i'm v emotional

do not imagine alec and magnus’ bedroom on a lazy summer morning

sunlight pouring in through the window, casting patches of warm light on their bed. wrinkled sheets. alec sleeping on his stomach, his head pillowed on his arms. the curve of his back bare, the blankets barely covering his butt. magnus lying on his side, facing alec. their feet sticking out from under the covers. tiny pillow crease on alec’s cheek. sleep-warm skin, fluttering eyelashes. sweat pooling around their temples slowly, ‘cause it’s already insanely hot in the room. chairman meow sleeping on magnus’ head (some things never change). heartbeats and breaths synchronized. it’s slow and lazy and peaceful. the sound of tiny feet padding just outside the door. quiet, polite knocking. 

alec murmuring, ‘your son is awake’

magnus murmuring back ‘after sunrise, it’s your son’

casually kinda quoting the lion king. life is good.     

so let’s talk about Rose

Rose’s symbol is a gem surrounded by petals and a spiral of thorns. it’s on her shield, her sword, and her cannon, and it’s in her armoury.

and it’s on their flag.

Yellow Diamond’s followers wear her symbol, and it’s on one of the devices Peridot activates in Marble Madness.

but the gems don’t wear Rose’s symbol.

they wear the star

because it represents all of them, as equals, together

because that’s the kind of leader Rose was.


I can’t remember if we’ve ever discussed this, but one thing that really jumped out at me while re-watching Stairway to Heaven just now was how Cas kept glancing over at Dean as Metatron spoke. In the top gif, Metatron has just implied that none of them know the real Castiel, and it’s clear why he looked at Dean then, as he had been worrying the entire episode that Dean didn’t trust him.

The second gif, however, is what really breaks my heart. Metatron has just brought up Cas’ stolen grace, and how it’s burning him out. Up to this point Dean had no idea that Cas was dying, and I think he wanted to keep this information from him at all costs. Cas was in the midsts of trying to get to Heaven in order to try and save Dean from the mark, all the while trying to protect him from the knowledge that he was likely not going to be around much longer. I think Cas felt guilt for not telling him for sure, but most of all he felt protective. To quote Karen Singer, when Dean asked her in 5x15 why she didn’t just tell Bobby that she remembered how she died:

My job is to bring him peace…not pain.

And recall how Karen told Dean he couldn’t understand this because he had never been in love. Then recall that moments later Metatron reveals Castiel’s true weakness. But, like Karen, it was not humanity he was protecting, it was always one man…


Lori + endearments

looking up from underneath (listen) for the mermaids whose eyes shine with an impossible hope and the sirens who do not love but only take what they know could be theirs

01. sigur ros - saeglopur 02. justin timberlake - blue ocean floor (valencia cover) 03. oh land - lean (live with string quartet) 04. dead man’s bones - lose your soul 05. maroon 5 - come away to the water 06. florence + the machine - hardest of hearts 07. the battle of land and sea - saltwater queen 08. blue foundation - eyes on fire 09. lykke li - silent my song 10. the kills - black balloon 11. james vincent mcmorrow - higher love 12. fiona apple - sally’s song 13. cat power - sea of love 14. sea wolf - whirlpool 15. fever ray - seven

i can see you fall apart (let me hold you this time)

[from this prompt: hard of hearing carmilla, laura, fluff. lots of fluff.]


i can see you fall apart (let me hold you this time)


everything changes when it’s time / when i run to the sea till sun shines / when you want it, i’ll be on the other side


Sometimes, you know, Carmilla is difficult completely on purpose—sometimes she still likes to tease you, to annoy you just enough so that you’ll clench your fists in her hair and kiss her just so she’ll stop talking already.

But today, she’s not being anything near the fun kind of difficult, the kind that lights up her eyes, makes her seem eighteen again, or still.

The past few days haven’t been the easiest ones, because she can sort of hear, and you think better out of her right ear, although you’re not really sure—she just tilts her head more toward you on that side, so it’s a guess of yours. She’s remarkably quiet; when she does talk it’s either too quiet or too loud and a little more accented than you’re used to, but you just smile and kiss her, because she’s alive, she’s alive, she’s sitting on her bed smiling at her with an embarrassed little smile. 

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