i'm upset and having tons of feelings

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I'm confused so you don't like jonsa shippers but you don't like them when they stop shipping jonsa ?

I like lots of Jonsa shippers! They have a right to ship whatever they want. Regardless if I do or do not ship it, I still respect a lot of Jonsa shippers. I follow a ton of Jonsa shippers. However I don’t like the few (though lately it’s all I’ve been seeing), that harp on Jonerys because they’re upset Jonsa might not happen. “Jonerys has no chemistry, the actors sucked at portraying affection and feelings, it was so rushed, the relationship makes no sense.” Then they write long essays making a thousand references and a million PowerPoint slides about why they are specifically anti-Jonerys.

I can fully admit that Jonsa had chemistry, they had potential, and I’m not even a Jonsa shipper. I don’t dig it, but I can still say they had a connection of some sorts. I just don’t think they were meant to happen and I think Jonerys is. But a lot of them tend to blatantly ignore everything Jonerys related, every glance, every look, and Daenerys has got it badddd for Jon. And because like they don’t like what’s (very clearly and obviously) happening between them, they start to bash and belittle every decision that specific character makes. Even going as far to say Kit did a horrible job acting attracted to Daenerys (uh ???) and their sex scene was stale (which was mentioned by directors that it was more about their eye contact than the sex itself; another discussion for another day).

And lastly to top it all off, they dig right into Jon Snow. He’s sexist, he’s heteronormative (maybe because he’s heterosexual??), saying that he’s selfish and boring. That he betrayed the north and his family. Saying he’s a “Kneeler” (ya because not kneeling to a powerful leader has ended up so well before). I think he’s stuck in a difficult position and I think his feelings for Daenerys complicates his position even more and people are like right fucked up about it.

I’m just frustrated that every day it’s the same argument over and over again. How hard is it to just respect each other’s opinions with out being rude or dramatic ?

Ps - don’t even get me started on the Daenerys hate I’ve seen, it’s straight up misogynistic, pitting Sansa and Daenerys against each other. They are both actual queens and I love them both. Yet people seem to think it’s okay to tear down a female character to build up another female character, both of which have been strong female idols to me

I really


REALLY hate the negative connotations behind the term “furry”


You are generalizing an entire group of people as misogynistic and sex-crazed assholes who dress up in fur suits and are disgusting human beings

Because of a small vocal minority

And because of this I and many others are afraid to admit to being a furry because as soon as you say so people’s views on you immediately turn to a negative one

And now there are tons of posts crossing my dash about how you’re “not a furry just because you have a zootopiasona bcuz furries are evil and you don’t wanna be associated with them”


C’mon my guy

That’s really fucking harmful

Imagine how 13 year old me just joining the fur fandom would feel if she saw that

You’re just as toxic as the people you’re trying to call out

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As a lesbian I feel like such an asshole because I'm so jealous of bi girls like you who have boyfriends, I know it's awful and biphobia isolates bisexuals from straight and lgbt communities but I've spent my whole life desperately forcing myself to be attracted to men and it makes me so upset that you have the privilege of straight passing

I totally feel you and I know I have a ton of privilege being in a “straight passing” relationship but I feel like it’s more an issue of the heteronormative culture we live in and not the fault of bi/pan/polysexual people.

3598) Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook posts showing a girl crying about being fat and then "two seconds later" eating a ton of junk food bother me. I'm probably just super sensitive, but that isn't funny to me. That's my reality. I binge terribly every time I'm upset and then end up in tears minutes later for how terrible I feel over it. I know the internet and especially the world doesn't have to care about my feelings.. but sometimes it feels like eating disorders are mocked and made into a huge joke.
lil thing I'm feeling lately:

I have seen tons and tons of appreciation on this site for bisexual & asexual people. And that is amazing, I am so happy people other than gay and straight being recognized and support.
What I have not seen much of, though, is pansexual support. And, being pansexual, it makes me kind of upset. Pansexual is a little underrepresented and sometimes even dismissed by people of the LGBTQ+ community. Pansexuals are not “looking for attention” and we’re for sure not “special bisexuals.” we are just as valid as any and every other orientation in the community I’m making this post for us. We deserve just as much love and support as any other sexuality in the community. I am in no way saying we deserve more than other sexualities, I am simply stating that we are not acknowledged enough, and I would like to contribute to changing that.