i'm using all the band aids

2heures  asked:

Could I request seventeen reacting to their s/o tripping all the time ?? Thanks :)) (I'm clumsy af)

Jeonghan, Woozi & Dino would scold you for being so clumsy, but they’d always have band-aids in their pockets for you.

S.Coups, Joshua, Jun, The8 & Vernon would be so used to it they’d catch you before you even hit the ground.

Hoshi, Wonwoo, DK & Seungkwan would try to catch you but fail every time. They did manage to catch you once and screamed excitedly.

Mingyu would fall trying to catch you.

thank you for your request!!

ok but

imagine little baby street kid emerald with nowhere to go and nobody to look after her, just wandering from shelter to shelter and village to village with whatever pocket change she can find or pick

then imagine her running into this scraggly little cat faunus with a bloody nose and scraped knees from running away from an encounter with humans gone badly

imagine emerald using all her money (not a lot) to buy band aids and food for them to split

imagine them laughing and running around together for like a week before a white fang member comes and hauls the other girl away from emerald and takes her back “home”

imagine emerald, years later, recognizing the other girl immediately, despite seven years gone and a black bow to cover up her ears

imagine emerald being stuck between relief and sadness when blake doesn’t recognize her too

a conversation with: TextEdit
  • me: There's no sand left at shore, it's all in your pockets and in your shoes.
  • TextEdit: Okay, now write something substantial.
  • me: There's a beach made of used neon foam Band-aids® but no one wears shoes.
  • TextEdit: This isn't working.
  • me: Fuck it, I'm going streaking—maybe down those neon foam shores. What do you know about NASCAR band-aids®, anyway.
  • TextEdit: Hey, that's pretty good...
  • me: Shut up, TextEdit.

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How do you afford an SM kit? I'm worried I'll never have a nice one because I am so in debt from college that buying a kit seems very out of reach.

I totally understand, I used birthday and Christmas money for the basics (Kit, pens, pencils, post-its, band-aids, etc.) Then it came down to slowly buying supplies and replenishing it with each paycheck. Honestly, don’t rush when it comes to buying a kit. I’m seeing all these SM kit posts on the site, and I’m 95% sure that they didn’t buy it all at once. Also, save your receipts. Since it’s a business expense, you can write it off come tax season. 

That being said, always check with the theatre with what supplies they do have available for the stage management team. 

SMblrs? Any thoughts? -L