i'm up in a tree


For those of you who are a little confused, a bit about Harry and RBB.

Last year (around 16 december 2015) the rbb/sbb twitter account posted this:

14 december 2016, we got this tweet and photo:

as far as I know, we were mostly joking about this and laughing at his “Can you help me find a job?” comment. Then, a few days later (20 december 2016), Harry showed up in a beary warm coat:

hence a flood of RBB jokes, because ha.

Two days later, Harry shows up at The Bear’s Head Inn:

At this point we were all joking about “nut tree”, a thing that happened at an otra show in Dublin on october 17th 2015, where rbb and sbb were absent, but this was there:

 AND TODAY, the 23rd of december, 2016, Harry Rbb Styles shows up here:

Fucking Walnut Tree. Right. (I’m probably missing stuff and then there’s also the bonus of rbb showing up with military gear, and hey, guess who turns out to be starring in a war movie…but yes)  either way, WHAT A COINCIDENCES

imagine if it’s actually “apple tree yard” that airs tonight and the producers and writers get all happy because of the great viewer ratings and then someone’s like
“…sorry but no one was actually excited for your show. it was just the whole sherlock fandom hoping for a 4th episode”

Thinking about bilbo and thorin for more than two minutes makes me so sad; Fcuked up they never got a chance to live a happy life after everything they’ve been through bilbo had to go back home all by himself he never found someone who made him feel as alive and good as thorin, thorin never got the chance to call a place His Home again he never got to experience the joy of living with someone in his life who cherished And called him out on his shit They Never Got A Chance and I’m so sad

Three snakes into attempting this idea and I’m calling it quits. Ches was by far the most cooperative, even though she didn’t want to coil up neatly. When you’re at the mercy of your models’ whims, some photos just aren’t going to happen the way you pictured them in your head.


« All we can do is…
Simply rise to the challenge
. »

So my roommate and I put up our Christmas tree early because reasons. This year’s color scheme consists of gold, blue, and silver (with gold ribbon on the bottom and more blue ribbon on the top). 

Could this color scheme be based on a certain fanfic we all know and love? 


“I’m a star. Christmas star. In space. Gonna- gonna lead the wise men. Nnnnnthis way wise men. This way. To space.”

Also, he’s not alone…


“Luke promise me something? No matter what happens you and I will always be friends.”

you grow up breaking bones and hearts;
falling out of trees / falling out of love.
here’s what your mother forgets to tell you:
fractures heal—the things that stick around
are only fragments. people you can’t remember.
// these days you’re hungry enough
to swallow yourself whole. bite back
your words, end up tearing off skin
you didn’t know you had. these habits
haunt you in eerie symphonies; oh god
the silence never seemed so loud //
every year comes around like a battering ram,
echoing from end to endless, every age after
the war you never thought you’d have to fight.
honey, here’s an inheritance built for survival:
you’ll always have more hope than you need.
// there’s a reason nostalgia aches: it rests
on loving a place you’ve left behind
and a time you can’t rewind to. when
they ask you how to run from the past
you answer god, if only i could //

— history’s iron grip (amc)