but the gems don’t wear Rose’s symbol.

they wear the star

because it represents all of them, as equals, together

because that’s the kind of leader Rose was.


Whenever I read those posts on tumblr about people experiencing crowded Pokestops with devoted fans camping the area, I always assumed it was a rare instance and it wasn’t something I’d see myself.

Today, I proved myself wrong.

It’s a hell of a feeling to walk into a popular shopping center and to not only see Pokestop after Pokestop affected by lure modules, but to also see hundreds of people of all ages, races and genders crowded around attempting to catch Pokemon together.

I saw parents teaching their kids use the app so they could catch a Magikarp, kids clustered together screaming “Team Yellow!!” with pride, and groups gathered in a spot where a rare Pokemon just appeared.

At one point a Slowbro spawned, and you could hear different people yell “I got it!” every other second as we all attempted to catch it.

At another point a Pikachu appeared across the street, and the word spread so fast that crowds of people were running across the road to attempt to catch it (the bottom picture).

I captured a gym at one point and yelled “It belongs to Team Red now!”, and watched as within SECONDS others from Team Red added their Pokemon to the roster, before Team Blue put in the work to take it for themselves.

My friend and I sat at a bar and a man came up to us and chatted excitedly about Pokemon for a bit before his girlfriend found him and joined the conversation as well. I found out that he was level 18 and his strongest Pokemon was a 1180cp Venusaur.

Everyone was excited and amazed by the crowds, and it felt so easy to talk to strangers and to make friends because we all had this single aspect of common ground.

I’ve never, ever experienced anything like this. It honestly feels so close to the world we see in the show. Every single face I saw was smiling, everyone was happy, and I hope it never ends.


I can’t remember if we’ve ever discussed this, but one thing that really jumped out at me while re-watching Stairway to Heaven just now was how Cas kept glancing over at Dean as Metatron spoke. In the top gif, Metatron has just implied that none of them know the real Castiel, and it’s clear why he looked at Dean then, as he had been worrying the entire episode that Dean didn’t trust him.

The second gif, however, is what really breaks my heart. Metatron has just brought up Cas’ stolen grace, and how it’s burning him out. Up to this point Dean had no idea that Cas was dying, and I think he wanted to keep this information from him at all costs. Cas was in the midsts of trying to get to Heaven in order to try and save Dean from the mark, all the while trying to protect him from the knowledge that he was likely not going to be around much longer. I think Cas felt guilt for not telling him for sure, but most of all he felt protective. To quote Karen Singer, when Dean asked her in 5x15 why she didn’t just tell Bobby that she remembered how she died:

My job is to bring him peace…not pain.

And recall how Karen told Dean he couldn’t understand this because he had never been in love. Then recall that moments later Metatron reveals Castiel’s true weakness. But, like Karen, it was not humanity he was protecting, it was always one man…

Seeing BTS rehearse live was seriously so humbling. Unlike their usual goofy and adorable personalities, they were extremely focused and serious with the show they were about to put on. Yes, they look exhausted but remember that they’re also saving the “real” energy for the actual concert. Of course they’re tired but they’re also doing their job- and they must absolutely love their job since not many people in the world have their passions BECOME their careers. Give them a little more trust and just continue to cheer them on during those times of fatigue since that’s all they probably need and want. I mean, you saw how well they were taking care of one another ^_^. The boys were wonderful enough to have been even more generous than they already are by letting us peak into the professional side of the their lives and I am now even prouder (if that’s even possible anymore) than I had been before. BTS FIGHTING! ARMYs FIGHTING!