i'm upset :((((

HR Wells was the true hero

I’m really sad about H.R. dying and I know he may not have been everyone’s favourites but he was mine. So many people overlook H.R. because he isn’t academically smart, he doesn’t have powers, he isn’t some amazing scientist or a great fighter. But H.R. is a person. H.R. is someone that woke up every morning with a smile on his face, with kind words to share and happiness to spread. Do you know how rare it is in a person to just want to do good and to make people happy? Especially when most of the characters treated him so badly almost all of the time. They were constantly dismissing him and yet he still remained positive, he still remained loyal and kind. That isn’t an easy thing to do.

H.R. was not, is not useless. He was a very vital part of the team because he was loyal, he was kind and supportive. When dealing with traumas like Team Flash did having someone that is always on your side no matter what - that is the type of person you need. H.R. always tried to help in what ever way he could and yes he made mistakes but so have most, if not all of the other characters - that’s what being human is, making mistakes and learning from them.

H.R. inspired creativity in Tracy. He encouraged them all to be better. It was the little things he did to try and boost moral, to try and bring the team closer, to always show he cared. That shouldn’t be overlooked because he wasn’t as smart or physical as the others. Remember how he decorated the whole of Star Labs for Valentine’s Day and how he made each of them personalised cards. Or how he learnt everyone’s coffee orders. How he was the first to comfort Jesse when her dad was missing and how he helped train Wally when no one thought he could do it. H.R. messed up with words a lot of the time and yes he had a ‘foot in mouth’ thing often but when it mattered, when they truly needed him he knew what to say to help. Words and having someone that believes in you is not useless, having someone care enough to do these little things is not useless.

Being creative doesn’t make him weak, not knowing how to fight doesn’t make him a coward. He gave his life to save Iris and he didn’t tell anyone about it because he knew they would try to stop him. He saved her because he wanted to prove his worth to the team and prove that he isn’t a coward. What he did was brave and fearless. H.R. was not a coward, H.R. saved someone else’s life and even as he was dying he still chose to use his last words to show someone else how much he appreciated them. If it wasn’t for H.R. then Iris would be dead. So whilst I know we’re all sad for Iris I want to take the time to appreciate H.R. and the sacrifice he made, the character he was and the hero he became.

I love my caffeine puppy, I love his hats and his drumsticks. I love his care and compassion for others. I love his optimism and his humour. I love his caffeine addiction and how through everything he has become more than just “the other wells”. I will always love H.R for being a character type that I can relate to. H.R. deserves love and appreciation. Team Flash barely mourned him but I will. H.R Wells you will be missed, I hope you’re drinking coffee and playing the drums wherever you are.

I was so blissfully happy about the emison nursery sneak peek until I remembered the promo where aria destroys it and I’m so fucking sad because Ali has been so heartbroken about her mother for years especially after she died before she could ask all the questions she needed answers and you know she would’ve been so happy to see that her mom kept all her things and it’s such a precious, sentimental link that’s about to be trampled on because her ‘friend’ can’t handle the thought of losing her pedophile bf who spends the majority of his time worrying about another chick

I looked forward to supergirl every week when it first started. I spent $10/month just for the chance to watch it live on the CBS all access app. I protected it at every turn, for people saying it was dumb before it even aired, for people attacking it for not being dark/being too cheesy, from everything I could. 

Then you get to season two and they sidelined the black male lead and broke up an interracial couple to put her with a white, former slave owner in an abusive, toxic relationship that had zero depth and just a lot of “cute” moments. They hired a white woman in brown face to play a Latina character – the comic book version isn’t even a woc, they didn’t HAVE to make her Latina if they really loved Floriana that much, but they just didn’t care. They finally put in an actual black woman on the show, only for her storyline to send her away. They had Kara get fired for her job and decide being with a man was more than enough and NEVER discussed how wrong that was. They wrote so many characters as OOC, like having Alex ditch Kara on her earth birthday and all of her friends leaving her alone – only so she could feel isolated and fall into man hell’s arms. While Cat was a divisive character to a lot of the fandom, at least she was a woman who went after what she wanted and did shit and inspired Kara – and while I understand it was out of their control, writing her off how they did without giving Kara another older woman to turn to for advice was a poor writing decision on their part. 

I just can’t believe a show I watched with excitement and looked forward to and screamed over for a full season has been reduced to what it is now. I can’t believe they’re okay with just not even using James after they had pointed out time and time again how his ethics helped Kara be better and vice versa.

I haven’t been able to watch a full episode since a bit after Maggie was introduced. I’ve seen clips and gifs and that’s enough for me. Hopefully in season three they’ll get back to focusing on the power of women and give James (and J’onn) more to do. I can get over the retcon of Karolsen if they at least let Kara develop as a person like she wanted, not just as a romantic interest like they did throughout this season. If they do that, I’ll gladly go back. I love the cast and think they’re all talented in their own right and I want them to be successful and I want this show to inspire girls out there to know they can do ANYTHING. But season two was not the show I was promised.

Bad Post Incoming

So I was thinking a bit, and I came to a disturbing conclusion. 

We all love Merle Highchurch, yeah? He’s fuckin great. 

You know who most people don’t like? Torbjorn, from Overwatch. Don’t get ahead of me now.

Actually, you’re probably already there, so I’ll just say it: Merle and Torbjorn are so fucking similar. Mannerisms and shit are different, but lemme highlight some things:

  • Let’s get the Elephant out of the room: They’re both short af because of dwarfism or being a dwarf
  • They both have a fucking ton of kids. “Wait!” I hear you say, “Merle only has a few kids!” But what else do we call those men of the cloth? Father. So yeah, Merle just fuckin adopts anyone he can and so has a fuckin barrel of kids. This part is more fannon/popular headcanon stuff (albeit with a lot of evidence), so …
  • Both of them endeavour for peace. Torb is trying to collect all the weapons he made back when, yeah? Because he doesn’t want them to be part of the violence anymore. By the same token Merle goes about proselytizing for Pan because he wants for people to experience the same sort of peace he does. Continuing on …
  • We have Della Reese and Torbjorn’s turrets. Need I say more here?
  • The arms. Both of their fucking arms. I’m pretty sure they’re the same ones too? The left one. I know Torb’s is on the left. No, they’re different but all the same.

God, I could make some other trivial comparisons, but when you get down to it, Torbjorn is something like a high-tech version of Merle. They serve the same combat rolls, have similar bodily augmentations, and have similar life goals (and if you consider that Merle had to have made a Relic, you have another part of common history). 

I just can’t believe Torbjorn, who is infamous and hated amongst ow players, is basically Merle, who most everyone adores to heck? what the fuck man

i went to an ariana grande concert a few months ago. there were so many young girls (8, 9, 10 and 11 years old) there with their moms for their very first concert and you could feel the excitement in the air as they walked around the venue in their ariana shirts and accessories, dancing along to all of her songs.

the thought of someone planning a terrorist attack with the specific intention of targeting and killing not just women, but girls, absolutely shatters my heart.

It always cracks me up when neurotypicals are like “if you’re so bothered by everything, how do you even function?” And I’m like, well, first of all, I don’t,

seeing a snippet of luke’s past and how he cared for maia and seeing her unwavering commitment to him and making sure he was okay was so beautiful. seeing maia and simon bond over their shared experiences, seeing them laugh and appreciate each others company and then seeing simon almost in tears as he tried to talk luke down, reminding luke of how important he was to him and to the world, god that was so fucking powerful. the bond they both have with luke and the bond their building with each other is just so fucking good